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Nonah Reeves & The Romperdales, Saturday June 26th, 12:30pm

English | Deutsch We wouldn’t really call it erotic art dance, but it definitely has its moments when the Romperdales perform in front of a heated and predominantly female audience. Not to miss their spectacular show, you will have to be there early on time, on Saturday June 26th. The evening show has two highlights, one is the manly and yet eloquent aerobic performance of fashion-wise ambitious 6 men, and the other one is the live concert of Second Life’s darling Nonah Reeves. One beer, one seat, two highlights ……

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Nonah Reeves Singing Rock & Pop Songs @ «Rhiva The Club»

English | Deutsch She really let her followers suffer this year. Nonah Reeves, currently being extremely busy in RL, only seldom finds the time nowadays to satisfy the longings of her faithful fans. In the first half of the year 2018 she hasn’t even given  half a dozen concerts. One can argue both ways therefore, either that it is great that her manager convinced her to do a special concert in May, or that it is selfish of him because he used her to fill up his own club. For the…

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Full House at JM Visions «Lifetime Melodies 2018» Musical

English | Deutsch Cathy’s and Christopher’s story take 2 gave a full house and ended in a thundering applause on Saturday evening at the new JM Visions Theatre. The remake of the in 2016 for the first time staged musical «Lifetime Melodies» thrilled the audience with a two hours lasting act of amazing animations, beautiful stage sets, carefully selected songs and a successful story line. It is quite courageous to return to the stage with an old story, wrapped up in a face lift of sceneries and adapted screen play.…

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Verpasst!! – Janice Mills live @EVATEK

Deutsch Ich nehme den Requester “… Sie können keinen Freund hinzuladen, denn die Sim ist voll …” immer als Hommage an den Ort und Künstler. Und ich freue mich für beide über den verdienten Zuspruch. So war es denn auch gestern wieder einmal eine Schar Auserwählter, die in den Genuss eines äußerst gefühlvoll vorgetragenen und schönen Janice Mills Konzert kamen. EVATEK ist eigentlich eher durch eine Gemütslage bekannt, die erst mit Shades of Grey gesellschaftlich hoffähig geworden ist, und bei der “Liebe” weniger ins Herz als vielmehr auf den Leib…

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Have Your Sabatical at “Lost Lagoon”

English | Deutsch It’s great that Second Life offers the opportunity to become lost voluntarily. The “Lost Lagoon” is the ideal surrounding for it. The South Sea style sim bears nature pure with wonderful places on its 65,000sqm. No matter whether you just come for a look, or for a good place to have a talk with your friends, or just want to relax and enjoy the scenery off-side the usual paths in Second Life, the “Lost Lagoon” offers it all.   location: Wie schön, dass Second Life uns die Gelegenheit…

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Las Vegas Flair at Clyde Barrow’s Performance @ Cabaret on Rahmenlos

Deutsch | English Zwei Dinge, die gestern wunderbar zusammenpassten, waren Clyde Barrow und das Cabaret auf Rahmenlos. In einem stilvollen Ambiente zeigte ein bestens gelaunter Entertainer sein großes künstlerisches Repertoire. Clyde hatte, wieder einmal, alles im Griff. Sowohl die Dramaturgie seiner Songs, als auch das ihm sehr gewogene Publikum.  Das war Professionalität im besten Sinne, und es bestätigte Clyde’s herausragende Stellung in der Riege der männlichen Entertainer in Second Life. Das Cabaret auf Rahmenlos feierte einen gelungenen Abend nicht nur durch den Auftritt des SL Superstars, der ein bisschen Las…

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Galerie Des Beaux-Arts Spring Exhibition «A Time For New Beginnings»

English | Deutsch Complying with the exhibition theme «A Time For New Beginnings», the new “Galerie Des Beaux-Arts” welcomed its grand opening guests in an extended building in a new location. On two levels Deva Westland presents exhibits from well known and unknown artist, and including her own RL master pieces of animal and nature paintings. The exhibition clearly found its audience and met expectations. The place was well frequented and the main chat revealed a lot of public appreciation. This is finally a nice reward for the host Deva Westland, who…

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It Might Be A Long Way To Tipperary, But It Is A Short Way To Rahmenlos

English | Deutsch St. Patrick’s Day, the fun holiday from the ever so green island, was a perfect occasion to celebrate a thundering party on Rahmenlos. The wisely chosen location was covered by green people, while the very close brewery served steadily flows of Guinness this evening. Rahmenlos, with its picturesque sight and rural atmosphere, was the ideal place to give St. Patrick day the authentic feeling of an Irish public festival. The Rahmenlos team had spared neither expense nor effort to make this evening another great event. After DJane Herta…

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Increments at Branagh’s Jazz Club

English | Deutsch Quietly hidden to mass clubbers in SL, the famous Branagh’s Jazz Club has increased its range of events in 2018. While Friday was the magic day at Branagh’s in the past few years, the management has continuously expanded its events the last 3 months. It started with Pippa Exonar, moving her ever so light hearted and sweet show from Fridays to Sundays, flanked by the DJ Akilikos  every fortnight at 12pm SLT, and the amazing singer Levi Zuzu at 2pm. But not only the Sunday got an…

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Nǐ hǎo and Huānyíng @ The Chinese Lantern Festival on «Rahmenlos»

Deutsch | English «Rahmenlos» ist derzeit einer der aktivsten Plätze in der deutschsprachigen Second Life Gemeinde. Kürzer als vierzehntägig rufen die Rahmenloser die Partygänger in SL zu verschiedensten Events. Dieses Wochenende bot das chinesische Laternen Festival den Rahmen für eine im Jiuzhaigou-Landschaftsstil gehaltene Party. Es hat den Eindruck als habe die Gruppe bereits eine nennenswerte Zahl an Anhängern gefunden. 30+ Besucher strömten in den chinesischen Garten, viele von Ihnen wiederkommend nach der letzten Party zum Thema “Schneewittchen und die 7 Zwerge”. Und soweit wir feststellen können benehmen sich die Hunde im…

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