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Pippa Exonar On A New Time Slot @ Branagh’s Jazz Club

English | Deutsch The famous ‘Branagh’s Friday’ gets an in-house complement. With immediate effect Pippa Exonar will perform on the Branagh’s stage on Sundays. According to the Branagh’s management there will be further additions to the Sunday line-up soon. This will give lovers of high quality live music another good reason to pop by at Branagh’s. And it comes to the right time, while the seasonal weather keeps us staying more often at home. Dress Code: formal Location: Branagh’s Jazz Club Der berühmte ‘Branagh’s Freitag’ bekommt hauseigene Konkurrenz. Ab sofort steht…

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«Frisky Beaver» Shines With Outstanding Live Performances

English | Deutsch Live music in SL can be addictive. No wonder that the «Frisky Beaver» has become a popular destination on weekends. With its great line-ups of classy performers, it shines with top quality entertainment in SL. To name just a few of who is who in SL live music scene, only this weekend visitors had the chance to listen and dance to the hilarious performances of Bubbles Agatha Martin Amforte Clarity Christopher Qual Lisa Brune Max Kleene Jack Slade Zorn Jupiter Savannah Rain   The «Frisky Beaver« in general…

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Coole Leute mögen coole Locations

Deutsch | English … und diesen sei das «LateNight» wärmstens empfohlen. In einen spannenden industriellen Komplex integriert und mit einer sehr qualitätsvollen und individuellen Dekoration ausgestattet, kann das «LateNight» auf allen Ebenen überzeugen. Es teilt sich eine ein bisschen Endzeit-mäßig aber stimmungsvoll designte Simplattform  mit dem «Baxton», beide Clubs verfügen jedoch über einen ganz eigenen Stil. Das «LateNight» beherbergt 2 aufwendige Bars, eine im Regenerationsbereich jenseits des Tanzbereichs und die andere direkt an der Tanzfläche. Die Ausstattung des Clubs zeigt eine Menge nicht alltäglicher Einzelstücke, die insgesamt geschmackvoll und stimmig…

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«Rooftop Lounge» Moved to New Location

English | Deutsch There was a truly chilling place in SL, high above a city skyline, with illustrious guests and a well sorted bar. Just the kind of lounge you’d fancy to round the day off. Nonah Reeves used to rehearse there a couple of times, and Edmond Garibaldi had his famous standup comedian show there. Since spring 2017 this popular drop-in center was closed. All the more we were glad to learn only recently that it has stealthily been re-opened in November, though situated in a different location. Visitors can…

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Fantastic Line Up @ Frisky Beaver Beach Club, Nov 5, Starting at 10am

Never take good entertainment for granted in SL, but at the Frisky Beaver Beach Club you can. She always puts a smile on the face of the people who listen to Lisa Brune. There’s hardly any better way to start a beach party than with a live concert of lovely Lisa. It is just the right medication we need on a dull and misty Sunday afternoon in RL. Just blind the windows when you rip off your clothes to get that beach party feeling at home. Lisa will get the…

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Nonah Reeves on Fire @ Bohannon’s «Hell-o-ween» Party, Nov 4, 3pm SLT

To tell SL frequent visitors about Nonah Reeves is proverbially bringing owls to Athens, which on the other hand and with regard to Bohannon’s event on Friday and Saturday isn’t a bad idea, if you carry marshmallows a stick and salt and pepper with you. “Hell-o-ween” is the name of the location, and there is no doubt what it resembles. The good thing is, we don’t expect any rain, and there is no need for a jacket or pullover even for the most shivering amongst you. Nonah Reeves has become…

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Branagh’s Same Procedure as Every Year

There are just a few standards in SL and these are the Christmas and New Years Parties, the Happy Eastern Event and Halloween. Taking all the then displayed pumpkins together, we’ll have enough soup for the Second and any Third Life that Linden Labs might consider. Every year one of the big question arising is: which party do I attend on Halloween. Mine fell on Branagh’s Jazz Club this time, like it does every year. Having my dear friend Nonah Reeves singing there, during witching hour, makes me believe it’s…

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A Scary Night in the Branagh’s Park, Oct 27 12pm SLT

This weekend is Halloween weekend in SL, parties all over the grid, scary ones and rather funny ones. One of the traditionally tasteful ones is the Halloween party at Branagh’s. Not at all spooky is the line up, which is one of the best you can get in SL. Dreama Summerwind is the first singer to open the evening. Nonah Reeves and Pippa Exonar will follow, before AleyKat will finish the evening, just around witching hour in Europe. Date & Time: Friday, Oct 27, 12pm – 4pm SLT Dress Code:…

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“Kristina Fran Duvemala” Act 2, SAT Oct 21, 12pm SLT

It’s a classic: the villain raises the knife, the woman cries … and there we are right at the commercial break. No singing fat lady can represent the end of an opera more precisely than the threat to life does for commercial breaks. For some 5 minutes we’re lost in the middle of nowhere, fighting with our anger, fear and emotions, until the story is picked up again, or we found comfort otherwise in a tasty chocolate bar, a freezing cold beer or a car insurance.  That’s what happened to…

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Sneak Peek from «Rhiva The Club»

In the last few months it was all too quiet for the lovers of the «Rhiva The Club». About a year ago the Rhiva was still the hottest place of all in SL, when Nonah Reeves debuted there with her famous electro set «Breaking Habits». The first, and unfortunately up to today the one and only, Rhiva’s Burlesque Show was another highlight in a long row of high quality events. All the better that all waiting has come to an end now. The club has been officially announced as being…

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