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Farewell Luciano!

Thank you for the music! Merci pour la musique. Danke für die Musik. Спасибо за музыку. 音楽をありがとう Tack för musiken. شكرا للموسيقى Gracias por la musica. Bedankt voor de muziek. Müzik için teşekkürler. Nga mihi ki te puoro. Takk for musikken, Luciano! The Teleporter reporter camping at the entrance of the Rose Theatre on October 23rd 2019.

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Amazing Anastasia Adder – Fantastic Show @ Rhiva The Club, Oct 2019

English | Deutsch The management of the «Rhiva The Club» was extremely proud that evening to present the famous Anastasia Adder for the first time to its visitors. And Anastasia did what she always does, put the whole audience under her spell from the very first note she sang till the last one. Her mesmerizing voice and her amazing stage presence made her performance not just a musical experience but a fantastic event in total. Amazing how true artists and masters of their style can create an vibrant atmosphere in…

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«Nature» – New Exhibition @ Deva Westland’s ‘Galerie Des Beaux-Arts’ Oct|Nov 2019

English | Deutsch In the warming light beams of a beautiful day in autumn, Deva Westland opened the doors of her ‘Galerie Des Beaux-Arts’ to present her latest Exhibition ‘Nature’ to the wider public. And no doubt, she did it in her known creative way. The whole building had mother nature virtually move in, providing a dignified frame for a wide range of interpretation of the theme. The exhibition shows artworks from: Michiel Bechir Leonorah Beverly Madison Bugaati Salmson Razor Cure Kitten Gypsy Eden SeleneLily Galicia Jaz Tory King Wynn Klaar…

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Magic Moments @ Club Apotheosis

English | Deutsch For a full weekend the Club Apotheosis created magic moments for its visitors. It started with the legendary “Formal Seduction” night, which is a very special fun, followed by a real fireworks of highlights on Saturday. The Romperdales deputed with a new and eloberate show. In a very short time this group has made it to the top of erotic male dance performances 🙂 Their quality and creativity is outstanding in Second Live. The guests hadn’t fully cooled down, when Nonah Reeves, Second Live’s uncrowned Queen live music heated up…

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Nonah Held the Reigns at the Parunville Horse Race Club

English | Deutsch “That’s why I became guitar player, and not piano. I enjoy standing behind her and watching her during her concerts ..”, Juan, the band guitarist told The.Teleporter. The band had to do without its band leader Dustin this evening. But Nonah clearly outshined the musical deficits. Her performance is, time and time again outstanding, and this time she threw in some French song, which truly delighted her French audience. It was a pleasant mood this evening at the Parunville Horse Race Club. And this was entirely due…

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Lisa Brune @ Babylon Berlin

English | Deutsch Fresh from her holidays, Lisa took the stage this evening at Babylon Berlin, one of the trendiest clubs in Second Life. If there was an award for the sexiest accent in SL, then Lisa had it. Her sweet accent and her lively demeanor makes each of her concert a real pleasure. And this Saturday evening was no exception. She had a very nice selection of French and English/American songs, and a very charming way to present them. Her powerful and sometimes sultry voice makes her special in SL,…

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Fun with Minigolf

English | Deutsch Have you ever played Minigolf in Second Life? You think it is too difficult to setup or learn to play? Not so, my friend. And no excuses. Get your butt up and keep your body moving and this neat Minigolf resort. You get the club right at the entrance, as a rental for L$25 for 3 hours, or you can also buy a set, which will be usable all around the grid thereafter. The mini golf fairways are nicely built and quite the kind of challenge which…

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Welcome to Your New Home Party @ «Rhiva The Club»

English | Deutsch The city of Parunville is growing lately. The city is now in the two digit number and celebrated the population influx this weekend with a roaring party in the city owned club. The diverse community obviously had lots of fun when the city celebrity Nonah Reeves crowned the party with a great potpourri of live sung songs. With contributions in Dutch, French and English she nicely reflected the international nature of the community. It is truly difficult to describe the diversity of the community in all its…

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River Island Performing Arts presenting: «L’histoire Du Monde», a Spectacular Dance Show Performance, Aug 1st, 2pm SLT

English | Deutsch Don’t miss this spectacular dance show event,  The River Island Performing Arts «L’histoire Du Monde»! A piece in 5 acts, performed by masters of animations and choreography in Second Life. It is ravishing, it is fascinating, emotional, entertaining … briefly … it is a highlight in SL while it is there. Unfortunately Thursday, August 1st will be the last day already again, where you have the chance to attend the show in their dedicated theatre. The 5 acts tell a story of ‘mankind’  of its own. A…

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