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Go West – A Helicopter Tour with Carthage Tours

English What can you do on a lazy Sunday afternoon in SL? – You can, for example, do a helicopter tour with Carthage Tours. They offer round flights from their airfield in Jenner. Kees, a very experienced pilot calms me down, when we approach the helicopter. Taking off from the airfield [05:16] SA Airbus-H160-VIP v1.0 (N952RS): Added annaceepla to the authorized crew list. [05:16] Anna (annaceepla): the tank is full? [05:16] Kees Carthage: No, but full enough [05:16] Anna (annaceepla): did you check the engine? [05:17] SA Airbus-H160-VIP v1.0 (N952RS):…

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Happy Birthday, Sakura! – SLs Superstar Aleykat Fulfills a Long-cherished Wish of One of her Biggest Fans

English It was a dark and stormy night … – Well, it wasn’t really. More like a mild summer night, at the «Secret Garden of Obedience». But that’s how exciting stories start.  And there clearly was someone very excited, the birthday child herself, Sakura. For the last three years, all of her friends had been haunted by “… someday, when Aleykat will sing at my birthday party …”. And there will be no escape from: “… when Aleykat sang at my birthday party …” for the next three years to…

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Harry Hargreaves stopped by at the Rhiva on Saturday, Jun 27, 1pm SLT

English | Deutsch Saturday 1pm SLT at the «Rhiva the Club», that’s where the cool people are, when Harry Hargreaves livens up the place with his well chosen music sets, and dancing and swaying is just what you feel inside and outside while he drags you magically into the club life feeling. It’s where the nice people are, when the vivid main chat makes you feel well receipted and encourages you to join, because hearing from you is just what makes it perfect. Harry’s voice is of the kind you…

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What’s New on Rahmenlos

English | Deutsch You know this method where somebody shows you pictures and you need to tell your associations? When I visited R.a.h.m.e.n.l.o.s. on their new sim it was a bit of a similar feeling. All the beautiful details, the imaginative sceneries, they reminded me of the many beautiful moments I had with them in the past. The first thing which comes to my mind when I think of Rahmenlos is the old brewery, and the pitoresque little café next to it, where is spent hours hanging out with a…

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Welcome to the 1930s, welcome to the “Cat in the Moon” Club

English | Deutsch SL can still surprise me at times. Tonight I visited the “Cat in the Moon” club, and I can only recommend to you to pay it a visit when there is the next show around at this beautiful venue. It not only resembles a 1930s club, it breathes the air of the 30ies, it smells like it and it feels like it. It wraps you in a totally different world and takes you on its wings to the swing days. Tonight I heard Britt and Annakin singing…

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Emma Ness Back at the Rhiva – Monday, June 1

English | Deutsch Times and times again Emma Ness proves, why, she has a personal star at the Rhiva’s walk of fame near the entrance. Emma is a true star among the stars of SL. And she proved it again this Monday with her super sweet concert at the Rhiva. Very well done, Emma! Mal um Mal beweist Emma Ness, warum sie einen eigenen Stern auf dem Walk of Fame in der Nähe des Rhiva Eingangs hat. Emma ist ein wirklicher Star unter den Stars des SL. Und sie stellte…

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Britt – Fantastic Debut at the Rhiva, May 31, 2020

English | Deutsch She had been eagerly awaited. On a lovely and sunny  last day of  the month of May, she finally got there, where so many had wanted her, for so long. Britt shook the walls of the venerable «Rhiva The Club» with her incredibly exciting show this Sunday. With her 1000 volts performance, she literally electrified the audience. This was full speed, high class, entertainment at its best. Britt has everything what is needed to be a star on the stages in Second Life. She is witty, funny,…

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The Magic of a Fun Evening in SL

English | Deutsch Do we ever think about how many talents are needed to make a Second Life event a memorable one? What’s about the designers and creators? All the nice decorations, the location, flowers, lights, shapes, hairs, faces and clothes? It truly needs so much to touch us in RL. But we don’t see it anymore all too often. Yesterday evening I became witness of one of a memorable moment at the «Rhiva The Club». The concept was fairly simple: guests name a song to the DJ, and when…

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Aurora Metaluna Apparently Back on the Stages in SL

English | Deutsch One of SLs well known singers, who made herself rare in the last 2 years, is back on the stages in SL, much to the delight of her incredibly large fan base in SL and FB. I met her more vibrant and more rocky as ever before at a venue place called Knucklehead. She was obviously in a very cheerful mood and led skillfully through her show. Very entertaining, very recommendable. Aurora on: Facebook     Eine der bekanntesten Sängerinnen von SL, die sich in den letzten 2…

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Fabulous Debut of Juan Altamira @ Rhiva The Club April 15, 2020

English | Deutsch Samba, romance and light hearted melodies. That’s what Juan Altamira had on offer this evening for the audience of the «Rhiva The Club». And the guests took it willingly. It was a lively party with elated cheerfulness and a joyful singer.  Very well blatantly he opened the evening sporadically in 3 languages and made the audience feel home from the very first note. Juan is a prime example of what SL can stand for: internationality, creativity, talent and fun. Lots of fun. The people virtually walked with him along…

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