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Grace & Harry – Dream Colleagues Become Dream Partners

Babylon Berlin’s elegant directrice, who really lives up to her name “Grace” (helene.diplomat) and one of SL’s eligible bachelor Harry (Harry Hargreaves) have partnered officially on Saturday September 14, 2019,  at the Bohannon Beach Club in front of an enthralling bevy of clubbers. Nonah Reeves had been spotted there dancing the night away after her thrilling concert earlier that day, and she had already reportedly joined Harry Hargreaves’ set at Babylon Berlin after the show. She was amongst the first who congratulated the couple. It didn’t take long until the rumor spread around the place. Signs of this were already obvious when Grace bought Harry by auction for a record sum of L$14,000. “I could have bought 20 handsome younger guys for that price, … easily …!” the second placed bidder AnnaCeePla told the.Teleporter. Asked whether she got the 20 guys, she replied “Nope, I bought an elephant and gave it away to a nearby zoo, a Gucci handbag and new espadrilles instead.”, which clearly figures the benefit for Grace, while the benefit for Harry is definitely indefinite.

From the team of the Teleporter, we wish them both all the best for their future. And we hope to meet them in various locations all over the grid as happy and as lucky as they appeared yesterday at the Bohannon Soul & Funk Club.

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