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Birthday Girl Helendar Bailey – May 28, 2020

There are people in SL, who have a friends list that is longer than a toilet roll. Artists, mainly musicians, in SL have such a crowd. I know it, because I am friend to an artist in SL. And it wouldn’t be the Teleporter, if we hadn’t an answer also to the question, how long a toilet roll usually is. Now: the length of a toilet roll is mainly defined by the circumference of the perforation roller in the toilet roll rewinder. There are two ways you can determine a toilet roll: either by the circumference of the toilet roll (lets say, I want each roll to be 120 mm diameter) or, which is much more common because also much more precise in Europe, you define it by the number of sheets. Please bear in mind that the last sheet is always glued to the body of the roll, and nothing is more annoying than having the last sheet be a fraction of a sheet but still glued to the roll. Perforation lengths (= sheet lengths vary between 118 and 140 mm). 125-138 mm is a good average to work from. Sheet counts again, vary from 150 to 250 sheets. A standard product is 140mm perforation length, 250 sheets, which sums up to 35 meters and the diameter is around 125 mm. so usually you can consider 25 – 35 meters (but sometimes even less), around 120 – 140 mm diameter, 2-, 3- or 4 ply. More plies result in less length by the way, just saying.

Ok, I got carried away. I was talking about friends in SL. So artists have a long list. But, there are silent heroes in SL. People without whom SL wouldn’t be the same. They work hard behind the scenes and make so many things possible, which would otherwise simply not work without them. One of these silent heroes for me is Helendar Bailey. I know her since many years now, and I have never ever heard a bad word from her. Not about people in general, not about people in particular and not about places and circumstances in Second Life. It seems as if there isn’t a single bad thought in her. And, she always has a smile for me and a friendly word. I am totally glad to be on her friends list.

Yesterday her friends arranged a surprise birthday party. And it really warmed my heart that she had a strong 4-ply, 140mm perforation length, 125mm dia roll of friends, apparently. The place was packed with people! And she totally deserves it.

Harry Hargreaves was the DJ of the night and SLs nightingale Emma Ness threw herself in, with a very sweet and emotional live concert. It was a magical evening, not only because the motto was “best in pink”, which really made me shine this evening, but also because it seemed that all her friend had gathered around her to celebrate it.

The much more revealing conclusion to me was, though, that amongst this big number of guests, there were only 3 on my friends list as well, which, as you may have learned already, would have fitted on a single standard 4-ply toilet roll sheet, even with an arial font of 36 in size.

It was good to see how she enjoyed the evening. And it was good to see that friends can be much more than just handy antagonists in SL.

If you want to meet her, then you usually find her around Luciano’s Bistro or the Babylon Berlin club.

Happy Birthday Helendar Bailey.

We are happy that you are there. And thank you for your friendship. On my friendship roll you’d be very close to the cardboard core. 🙂

Noel CeeAr Resident

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