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The Greatest Showgirl | AleyKat @ New Babylon, January 2021

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I sometimes wonder whether there is any positive attribute, which has not yet been mentioned somewhere around the grid and its accompanying media, when it comes to describe AleyKat. Whenever I find her in the SL search, descriptions usually start with the same lines "AleyKat (Aleylia Resident) is now a well established addition to the SL music scene, ..". To me she is much more than that.

She is the personified cheerfulness, the queen of musical theatre songs in SL and the most bubbly entertainer you can wish for in SL. And yet, I know that she is a warmhearted, thoughtful and sympathetic person, when she's not on the stage. She is more than many others dedicated to entertain you. She does it with her heart and soul. What can you ask for more, when it comes with such an extraordinary talent like hers.

Lately she enjoys singing songs from the musical "The Greatest Showman", and what's more, I know from a trustworthy source, that she fulfills a dream of a big admirer of her with it, who can need a good cheer up. Aley does all that without making a big deal out of it. She learned the songs, she performs a song, knowing how much it means for people but enjoying it decently, without a word.

It is time to give credits to some great entertainer and great person in SL, that's why "The Greatest Showgirl" is just the title she deserves.

Yesterday she sang and chuckled and entertained like only she can at the New Babylon. Chelsie and Grace, had an eventful time with the club last year, when they moved it from Babylon Berlin to New Babylon. Running a club in Second Life is no easy task. And to keep it attractive and maintain quality and attention is even more hard work. Aley was totally right when she mentioned all the burdens sim owners face usually, and she is a loyal artist there, performing on the Babylon stage every Saturday at prime time.

Fortunately many people seem to see it the same way. At the peak more than 70 people were attending the show and joining the appreciation at Babylon yesterday. I hope for them both, that 2021 will be a good year, full of positive vibes. And you, dear reader, can contribute to it by visiting Aley's next show at New Babylon to prove me right.




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