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Wolfie Starfire’s Birthday Party


Birthdays start to become painful after the 29th. But gladly enough in Second Life, as in fairy tails, age doesn’t count. And so Wolfie’s birthday party was nothing but a pure joy amongst a big crowd of people in an ever so lovely decorated location. Disney was the theme of the evening, and it reminded me a bit of my Kindergarten times, when during carnival there were 12 princesses, 5 cowboys and 6 yedi nights 🙂 . But the true princess of the night was of course, and without any doubt, the lovely Wolfie Starfire. I had been lucky in the past to have been to so many Wolfie concerts, and I cannot remember a single one, where I wasn’t amazed by her incredible talent and her charming personality. This evening she had her day off from singing, of course, but this did not spoil the splendid mood at all. Everybody had come to celebrate the birthday girl and contributed in a positive way to the wonderful atmosphere. All but one! Kees Carthage beat me at the mini golf there. Shame on you, Kees :-p

If you are considering to join her next concert, the one I will go to is on Friday, September 4th, at the «Love Garden».

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