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Birthday Girl Helendar Bailey – May 28, 2020

There are people in SL, who have a friends list that is longer than a toilet roll. Artists, mainly musicians, in SL have such a crowd. I know it, because I am friend to an artist in SL. And it wouldn’t be the Teleporter, if we hadn’t an answer also to the question, how long a toilet roll usually is. Now: the length of a toilet roll is mainly defined by the circumference of the perforation roller in the toilet roll rewinder. There are two ways you can determine a…

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Welcome to Luciano’s Bistro & Lounge – Grand Opening on May 1st, 2020

English | Deutsch There are always two ways how to get into popular clubs. The one is, you are on the list of exclusive guests, and you pass the bouncer with a nod and a grin. And the other is, you exhaustingly cue up in a line at the entrance, hoping your face and your outfit meets the doorman’s expectations, once you get there for what feels like an eternity. To cut corners, I announced my visit and let deliberately slip that I would accompany Nonah Reeves on my visit. And…

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We Fell in Love with EMMA NESS on Occasion of Her Adorable Concert at the Rhiva The Club, Oct 2019

English | Deutsch I cannot remember when a new voice in SL took me by surprise last as much as Emma Ness did. There are undoubtedly artists, professional and impressive artists in Second Life, and they all have their distinctions, and are rightly followed by a huge number of music enthusiasts in SL. But Emma even stands out among the best. There’s perhaps a handful of singers in SL who can match with her in my opinion. Her exceptional voice, paired with a charming personality makes it a ‘fiendish’ combination,…

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Grace & Harry – Dream Colleagues Become Dream Partners

Babylon Berlin’s elegant directrice, who really lives up to her name “Grace” (helene.diplomat) and one of SL’s eligible bachelor Harry (Harry Hargreaves) have partnered officially on Saturday September 14, 2019,  at the Bohannon Beach Club in front of an enthralling bevy of clubbers. Nonah Reeves had been spotted there dancing the night away after her thrilling concert earlier that day, and she had already reportedly joined Harry Hargreaves’ set at Babylon Berlin after the show. She was amongst the first who congratulated the couple. It didn’t take long until the…

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Janice Mills Glamorous Concert @ Velvet Dreams

English | Deutsch There’s something magical about Janice Mills, when she enlightens a stage somewhere in SL. It seems like time takes a break then from rushing, clouds stay discretely in the background, the sun – or the moon – puts its smile on and people forget about their pains and sorrows. There’s hardly a more peaceful and positive place in SL. I enjoy her concerts since I have started to follow her concerts. Janice definitely gives you the good vibes, and you shouldn’t miss her if she’s performing again…

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2nd Anniversary of Club Apotheosis

English | Deutsch One of the most vibrant communities that I have come across in Second Life is the group of “Divine Friends of Club Apotheosis”. Their sim  has moved to a new location only a few weeks ago, but looks as impressive as before. This weekend, they celebrated their 2nd anniversary with a Mardi Gras parade and a big party at the beach and in the spa. I wasn’t even aware that it is possible to present a decorated floats in Second Life, but quite obviously its possible, and…

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Ein tapferes Mädchen ist tot

Deutsch | English Mit großer Bestürzung habe ich erfahren, das Candy Morgan am Wochenende verstorben ist. Wenn ich eine Person benennen müsste, für die ein Ort wie Second Life geschaffen wurde, dann ist es Candy. Am Ende sind es immer RL Personen, die den Avataren in SL Seele und Charakter geben. Für Candy war Second Life ihre Wunderwelt, da sie dort viele Dinge tun konnte, die ihr im realen Leben verwehrt blieben, solche banalen Dinge wie Schuhe tragen oder Tanzen gehen. Wir hadern oft mit unserem Schicksal und verlieren dabei…

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Having A Good Time @ Club Atmosphere

English | German There’s a new club in Second Life. It’s cool, it’s stylish, fashionable and fun. The «Club Atmosphere» is situated up in Second Life’s skies and shines with a  sleek and elegant design. I went there on the day of its opening and enjoyed a superb music set provided by Harry Hargreaves and hosted by the ever so charming  Pila (pilaarinn). The club, with its rather frugal ambience, focus entirely on what it’s meant for, music & dancing. I had a great evening there, and I can recommend…

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Breakthrough: First Public Adored Female Football Commentator

English | Deutsch True epochal things happened yesterdays at the Bohannon’s Football Stadium. In the cold light of the moth surrounded floodlights, a female DJ achieved a milestone for all female football commentators to come: she was the first woman on air ever in a football stadium, who melted the hearts of a male audience. No curse and no bad word could be heard (or read) during her 120 minutes broadcast. DJane {D}Jungle, who envious critics often characterize as the acoustic version of the ancient Medusa, had a firm grip on…

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Nachgedanken zur Gedenkfeier zum Tode von Maik (JM Visions Begründer)

Eigentlich lässt uns nichts so ratlos und so entmutigt zurück, wie der Tod eines geliebten Menschen. Dabei spielt es keine Rolle woraus sich unsere Liebe eigentlich begründete. Wir spüren Verzweiflung, nicht mehr da sein zu können für ihn, wenn er es vielleicht gebrauchen könnte, und wir spüren Einsamkeit und eine gewisse Leere in Momenten, wo wir in der Vergangenheit ihn an unserer Seite und in unserem Leben wussten. Sich vorstellen zu müssen, um die Wärme seiner Seele beraubt zu sein, die Welt nicht mehr durch vier lebensbejahende sondern nur noch durch…

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