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Wunderschöner Abend mit Arminius Writer im Cabaret auf Rahmenlos

Deutsch | English Da war sie also, die Premiere im Cabaret. Und sie ist bestens geglückt. Einen sehr unterhaltsamen Einstieg verdankte das Cabaret zunächst der DJane Jarvi, die wie gewohnt und gekonnt die Gäste auflockerte und musikalisch in Stimmung brachte. Fast hätte es in Folge keines Hauptakts mehr bedurft. Dennoch legte das Rahmenlos-Team mit dem an diesem Abend stimmlich hervorragend aufgelegten Arminius Writer noch einen Live-Act der Extraklasse drauf. Wäre beides noch irgendwie kopierbar in SL, dann fällt es doch mit dem Umstand, dass es an diesem Abend nur ausnehmend…

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Zach Cale live @ Branagh’s Jazz Club, JAN 28, 2pm SLT

English | Deutsch Good male voices and entertainers are rare in SL these days. Once they make it to the line up of the Branagh’s Jazz Club, you know that they are good. One who made it easily to Branagh’s live music program is Zachh Cale, a true piano man in the spirit of Billy Joel’s song. And he will be there, at Branagh’s on Sunday, January 28. Date & Time: Sunday, January 28, 2pm SLT Dress Code: formal Location: Gute männliche Sänger und Entertainer sind heutzutage eher selten in…

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The Story About The Man Who Vacuum-Cleaned His Living Room For A Woman

We men have gone a long way since we eradicated the mammoth in the golden days of “scratch yourself wherever you like”. It once was a man’s world, though we had no cars then. But since Diner caves had no windows, there was no need for it anyway. Instead we still could impress the girls with the good old fire trick. “Do you have a light” derives from that and is until today a classic female pick up line. Since then we lost more and more control over the process. While…

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Postkarten aus *R.A.H.M.E.N.L.O.S*

Am Samstag, den 6.1.2018 präsentiert sich eine neue deutsche Sim den virtuellen Reisenden. Wir haben schon einmal einen kleinen Blick darauf geworfen. Das Erste, was uns persönlich in den Sinn kam war “Oh! Hatten wir noch nicht.”, eine Sim, die ein bisschen an sauerländische Landidylle erinnert, oder vielleicht noch ein bisschen eher an Kerrygold-Land, das Land der glücklichen Kühe für die irischen Butter. «R.a.h.m.e.n.l.o.s» ist eine liebevoll gestaltete Landschaft mit Country-Idylle. Das kleine Dorf ist schnell durchwandert aber so niedlich arrangiert, dass ein Kaffee in der Dorfschänke auf jeden Fall…

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Branagh’s First Show of the Year

English | Deutsch We keep repeating it often in this magazine, that Branagh’s is the place to go to for classy and top quality live music entertainment. We ourselves have all too seldom reported about the numerous idyllic places of the same place, as there is of course to mention the forest and teahouse or the newly added boathouse from where you can sail straight into the Blake Sea if you like. All these places are beautifully and tastefully decorated and fit nicely in the overall scenario of the sim.…

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JM Visions «Love – Respect – Tolerance Show» Ends Their Year of Great Performances

English | Deutsch To the end of the year JM Visions still had a final gift for their fans. In their newly renovated and sim-shifted theatre they presented their «Love – Respect – Tolerance Show», which they had already performed once at the World-Aids-Day. The 90 minutes show consisted of songs and audio clips of speeches from internationally famous people like Nelson Mandela, Charlie Chaplin and Elton John. The colorful and touching presentation was just the right attunement for Christmas and took the visitors content wise on a  musically journey…

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Legendary Party with Cien @International Underground

English | Deutsch Second Life has definitely become richer after last Sunday, when Cien pre-launched her new songs from her new album ‘Concencia’, for which you can only place pre-orders at the time when this article was written. But it was not only the debut of the new songs, but the debut of the artist ‘Cien’ in general. While streaming for the first time and live from New York, she didn’t show any weaknesses and delivered a splendid show, much to the delight of some thirty visitors. Cien’s unique sound…

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Debut Concert | A New Star Arising: «Cien» Presenting Her Million Times Clicked Music, live @F.I.C. International Underground

English | Deutsch 20,000,000 Clicks YouTuber Presenting Her Music Parts for the First Time in SecondLife «Cien» is her name, and you will certainly hear her name many times after Sunday December 10, the date when she presents her music conception for the first time in Second Life. Live from New York she will play some of her famous songs and from her new album at Katya Koval’s «F.I.C. International Underground». And with its super-cooled elegance of a downtown upgraded subway station, this location is quite the right one for…

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New Exhibition @Galerie Des Beaux-Arts

English | Deutsch Coinciding with the commencement of winter, Deva Westland’s «Galerie Des Beaux-Arts» presents its new exhibition “Winter”. Since Dec 6th the new exhibits of artists like Bleem Belargio Kess Crystal Romulus Greymoon Broderick Logan Troy Nelson Felipe Rothmoor Sadystika Sabretooth Rya Santana Zedekiah Wentz   can be seen at the gallery in Parunville. The seasonally decorated halls invite not only to admire truly art pieces, but also to sit and relax with a hot cup of tea or hot chocolate in a warm and friendly atmosphere. If galleries…

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