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“Kristina Fran Duvemala” Act 2, SAT Oct 21, 12pm SLT

It’s a classic: the villain raises the knife, the woman cries … and there we are right at the commercial break. No singing fat lady can represent the end of an opera more precisely than the threat to life does for commercial breaks. For some 5 minutes we’re lost in the middle of nowhere, fighting with our anger, fear and emotions, until the story is picked up again, or we found comfort otherwise in a tasty chocolate bar, a freezing cold beer or a car insurance.  That’s what happened to…

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Sneak Peek from «Rhiva The Club»

In the last few months it was all too quiet for the lovers of the «Rhiva The Club». About a year ago the Rhiva was still the hottest place of all in SL, when Nonah Reeves debuted there with her famous electro set «Breaking Habits». The first, and unfortunately up to today the one and only, Rhiva’s Burlesque Show was another highlight in a long row of high quality events. All the better that all waiting has come to an end now. The club has been officially announced as being…

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Freshly Escaped from «HeAdLiGhTs»

You’ve seen and done everything in SL? Really? Every bigger city in RL has it, the «Escape Rooms». Second Life has them as well, on the sim of „Headlights“, a sim, which is said to be dedicated to openness and tolerance, with a slightly wanted touch of female dominance. The sim’s stunning scenery derives from the beautiful buildings and places of high quality, tastefully and harmoniously assembled, adding to what we all are looking for in SL: originality. The senery is dominated by the castle, which stretches into the sky…

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Sweet 2 Hours Concert of SL Darling Nonah Reeves

Visitors of the Branagh’s Romantic Garden experienced the pleasure of an unexpectedly extra long Nonah concert on Friday evening. Nonah, who had been busy with RL concerts in the last view weeks, was surprisingly cheerful and chatty, and presented a great set of familiar and rare songs in 3 different languages, very much to the taste of the relaxed audience. Second Life has quite some talents of different kinds to offer, but definitely a rare gem amongst them is the lovely Nonah Reeves, who made the evening at Branagh’s Park…

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Open Mic Poetry Slam, Sep 30, 1pm SLT @ Raven’s Serenity Cove

Why don’t you dare something new in Second Life? – We all are much too much bound to our habits sometimes. And we risk to miss new, exciting and inspiring experiences therefore. Luckily, in SL it costs next to nothing to break with well-worn paths and open up for new and variegated facets of life. RAVEN CEDARBRIDGE – OPEN MIC SATURDAY 1pm – 2pm slt Facilitated by -Sabre (Sabreman Carter) Where: Raven’s Serenity Cove Date & Time: September 30, 1pm – 2pm slt Poetry ~ “OPEN THEME” ATTIRE ~ come as…

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Excursion to the «Club CATCH22, the friendliest Club in whole SL»

They call themselves “the friendliest club in SL”. It was time, therefore, to find out. Friendliness is one of the qualities, we can’t have enough of in Second Life, not to mention the first life. And it makes the person or the club likable, if they make friendliness to their maxim. Catch22 is a barn style dance bar in the region of Sensual Fun, a New England type of landscape and flora. It is beautifully located between lakes and ferns and tree assemblies, which gives it an all so romantic…

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Comedy: The Vicki Joke Show @ MINIMALISTIC COMEDY LOUNGE, Sep 9, 10am SLT (Feed A Smile Charity Event)

FEED A SMILE CHARITY EVENT The Vicki joke show hits the Comedy Lounge today at 10.00 AM SLT! As usual featuring jokes that will make your ears bleed … or let’s just call it a series of jokes and small acts of a rather bawdy and (sometimes very) naughty nature. It’s definitely NOT PG material! Sedatives and earplugs will be available, as usual, too. Date & Time: September 9, 10am SLT Dress Code: smart casual Location:  

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PAUL (KINDHARTDMAN) live @ Minimalistic Comedy Lounge, Sep 9, 9am SLT (Feed A Smile Charity Event)

FEED A SMILE CHARITY EVENT PAUL (KINDHARTDMAN) live @ Minimalistic Comedy Lounge Paul is a new to SL artist, slowly learning the ropes to performing in SL. He is a country boy at heart who loves singing a mix of Country, 50’s and light rock. And WOW can this man sing! Country, 50’s, Blues, there is no doubt you will hear lots to delight your senses! Date & Time: September 9, 9am SLT Dress Code: smart casual Location:    

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Branagh’s Park Prepared For Concert On Sep 8, 12pm SLT

Lorelai and Eachan are reportedly back from vacation and working hard on the park to get it ready again for Friday, September 8th, to continue with their series of concerts. If everything goes according to plan, they will have gained the space back from the pests and weeds early enough to let the Branagh’s Park shine with its former splendour. Music wise it will definitely sparkle again with having Dreama Summerwind, Pippa Exonar, Nonah Reeves and AleyKat in a row from 12pm till 4pm. Date & Time: Friday, September 8th, 12pm…

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Lisa Brune live @ «The Frisky Beaver», Sep 03, 10am SLT

The Frisky Beaver Beach Club is the kind of beach place you’d look for on vacation. Loaded with fun activities, a beautiful sandy beach and day and night entertainment including some of SLs most reputated artists. LISA BRUNE began singing live in SL in 2011. Since then she has been invited to perform at venues representing all different international and ethnic communities. She sings mainly covers but also performs some of her own original songs such as “Dry Tears”, “Mon Intru”, “Silence”… Lisa’s selection of songs is guided by the…

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