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+++ Breaking News +++ Dream Couple confirms “Yes, we are together!”


It was all over town already since a while. Whoever saw Jenny Lynn and Sam Architect together, strolling through the park or picnicking at the beach, could hardly ignore the fact that they looked, sounded and behaved like a couple heavily in love. “Velvet paw”, as Sam calls her privately, has gained quite a reputation as a superintendent at the Pandora’s box prison, while Sam only recently became member of the legendary Secret Gentlemen Club at his third attempt.

“I am glad it is out in public now.” A visibly eased Jenna doesn’t take her eyes off the wedding gown magazine she is leafing, while she talks about the past months. “People started to talk and stare, you know?”. – She stops for a moment at the centerfold gown, a 5-digit dream in ivory and cream. “Aaaawwww …” she lets out sighs of delight from time to time.

“And he’s the man of your life, Jen?”, Anna, a dear friend of the family wants to know. – “Who?” Jenna returns the question, but then seems to remember, “ah , yes … yes. Sam.” – “Yes. -He is.”, she says stretching out her left hand with an impressive diamond ring. “Look!” Anna seems impressed.

Jenna acknowledges it with a grin, but then she finally puts the magazine aside and looks at Anna expectantly. “The ring is amazing, Jen.”, and it truly is. “I know.”, Jenna says. “He must love you a lot, Jen.” – “Who?” Jenna asks back. – “Sam?!” Anna looks irritated when she mentions the name to Jenna. “Ah yes, Sam you mean, sure. Sure he is.”

But then Jenna tells how she met Sam for the first time and how she fell in love with him. “I didn’t fall in love with him at first sight, you know? I met him at a charity event of the local firemen brigade. At that time I was still together with that centerfold of the sexy firemen calendar, Brad.” – “Bent!” Anna corrects her. “yes, Bent, sure. You are right. – Anyway. Kees was there to let his gas barbecue to be checked for safe operation.” – “Kees was there?!” Anna interrupts her friend. “Did I say Kees?” Jenna looks puzzled as well now. “I mean the other guys name.” -“Sam”, Anna helps out. “Yes, the one with the ring.” Jenna adds. “Well, …SAM …” and she emphasized the name now … “Sam was there to have his bbq checked. And Bent and I were watching him.” – “Brad!” Anna corrects her again. “Oh no, Bent! You were right, sorry. Carry on please.”

Jenna looks at Anna with a puzzled face, but then carries on after a brief pause. “Bent didn’t have much time for me on this day, because so many people were there, and many recognized him as the sexy Mr. Fireman July. And he more than once had to show his hose to the girls. So I stood there, alone, with Kees …SAM  … and we started a conversation. And while Brad was still showing his pipe to the girls, Sam proudly showed me his sausage. It was all black.” Jenna chuckles, “it was so cute.” Both women are silent for a moment. Then Anna breaks it. “And that was it?” – “No, of course not. But we talked about this and that, and in the end he invited me and Bent …” Jenna hesitates for a moment, ” … and Bent …” She looks convinced now, “.. to his pool party the next weekend.”

Jenna stacks the magazines carefully, the “Bride” and the “Wedding Gala”, the “Glamour Wedding Special” and the “Best Day of Your Life! – Flower Edition”.

“You know it was my fate, Anna. Brad couldn’t join me last minute. They had a fire call right when we left. A fake one from an anonymous caller as it was revealed later. So I went to Sam’s party on my own.” – Anna opens her mouth for a moment, but then closes it again without saying a word. And Jenna continues.

“I was there all on my own, and Sam. Because all the guests must have got a wrong address. That’s what Kees said at least.” – “Sam.” says Anna. – “Nooo! Kees!! Sam is the one with the party, Anna. And Kees was one of the guests. And he says they all got sent to the wrong address.” – “That’s all so complicated, Jen.” Anna seems to give up.

“Anyway. Sam and I had the whole evening. We sat at the pool, we ate from the bbq, we hang out in the lounger … it was a beautiful evening. And that’s how it all started.”

Anna weighs her head “You’re making that all up, Jen, right?!”

“Of course I do, silly.” Jenna replies with a grin. “I won’t let any reporter of the.Teleporter get the real story.”

Anna takes it emotionless. “Fair enough, I think. Can I see the ring again?”


Jenna Lynn and Sam Architect at the “BlackHouse Strip Club” announcing their engagement.

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