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Live Shows at Rainbow Painters

English | Deutsch There isn’t much that can cheer me up on a Monday. Usually it is only vacation, holidays or Amazon deliveries. But today I have to admit, Emma and the people at Rainbow Painters managed to do it. Good Places and good people make good vibes. I enjoyed Emma Ness’ concert very much this evening, and I found some really remarkably beautiful exhibits at the gallery there. There is always a good reason to pay Rainbow Painters a visit. It’s highly recommendable, not on a Monday evening. Check…

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Aurora Metaluna Apparently Back on the Stages in SL

English | Deutsch One of SLs well known singers, who made herself rare in the last 2 years, is back on the stages in SL, much to the delight of her incredibly large fan base in SL and FB. I met her more vibrant and more rocky as ever before at a venue place called Knucklehead. She was obviously in a very cheerful mood and led skillfully through her show. Very entertaining, very recommendable. Aurora on: Facebook     Eine der bekanntesten Sängerinnen von SL, die sich in den letzten 2…

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Clubs Live Music Parunville Reviews 

Fabulous Debut of Juan Altamira @ Rhiva The Club April 15, 2020

English | Deutsch Samba, romance and light hearted melodies. That’s what Juan Altamira had on offer this evening for the audience of the «Rhiva The Club». And the guests took it willingly. It was a lively party with elated cheerfulness and a joyful singer.  Very well blatantly he opened the evening sporadically in 3 languages and made the audience feel home from the very first note. Juan is a prime example of what SL can stand for: internationality, creativity, talent and fun. Lots of fun. The people virtually walked with him along…

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War on Civil Rights in FeliCity

English | Deutsch The Parunville town council has issued a travel warning for FeliCity. Citizens of Parunville, Gerstle, Jenner have been urgently requested to not travel to or via FeliCity. Identical statements have been issued and sent to places all around the mainland. FeliCity obviously went to war on civil rights when they detained the secretary of state and prosecutor general Miss AnnaCeePla. With spurious allegations they tried to justify, what is likely to become the greatest diplomatic crisis of modern times. Doubts about their credibility and righteousness arose already when they…

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