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Interview with the makers of «Lifetime Melodies»

Über SL Momente: Lieben * Lachen * Leiden das neue Stück von JM Visions   Nach dem Erfolgsstück «Lifetime Melodies» steht JM Visions vor der Premiere ihres nächsten großen Stücks: «SL Momente». Wir hatten die Gelegenheit mit Jade und Maik, den Gründern von JM Visions, über ihre Visionen und Erfahrungen zu sprechen. Hier ist das Interview, welches Anna mit den Beiden führte. Wer mehr zu JM Vision wissen möchte, hier ist die sUrl zum JM Vision Theater, in dem auch das neue Stück uraufgeführt werden wird: Wer mehr über das…

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Feted Inner Concerts 1st Concert A Doozie!

Katya Koval’s first attempt to reshuffle the cards in the favorite venue market has left a clear mark. Her choice to start off with Nonah Reeves and her electro set, was a brilliant one. I heard it the third time now and still, I cannot remember to have heard something comparably good when it comes to quality in SL. A truly brilliant performance! The venue was nicely crowded. It seems like messages has gone around that the Nonah Reeves electro set is something one shouldn’t miss out in SL. I took…

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Savannah Rain @MadPea’s, Wednesday, March 1st, 1pm SLT

What more can I expect: a live concert in a shopping alley. –  MadPea’s International Food Fair makes it possible. Tonight at 1pm SLT the famous Savannah Rain takes the stage at this beautiful place. I am really curious to see the audience all packed with paper bags watching the stage. It’ll be a complete new second life experience 🙂 But Savannah Rain is always worth to watch and listen, no matter how busy you are with shopping, preparing dinner or ironing in RL. And especially if she has a…

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The Caravan moved on

“Die Karawane zieht weiter” (the caravan moves on) is a famous carnival song in Germany. Especially in the area around Cologne carnival is a very important time of the year. Some native bands live entirely on the income they make during the “5th season”. Between Thursday and the following Wednesday public life goes completely crazy, women take over the town hall, shops are closed and pubs are overcrowded, and you’ll see people in fancy dresses literally everywhere …   (Yes, you can search for me somewhere on the picture. I was…

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Bravissimo and Da Capo at The Rhiva’s First Burlesque Show

This was my baby, the first Burlesque Show at the «Rhiva The Club». My dream for a long, long time. Finally the management of the Rhiva gave in to give me a slot for my vision of a perfect Burlesque show in Second Life. I hadn’t the faintest clue what it means to run and coordinate a show like this, and it will take a long, long time again if ever,  until I feel mentally and physically strong enough to do a show like this again. I loved the ‘bravissimo’s and…

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Peace Valley Pet Cemetery

It sometimes appear to me that in SL there is nothing you can think of, that does not exist! On my constant search for interesting places in SL, I came across this one: a cemetery for animals, be it SL or RL ones. For prices in the region of 100-250L$ you can rent a parcel and have a memorial plate or similar with a picture of your pet on it. I must admit, this is not a place I would visit frequently, however, the good thing with Second Life is, that it has something…

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Tropical Nights @ Etosha Romantic Dance Club

You are in search for a romantic dance location? Then have a look at «Etosha Romantic Dance Club», an “intimate dance venue with slow, country, soft rock music […] Dream with your sweetheart at our tropical romantic paradise. Gondola – Hotair Balloon – Ballroom Dances – Beach – Flowers – Animals – Cuddles – PG – cuddles -” This is how I picture a Romantic Dance Club somewhere near Capetown. Location: Facebook: Ihr suchte nach einem romantischen Tanzclub? Dann schaut mal im «Etosha Romantic Dance Club» vorbei, ein “intimer Tanzclub mit…

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The Dining Experience

  I was looking for something special for a friend’s birthday, and it got me to a place called «After Taste». It’s about a romantic candle light dinner with full avatar service. And I can tell you, it is worth the experience. For 250L  per person you’ll be spending an hour or more, well nurtured at a beautifully decorated, romantic dinner table with a splendid view. It couldn’t have even be topped by a rose seller or violin player. It is certainly  completely different Second Life experience, but you should really try it….

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Also Women Can Be Hunters & Gatherers – The POE 9 Hunt

Each year, towards the end of it, life seem to slow down, at least where I live. Pople start to become more relaxed, Christmas parties everywhere, more friendly faces and wishes for the next year. Especially between Christmas and New Year there is only one stress factor really: the exchange of unwanted presents. But thanks to online shopping, even the return of goods very often doesn’t take more than to fill in a form and carry the box to the near by parcel service shop. Plenty of time, therefore, to…

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Hilly Halaan

I was searching some winter clothing and found Hilly Halaan’s shopping area on my way. They have some pretty gifts there and especially some cute winter outfits, at least for my taste. The four sections “Mesh Body”, “Shoes”, “Casual” and “Formal” are certainly worth to have a look at.   Tags: shopping, mall, slink, slink shoes, shoes, outfit, complete outfits, dress, pants, jeans, casual, formal, free, gift, shopping center, jeans, footwear, heels, outlet, sale, maitreya, n-core, belleza, s.i.f, official reseller store, complete outfits, gift   Auf der Suche nach neuen…

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