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Go West – A Helicopter Tour with Carthage Tours

English What can you do on a lazy Sunday afternoon in SL? – You can, for example, do a helicopter tour with Carthage Tours. They offer round flights from their airfield in Jenner. Kees, a very experienced pilot calms me down, when we approach the helicopter. Taking off from the airfield [05:16] SA Airbus-H160-VIP v1.0 (N952RS): Added annaceepla to the authorized crew list. [05:16] Anna (annaceepla): the tank is full? [05:16] Kees Carthage: No, but full enough [05:16] Anna (annaceepla): did you check the engine? [05:17] SA Airbus-H160-VIP v1.0 (N952RS):…

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Happy Birthday, Sakura! – SLs Superstar Aleykat Fulfills a Long-cherished Wish of One of her Biggest Fans

English It was a dark and stormy night … – Well, it wasn’t really. More like a mild summer night, at the «Secret Garden of Obedience». But that’s how exciting stories start.  And there clearly was someone very excited, the birthday child herself, Sakura. For the last three years, all of her friends had been haunted by “… someday, when Aleykat will sing at my birthday party …”. And there will be no escape from: “… when Aleykat sang at my birthday party …” for the next three years to…

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