Sheer Violence at Pandora’s Box Prison!

September 7, 2019 – Pandora’s Box Prison’s honorable judge „- ̗̀ẲẦÅÄAΛndromedaΛAÄÅẦẲ  ̖́-“ took matters in her own hands in the late afternoon of September 7, when she shaved Elite Mistress Kelly’s scalp hair. In a drastic move she made an example which cannot be read other than an outcry of the existing juridical system. While sources tried to downplay the incident as a mutual health and safety precautionary measure, the complaining victim was a distinct proof, that the action was far from consensual. 

Lice had indeed be a problem in the prison’s facilities for quite a while. But secretly collected floccus confirmed that Miss Kelly was not contaminated. Soon after Miss Kelly had been clean shaven, the hairy remains had been stolen from the scene and, as the Teleporter reporter found out, are now used as stuffing in a Yoga cushion. „The sitting comfort is marvelous“ the new owner stated „but the smell of cheap hairspray is awful. I hope it will vanish over time.“

It is still not yet clear, what the trip was that made the honorable judge Andromeda take action. Though she is undoubtedly prone to such dramatic outbursts, she is usually cautious enough to avoid witnesses. She was reported exceptionally taciturn during her punitive measure and rather quickly left the scene right after the evil deed. It can only be presumed that it might have been something personal between them both. Cleary Miss Kelly lost the battle this time, and the judge left her behind fuming and outraged. The new haircut is unflattering  and will remind Miss Kelly of this unpleasant experience for a long time to come. 

But there are still voices who enjoyed Miss Kelly’s mishap. „That comes from all her outrages!“ Moron [name changed by the editors], a low ranked employee of the prison, whispered with a grin. The weapon was later found in the gardener’s tool shed. 

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