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Happy Birthday, Sakura! – SLs Superstar Aleykat Fulfills a Long-cherished Wish of One of her Biggest Fans


It was a dark and stormy night … – Well, it wasn’t really. More like a mild summer night, at the «Secret Garden of Obedience». But that’s how exciting stories start.  And there clearly was someone very excited, the birthday child herself, Sakura. For the last three years, all of her friends had been haunted by “… someday, when Aleykat will sing at my birthday party …”. And there will be no escape from: “… when Aleykat sang at my birthday party …” for the next three years to come. For more than a week the peaceful beauty of a Japanese zen garden had been threatened by chainsaw sounds, hammering and a high pitched comanding voice. 10 stages had been erected and rejected again. Generations of loudspeakers marched over the little clearing like the band of cards from Alice in Wonderland. The Secret Garden of Obedience was all in total in Aleykat fever.

But finally the day came. The day when Aleykat sang at the Secret Garden of Obedience! And guess who had hectic red patches from excitement on her face? All of Sakura’s friends around her 🙂 , for nobody could barely imagine what would have happened to Sakura, if Aleykat had to cancel the concert on short notice. But there she was, SLs most sought-after singer of modern times, standing on a small forest stage, elfish, with a background choir of cedar trees. Sakura had eventually decided for a nothingness of loudspeakers, high up in the trees, not to disturb the view on the stage. A weary spotlight on an all too thin stand was all that Sakura had ultimately allowed to be on the stage. A shaky spotlight and Aleykat, that’s all there was in the end.

But it’s then when the miracle started. An Aleykat concert is like shaving your legs. You know that there is no escape from it, you have to do it. And you are always glad you did, and it makes you happy for the rest of your day! Guaranteed. And this concert was absolutely no exception from this rule. But, seeing Aleykat so stripped from what usually and rightly surrounds her, a great entourage of fans, hosts, hostesses, a monumental stage, lights, pictures and legendary club atmosphere, seeing her so vulnerable, so reduced to a single person standing in front of a reasonable number of expectant faces, just a bunch of trees having her back, didn’t make her small but incredibly shiny instead, like Harry Potter’s patronus. Aley radiated the spirit of a wonderful personality. Friendly, caring, joyful, devoted, witty, charming and incredibly gifted. The way she put her heart and soul to it, to make this moment a precious one especially for Sakura, but not only to her, but for everyone there, revealed the true beauty of Aleykat. A woman with a heart and a soul and a voice of gold. Her voice just rounds out a great person. Aley’s superpower clearly is not her voice, its her charming personality, though we all enviously cherish her, for her beautiful voice.

The rest is easily told: Aley had squeezed in this private appearance in a tight schedule of course. Superstars in SL don’t lead an easy life. So she had to vanish soon like Harry’s patronus in “The prisoner of Askabar”, but her light didn’t go with her, but turned magically into a warm and pleasant and relaxed cloud that wrapped up all and everyone there. All the friends of Sakura had to help for another two and a half hour to wind Sakura down so that she might be able to find some sleep that night. When the last guest left, the birds in the trees had since a while already turned into tweeting songs from “The greatest Showman”. Why? Well, that’s another story.

The Teleporter is well known for its indiscretions and gangster journalism. You may rightly have expected some more revealing facts about Aleykat. So let’s give you some: she is a lovely person, she is a passionate golf player in SL, her golf handicap is: her swing 🙂

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And Happy Birthday, Sakura!

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