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An Interview with Hedy Patrucci


Who would have expected at the time when SL was first launch, that SL will become a place with so many incredible artists one day? Painters, sculptors, scripters, builders, animators and singers. SL has so much to offer. One of those who definitely need to be mentioned in first row when it comes to awesome life singers is Hedy Patrucci, who has become a strong force in the live music scene. To me she is not only a person with a marvelous voice, but also a wonderful entertainer with an impressive stage presence. All her shows and concerts are truly an event in every way.

It is reason enough, therefore, to talk to her and listen to her view on Second Life.

Here's our interview with the famous Hedy Patrucci.

Anna Ceepla

Hedy Patrucci

Anna: Hello Hedy. So nice of you that you take the time to talk to us. I heard you are up to the neck in work for a new project. Is this true and what is it about?

Hedy: Hi thank you so much for inviting me to do this interview, I feel honered!

And yes, we, that would be my husband Lord Voxel and the wonderful Chant Lyric, are working on a burlesque show! It's due for September 11th and 13th at 12 pm ... with dancers ... simply AWESOME!! I am totally excited about it! 🙂

Anna: Oh singing AND dancing it is then. It sounds like you are a multi-talented person. I personally know you from your concerts only. But it seems like there are still more hidden or not so hidden talents in you?! How did you come to perform in Second Life and what does it mean to you?

Hedy: It was my brother actually, who introduced me to SL, way back. Singing to me is like breathing. For me singing is a way to express my feelings. Whatever it is, wether I'm sad, or angry, or happy, or in pain, you name it ... singing truly helps me. It means the world to me.

Anna: Is there a certain genre or style you are a fan of or prefer or is it rather a mixture?

Hedy: I love to sing blues and ballads, but any other genre will do, too. Just don't ask me to rap ... (*she laughs*) 😀

Anna: We are especially happy, if we can present artists from Europe. The whole idea about „The Teleporter“ was to offer people in Europe recommendations where to go to and what to see or hear during day hours which are reasonable for Europeans. That is why we almost never show events after 2pm SLT in our daily calendar. We got to know that you are from Europe as well. Does that mean that you have a strong European fan base or where do your fans come from? Do you know it at all?

Hedy: I do have Dutch fans of course! And lots from Australia, actually. Then the United States, those of them who go to bed late or don't sleep at all 😀 I'd say. - But I love and appreciate each and everyone. Sharing my perception and interpretation of music is a very special and thrilling feeling. To reach them and connect them by means of music is intoxicating. Without this feeling I couldn't and wouldn't sing in SL.

Anna: Do you have songs in your native language in your program as well, or could you imagine to sing songs in your native language in your shows? Perhaps a whole evening even?

Hedy: Oh yes, I do sing Dutch songs, of course I do! - But I need to take into consideration that my audience comes literally from everywhere around the world. And since most of them will most probably don't understand Dutch, I can throw Dutch songs in only once in a while. But I do have some Spanish and Italian songs, and even Indonesian and German tunes. I try to have something for everyone.

Anna: You must be traveling a lot in SL then. and you will for sure have a vast knowledge about the club scene in SL. Without giving names, do you have clubs you love to go to, and clubs on the other hand which are just pure work?

Hedy: I must say I haven't come across a venue yet that I would totally dislike. If I'd really dislike a place, I wouldn't sing there. It's as simple as that. But fortunately, singing has always been sheer fun to me, at all given places, till today it is, and I hope it will still remain so for a long time, because when it will become work, I will cease it without a doubt.

Anna: If you owned Second Life, what would you like to change or work on first thing?

Hedy: Oh what a question! 🙂 I don't really know, Anna ... I have no quick answer on that one to be honest. But if I'd have a wish free, I'd wish that people get less aggravated and more relaxed in SL in general. Not that I come across it very often. But I truly believe each case is too much already. People, and I mean really everyone, should enjoy SL and leave the sorrows and frustrations behind. SL should be a better place, not a place where we repeat the same bad experiences, which made us look for another place initially.

Anna: What is the most beneficial thing for you in Second Life?

Hedy: For me its meeting with people  all over the world, who you'd never meet otherwise, if SL didn't exist. It is a fantastic place to learn about different views, some you can share, but also some you don't. Which isn't a problem and still an experience. And of course there are so incredibly well made sims. Things and places to come and awe.

Anna: Do you have time to explore SL in other areas at all? 

Hedy: I make time for that and trust me, being with Lord Voxel is awesome. He takes me to places I had never imagined they'd exist, nor had I believed they'd be possible at all in sl (*she laughs merrily*)

Anna: Let's come back to your next projects. What can we expect and where and when (as far as you want to tell us right now)?

Hedy: Right now its our upcoming Burlesque Show. It is my biggest project at the moment, and really challenging and time consuming. I did it last year once already, and the people truly loved it back then! We got awesome reviews. But this drives our ambition of course to be even better this time. And I sincerely hope we will be. For me it definitely feels like we will be, ( ... I hope ... *she whispers*).

Anna: Are you doing all this mostly on your own or do you work with a true team?

Hedy: It's a team. Chant Lyric is an awesome lady that helps me a lot! In fact, she does alle the dances and the ever so fancy costumes!  You can really tell, they are gorgeous. My part will be the singing to the most extend, of course. And then there's that wonderful hubby of mine. He is awesome and helps with everything ... like I said ... I am blessed with lovely, super talented people around me, and they usually just leave the singing part to me really. 🙂

Anna: What drives you to put so much effort into all your activities in SL?

Hedy: I wouldn't go as far as to say that I am addicted to it, but I really like the appreciation of the people. Or let me rephrase it better: to know that people have a good time with us, with me, enjoying the time they spend with us on our events, gives me a wonderful feeling of achieving something and giving something back to the people makes me happy and light-hearted.

Anna: Here and now is the platform for you to address to your old fans and potentially new fans. Is there anything you'd like to tell them?

Hedy: All I want for people in SL is, that they can enjoy themselves and have a good time. Whatever the motivation is. I for myself try to contribute to that with my shows, and I sincerely hope that they are as enjoyable for them as they are for me. I generally love to meet people and I appreciate each one who takes the effort to come to my show. In the end, it's for them what I do. If they weren't there I wouldn't sing.

Anna: Thank you for the interview, Hedy. It was fun and super kind of you to fit us into your surely tight schedule. I am sure we'll see us soon again on some of your next events.

Hedy: Thank you, Anna, for giving me this opportunity! And I hope to see you around the grid.



Hedy's Burlesque show will soon raise the curtain for its grand opening show, and we are sure you won't want to miss it. So here's what we can give you so far:

╔ ❤❇❤═ *·☆♫♫ Hedy Patrucci ♫♫ ☆·❤❇❤ ⊱══⊰
║ & The Burlesque Dancers

║ Performing Live once only Performance
║ ♫♫☼ TIME ☼♫♫ 12 PM
║ ♫♫ ☼ WHERE ☼♫♫ *LYRICS Ballroom*

║ ❤❇❤☼Dress up in Burlesque ❤❇❤ ☼

╚ ═❤❇❤*·.¸¸.☆♫♫ *·.¸¸.☆☆ ·.¸¸.☆♫♫ ☆ *❤❇❤ ⊱══⊰

Have a drink at the bar and secure your spot
Last years Burlesque Event with Hedy was a sell out!

Hedy will be joined on stage with professional Burlesque Dancers - doing what they do best, dancing and performing a spectacular Burlesque Event!

Burlesque Female Dancers: Aimee Hambleton | F I J I (fijilove) | Mrs. NancyleeWillis (nancyleewillis) | Tennnewyork Resident | Resmay Bloodstorm (meishagirl) | Spice Hancroft

Burlesque Male Dancers: Lord Voxel | Sitlan Breil | Herb Carnell | Cesar Lighthouse |

Hosts: Chant Lyric | Lord Voxel


Hedy Patrucci on Facebook:

Dates & Times: September 11 and September 13, each at 12pm SLT - Best arrive at least 15 minutes before the show.

Dress Code: Cocktail chic or upper



Testimonials from the 2019 show -

" Jewel Diamond (jewelymorrison): This stage and the dancers, everything is so glorious. Best burlesque stage I have ever seen. The dancers, well everything, is just gorgeous. So happy for you. Hugs"

"Chak Roberts (chakotay.sittingbull): this is a great success Chant darling. I really hope this is not the last because your organisation ability and the greatest singer of Burlesque of all time with a singer like Hedy ? i mean really how can it not be a huge success ?"

"ڰۣ-ღAngel Falconerღڰۣ. (justicefalconer): I just wanted to say thankyou for sharing all this great building you have done. I"ll be tellin others about this place for sure . Thank you again Chant. Mrs Nancy had sent me the invite and I"m glad I was finally able to come".

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