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Rainy Street Party @ Club Apotheosis

English | Deutsch After so many years there’s occasionally still something unexpectedly new in SL. Have you been to a street party in SL yet? I mean a real street party, on a dead end street of a concrete wasteland? With a lonesome bbq smoker, a crate of warm beer and bunch of unknown people? That’s what happened to me on a Sunday evening near Club Apotheosis on Playa de Arena Cay. In a gloomy part of an unknown city, surrounded by austere buildings, I witnessed the willful play of an…

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Elvis lives! At least in Vegas of the SL

English | Deutsch Good news reached me on the brink of my departure from a women’s liberation song DJane set (yes, I am not exaggerating) at the Rhiva. Elvis was obviously still alive and kickin’ at the «Vegas Nights Live Music & Entertainment». As much as every woman in SL has a petticoat in her inventory, we men have of course a 1950’s college jacket in ours. For a moment I was tempted. But then I decided against it, but in favor of a classic long-armed polo shirt and some…

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Happy 1st Anniversary «Frisky Beaver Beach Club»

English | Deutsch For most of you the «Frisky Beaver Beach Club» will already be a familiar place. For those who don’t know the place yet, it’s my 5-star recommendation for a friendly and vivid SL club with a high entertainment value. During it’s busy times, which is usually Thursday till Sunday, you can be absolutely sure that the place is busy enough to make you feel being part of a party, no matter wether you come on your own or take out your friends, and yet lag is still within…

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And Nominated is … The «Frisky Beaver» Beach Club

I remember, some years ago, there was an award in SL “The Best Avatar Award”, a kind of an Oscar for people and places in SL. I remember it well, because I spent a five-digit amount for some seats and a corner place, only to realize on the day of the big event, that I wasn’t listed on the sim, which stranded my avatar disillusioned at some dive-bar, while the lighting technician and his spouse will have occupied my seats without permission most probably. There was a discussion about almost…

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Fresh From Facebook Challenge: Nonah Reeves ~ The Book of Love

  Nonah Reeves exclusively for Noel’s Facebook challenge This is a good example of the little things in life that mean so much to us. I was in need of a love song for a challenge I was nominated for: 5 days, 5 love songs. And I fell in love with a song I heard from Nonah Reeves when she rehearsed it at the Rhiva: The Book of Love. It was the first time she sang it, and it was the first time I heard it in this cute arrangement.…

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DJ Myrrdin – “Vorhang Auf!” @ Rhiva The Club

Da hat es der Altmeister doch einmal wieder geschafft, erstens, in den Rhiva The Club zu kommen und zweitens, sein Publikum für den Abend für sich einzunehmen. An einem Tag, an dem ich dem geruhsamen Kurzurlaub über Ostern Adieu sagen musste und an dem mein Lieblingsverein eine schmähliche Auswärtsniederlage gegen 10 aufopferungsfähige Fastgallier hinnehmen musste, ähnlich wie Cäsar gegen ein aufmüpfiges Dorf in Nordfrankreich, konnte mir DJ Myrrdin zu vorgerückter Stunde fast wieder ein Lächeln abringen. Mit einer schönen Auswahl von Songs und seinen berüchtigten Kommentaren zu Land, Leuten und…

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Cognac, Clyde and Cigarette Butts – You Had It All @ «CASA Luna»

English | Deutsch Far too seldom I get the chance to listen to the fabulous voice of a real institution in SL: Clyde Barrow. It takes never more than 5 measures, and Franky Boy Sinatra seems to greet the world through the voice and personality of Clyde Barrow. You really need to listen carefully not to mistake him for Ol’ Blue Eyes. But this wouldn’t be fair to Clyde. He definitely has his own very charming way with his songs and his audience.  Holding on to a cigarette butt that…

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DJungle On Air Again @ Bohannon

English | Deutsch Some people have really looked forward to it. DJane DJungle was finally back on air at the Bohannon’s Funk & Soul Club. It had become an all too rare event in the second half of 2017. What Rod Stewart is to the male voice in RL, is DJungle to the female voices in SL. A unique sensual voice that could even make the announcement of a fire drill sound like the main act of a burlesque show. I for myself spent an enjoyable evening at this international…

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Nonah Reeves Rehearsals @ «Rhiva the Club»

English | Deutsch Nonah’s first rehearsal after her long break was as crowded as the first public training of the New England Patriots. The «Rhiva The Club» was once again the port of call for all Nonah fans on this Monday evening. With a whole set of new songs, mainly Pop and Rock, she surprised and thrilled the audience at the same time. She was clearly still recovering from a cold, but did already sound as perfect as always. There are definitely more and great things to expect from her…

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“Musik is …” en vogue im «Cabaret» @ R.A.H.M.E.N.L.O.S.

Deutsch | English … schwer en vogue im «Cabaret» auf «Rahmenlos». Bereits um 20 Uhr öffnet das an Sally Bowles erinnernde Cabaret zum ersten Mal die Türen für ein hoffentlich zahlreiches Publikum. Wir hatten bereits die Gelegenheit, uns in diesem liebevoll und fantasiereich eingerichteten Etablissement umzuschauen, möchten aber an dieser Stelle vor der Eröffnung nicht allzuviel preisgeben, außer dass sich allein schon das Ambiente lohnt vorbeizuschauen. Am Freitag, den 19. Januar 2018 nun startet die Location in ihre erste Saison, und wir wünschen ihr alles Gute und toi, toi, toi.…

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