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Sultry Sonata @ The Love Garden, August 2020

English | Deutsch This Saturday it was Sultry Sonata, who took the stage at the magnificent Love Garden. And there can hardly be a better choice, when it comes to first class entertainment in Second Life. Sultry is both, an exceptionally good singer and a fabulous entertainer. And she proved it once again this evening at the Love Garden. The garden’s overlaying subject is romance, and Sultry very much addressed to it with a beautiful set of real gems of song arrangements romance style. The whole concert was broadcasted on…

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Summer Splish Splash at the Secret Garden of Obedience, July 2020

English (All the good) photos by Haliva Ghost The journey to find the secret place was as imaginative as the location itself. You had to find hidden whispering seashells at the rivershore in the Garden of Obedience first in order to be teleported to a remote island with a just beautiful bay with sparkling green water gently sweeping on a white sandy beach. I was late, of course! Whispering seashells are simply not my thing. I don’t listen. I talk. But I got there eventually when the party was in full…

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Janice Mills at the Love Garden, Jul 31st 2020

English | Deutsch I sometimes wonder how much our imagination can fool our body. When I am at a beautiful beach in SL, I sometimes believe I can feel the breeze from the sea, or smell the blossoms in a garden. Don’t you? But I truly felt the love around me yesterday, at the Love Garden, when Janice Mills enlightened the stage on this beautiful sim. It came to my mind that I truly don’t know anyone, who is able to make Herbert Grönemeyer and Marius Müller-Westernhagen sound nothing else…

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Fun Party with “The Voice” Harry Hargreaves at the Rhiva, 2020-07-18

English | Deutsch What a sweet party was that?! The 2 hours of DJing were already 3 hours gone, when the last ones left the party finally. It is always a big show, when DJ Harry rocks a place somewhere in Second Life. He definitely has a way of making people feel good. And his music libraries are legend. People say, he has even recordings of Cleopatra singing love songs to Cesar on their vessel on the Nile. He definitely had all songs wich had been requested this evening. The…

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PEAK Lounge (since 2014)

English | Deutsch You feel the summer breeze on your virtual skin, but you don’t know where to go to at 2am slt? Then come around to join the party at the PEAK Lounge, a beautifully located outdoor venue fishermen dock style. It totally took me at surprise when I arrived there and found it packed with people and even more packed with good mood and good vibes. Definitely star worthy, if we ever would give stars at all here at the.Teleporter. 🙂 Dress Code: beach  club style Location:…

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Tias Blue Fiction Hosting Janice Mill Concert – July 2020

English | Deutsch To me the finest rooftop bar in New York is the «Sky Room» Bar at the Fairfield Inn. From here you have a breathtaking view over New York, and you can really feel the city, a city which truly never sleeps. If Sinatra would gently take in  with his “New York, New York”, live behind me, while I soak up the atmosphere, it would neither surprise me, nor could I imagine a more consistent moment than that. But we cannot always be where we want and do what…

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Exclusively in the Teleporter !!!! – The real story of how Aleykat got her name in SL

English | Deutsch „Snow White“ got her name, as everyone knows of course, from the queen who watched blood dripping on a snow surface. “How I wish that I had a daughter that had skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood and hair as black as night.” That’s how this classic starts. Naming is sometimes a bizarre matter. “Tashunka Witko“, or „Crazy Horse“ as it is translated into English, was a famous chief of the Sioux Indians. But „Crazy Horse“ wasn’t like his name suggested. Close family…

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Elwood’s Friendly View on the World

English | Deutsch I come across nice videos about places or events in SL once in a while, and I usually enjoy watching them and talking about them, but this video struck me totally by surprise. Elwood, a taxi driver in real life, had left me a message and a link to a video on YouTube. What I then saw, really warmed my heart. It was obviously his first video, and it was about my home city in SL. It was the way he so affectionately talked about what he…

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Live Shows at Rainbow Painters

English | Deutsch There isn’t much that can cheer me up on a Monday. Usually it is only vacation, holidays or Amazon deliveries. But today I have to admit, Emma and the people at Rainbow Painters managed to do it. Good Places and good people make good vibes. I enjoyed Emma Ness’ concert very much this evening, and I found some really remarkably beautiful exhibits at the gallery there. There is always a good reason to pay Rainbow Painters a visit. It’s highly recommendable, not on a Monday evening. Check…

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Emma Ness Sad But Fabulous @ Rhiva The Club

English | Deutsch There she was again, at the Rhiva The Club, like she is every other Tuesday. Today though a little sadder than usual, but nevertheless as fabulous as always. Emma is a mood changer, a brilliant voice and an authentic and amiable person between the songs. Her concerts truly enlighten every stage in SL. It took her a long time, before she dared to sing in Second Life. I am sad for the many more magical moments we could have had already if she only had started earlier.…

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