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Calas Heavenly Wedding

I’ve been to quite some weddings in Second Life in the last three years, and I know how much effort especially brides put into the setup of the location. I alway wondered whether this is the right approach, since a wedding day should be one of the best days of your life. Wouldn’t it be much better therefore, if a bride or a groom would only have to concentrate on themselves on and for that day? I am not even sure – are there professional wedding planners around in SL…

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SL-Momente | der Film @JM Visions Theatre, Jun 7, 11:30am SLT

Ende April und Anfang Mai präsentierte JM Visions das Musical “SL-Momente” einem begeisterten Publikum. Mit einem Monat Abstand hält jetzt noch einmal der Film Einzug in die SL-Welt und bietet damit denjenigen, die das Musical verpasst haben oder auf Grund von technischen Schwierigkeiten nicht in mit allen Effekten sehen konnten, eine gute Nachholmöglichkeit. Im JM Visions Theatre wird der mit Movie4U produzierte Film uraufgeführt, und man kann gespannt sein, inwieweit die neue Produktion einen anderen Blickwinkel oder ein anderes Erlebnisgefühl bietet. Spannend ist es allemal. Veranstaltungsort: JM Visions Theater Facebook: JM Vision Heart &…

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Nonah Reeves gone missing

The truth is, Nonah took a month off, or better to say she is busy in RL with concerts and recordings, that is why she has no time for SL. We caught her in the middle of something: planting flowers into flowerpots for her terrace and garden. So guys relax again, Nonah will still be single when she will return to SL in June, and she is NOT actually enjoying the Caribbean sun and the beach at St. Martin with a local womanizer, though we’d love this fake news. But there are in…

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On a Horse Trail at «Light of a Thousand Stars»

Light of a Thousand Stars Performance & Event Venue “… and horse riding” I am always thrilled to read that in a sim description. And “the light of a thousand stars” has absolutely gorgeous trails to offer for horse riding fans. Lovely tree alleys, beautiful flower fields, romantic hideouts, picturesque waterfalls, cozy beaches, uphill  tracks with splendid views and a charming little village, “the light of a thousand stars” has everything to make this sim your favorite one. This sim is recommendable not only to photographers but also to couples who want to…

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Enthusiastic Audience at Premiere of Musical «SL Momente»

Wonderful Musical Event at JM Visions Theater «SL Momente» is a musical written by Jade and Maik, the founders of JM Visions. It is an emotional journey through Second Life, recalling feelings and experiences we all have made in SL. The powerful pictures and the well chosen songs make this musical another milestone in premium entertainment in SL. 85 visitors at the peak followed Marie, Molly, Tyson and DJ Beau and others through their ups and downs on occasion of the premiere on April 21. There wasn’t a single seat left in the…

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Rumours & Stars 

NoelCeeAr Resident The Most Dreaded Captain since Captain Blackbeard

One of the busiest editors of The Teleporter, though he will deny it of course, is NoelCeeAr Resident or short “Noel”. His now and again moody comments about places and people is fun to read, but hits all too often all the others just not him. Yesterday, I joined him on a little cruise on his sailboat “Triple X”. On the way out of Vik harbor, his regular mooring, he told me about his new plan of doing a sailing trip with friends through Blake Sea and do a trip…

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Art Gallery of Dea K ART

I discovered my love for picture art in SL rather late. But nowadays, I am a frequent visitor of art exhibitions and galleries. It is even fun to go there with friends or a partner, you wouldn’t believe it. Today I call quite some pictures, paintings, drawings and photographic arts my own. They decorate my home nicely and fill it with a certain spirit and atmosphere. Today I visited the art gallery of Dea K ART. I bought the “white dressed lady painting” in the end together with a more colorful from…

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Interview with the makers of «Lifetime Melodies»

ÜberSL Momente: Lieben * Lachen * Leidendas neue Stück von JM Visions Nach dem Erfolgsstück «Lifetime Melodies» steht JM Visions vor der Premiere ihres nächsten großen Stücks: «SL Momente». Wir hatten die Gelegenheit mit Jade und Maik, den Gründern von JM Visions, über ihre Visionen und Erfahrungen zu sprechen. Hier ist das Interview, welches Anna mit den Beiden führte.Wer mehr zu JM Vision wissen möchte, hier ist die sUrl zum JM Vision Theater, in dem auch das neue Stück uraufgeführt werden wird: mehr über das erste Stück, «Lifetime Melodies» erfahren möchte, hier…

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Feted Inner Concerts 1st Concert A Doozie!

Katya Koval’s first attempt to reshuffle the cards in the favorite venue market has left a clear mark. Her choice to start off with Nonah Reeves and her electro set, was a brilliant one. I heard it the third time now and still, I cannot remember to have heard something comparably good when it comes to quality in SL. A truly brilliant performance! The venue was nicely crowded. It seems like messages has gone around that the Nonah Reeves electro set is something one shouldn’t miss out in SL. I took…

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Savannah Rain @MadPea’s, Wednesday, March 1st, 1pm SLT

What more can I expect: a live concert in a shopping alley. –  MadPea’s International Food Fair makes it possible. Tonight at 1pm SLT the famous Savannah Rain takes the stage at this beautiful place. I am really curious to see the audience all packed with paper bags watching the stage. It’ll be a complete new second life experience 🙂 But Savannah Rain is always worth to watch and listen, no matter how busy you are with shopping, preparing dinner or ironing in RL. And especially if she has a…

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