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A disclosure story of what is truly going on at Pandora’s Box Prison

He sat there, quiet, with a flickering smile. A pleasant appearance, cultivated, fragrant, with a sonorous voice that makes every fiber of a woman’s body quiver. We call him Klaas* [name changed by the editors]. Klaas is very familiar with the procedures and life in general at the Pandora’s box Prison. “Times aren’t the same anymore” he says, “since we have lost one of the finest mistresses we ever had”. He looks sad and contemplative. He doesn’t want to tell us names, as he is worried about the reprisals he’d have to face if they’d ever found out about him and his true identity. Klaas is there almost half of his life already. He’s a ‘lifetimer’ as they call those who are sentenced to a lifetime in prison. “Some of us get facilitations, if we help mistresses punish and educate new prisoners and prove ourselves submissive to the mistresses needs.” I want to know, whether this isn’t amoral in a way, but he just shrugs his shoulders. “Also we prisoners have our needs sometimes” he continuous. He affirms it with a nod, when I ask him whether this wouldn’t have to be described as a form of sexual abuse.

Pandora’s Box Prison goes into its 11th year of existence and is therefore most probably the eldest and best-known prison of its kind. It is labelled “femdom”, an expression that documents the progressive nature of the concept. It may surprise that one finds forward-looking societal structure ironically at a prison, but when social fabric break apart and social inclusion is stripped to the basics, then this can be just the seed for natural evolution which otherwise is omitted by male gender pride of place. Consequently the prison is run by a woman who demands the title of a “goddess”. “It wasn’t her choice really” Klaas tells us, “people around her wanted to give her a special title and called her ‘goddess’ therefore”, but he leaves our question unanswered who the ‘people’ were. Instead he swifts to the past with his story. “Goddess is always open and has an ear for everyone, prisoners and mistresses alike. She always was like that, friendly and decent. I have combed her hair a million times by now and we had so many deep and complying talks”. We stop him there, since we find it rather contradictory, but he insists that goddess was the guiding spirit of Pandora’s Box Prison. “Who else is in charge of Pandora’s” I ask him, and it takes him some seconds to answer. “This isn’t easy to answer, Mistress” he falls back to familiar patterns as it seems. “There is Miss Benthe for example. She was centerfold of our sexy mistress calendar the last three years in a row. She is responsible for the recruitment of the trustees”. I want to know what ‘trustees’ are. “These are vicarious agents of the mistresses. Prisoners with keys and extended power. You can become a trustees after you have been prisoner for a long time, but you have to apply for it and go through an interview. – And there is Miss Andromeda, the prosecutor general of Pandora’s.” – “But there was another prosecutor general?” I throw in. “Oh no, I am not even sure she was entitled to at that time, but the only prosecutor general we have since I am there is Miss Andromeda.”. “And the prisoners, where do you get them from?” I want to know. “We trick them” he says. “We accuse them of loitering or blocking emergency routes or anything we can make up in this very moment, and they’re hooked.” He pauses for a moment. Just enough to throw in our question whether he was saying in fact that there is no solid legal foundation for the accusations. But he chuckles only and shakes his head. “You don’t understand. The whole prison is nothing but a gigantic trap and lunatic asylum for perverted mistresses wicked needs. But you don’t write this, yes?” he asks. And we confirm that we won’t. But we want to know who the most malicious mistress is in his view, and he surprises us with the comment that this is difficult to say for him. “A ‘mistress’ can be many things. A female person, which I prefer the most, but also a unicorn, a dragon, vampire or femboys. We had them all there already. Miss Olive for example is a good example for successful social integration”. He looks concerned but his voice gets a sarcastic tone. “She was a he, and a prisoner once. She got feminized, trustee, then mistress and elite in the end.” With us looking a bit puzzled, he carries on explaining “an elite is a higher ranked mistress. Miss Andromeda for example is an Elite Mistress. And so is Miss Berthe and a few others. I personally believe that Miss Olives promotion came years too early, but this is only my opinion, and the opinion of Miss Anna in fact.” – “No names!” we have to remind him of his own demand, and he nods, making the ‘my lips are zipped’ gesture with his right hand. “Miss Olive or ‘Miss’ Olive as she is mostly called when she’s not around, is very committed to the prison and takes pride in her position as a mistress, and yet, it is just not the same as the natural authority such as Elite Miss Anna for example”. Again, we remind him of his wish not to mention names. We want to know whether friendships are being established over the years, and he confirms it but adds “but not so much between prisoners and mistresses. It is more between the prisoners. Friendships to higher ranks are rather politics. You can gain advantages if you get closer to a mistress. You know, a certain kind of protectionism, if you know what I mean”. We do. Where does he see himself in ten years we ask him, and he gets pale and uneasy. He looks to the side and behind him a few times, then leans in as he pulls a sheet of paper from his pockets. His voice gets low as he explains “these are tunnels. Myron and me have burrowed them underneath the cells since years. We are ready to lead the unfortunates to the sunshine again one day.” – “When will that be?” we want to know. “When the time is right.” he answers mysteriously. “And then I marry my mistress of my love. And we’ll live together in a nice house with our kids around us and dogs and cats and her lovers joining our happy life.” – We wish him all the best as we drive him home and watch him walk all the way up to the gates of Pandora’s Box Prison.

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