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Nonah Reeves Concert at the Parunville Derby Horse Race Track

English | Deutsch NoelCeeAr Resident can be called a lucky man. When he was short of a five star attraction at the this year Parunville Derby, Nonah Reeves came to his rescue at very short notice and delivered a sheer fabulous concert with almost no time for preparation. In fact he engaged her straight from the dishwasher. The set of this evening showed an other side of her musical abilities. The core of it was tuneful rock songs, and she delivered it Nonah style: perfect in style and charming in…

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Nonah Reeves Thrilling Debut @Club Apotheosis

English |Deutsch There’s hardly any better match than a club like the club Apotheosis and Nonah Reeves. I felt like resting from my adventurous life in a downtown Chicago jazz club, when I happened to listen to this virtual beauty while I quenched my thirst with a few whiskey sour. If I hadn’t it already, I would surely have asked for her mobile number. But fortunately, ­čÖé she had given it to me in a weak moment in the past already. Take that guys! Her voice seems to be made…

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The Remarkable Mrs. Mills @ Heart Rock Caffee

English | Deutsch The incredibly talented Mrs. Mills honored the Heart Rock Caffee on Tuesday May 29th with a fresh and exciting set of new songs, and, who would have thought so, including songs form Guns n’ Roses. ┬áQuite appropriate for a Heart Rock Caffee, we’d say. Following Janice around the grid for a while now, it is safe for us to say, her charm matches with her talent. At the peak 65 visitors were obviously of the same opinion, and the concert got a very private touch. We learned…

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Nonah Reeves & The Romperdales

English | Deutsch There could not have been a more suitable warm-up act for a Nonah Reeves concert than 6 hip swinging and shaved breast and butts presenting guys in a stirring dance show. Probably never before will Nonah have sung for a more female dominated audience than this evening. No surprise that I couldn’t spot any men’s restroom anywhere around. But fortunately my struggling didn’t attract any attention amongst a dancing and wiggling crowd. Nonah’s repertoire has extended tremendously only recently. This evening she sang a lot of pop…

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The Romperdales Provide For Collective Hypertension

English | Deutsch I am not quite sure whether the Romperdales triggered the┬ámaternal instinct of all the women in the audience that evening, but they definitely triggered something in them. On a┬ámild early summer night, the 2nd appearance of the Romperdales was as stirring as the first one. An invigorating choreography combined with some seducing outfits clearly made the Romperdales irresistible. The ladies didn’t remain to their seats and drove the 6 well built men to their best performance. Even the usually so professionally acting Nonah Reeves missed her cue…

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Nonah Reeves Singing Rock & Pop Songs @ ┬źRhiva The Club┬╗

English | Deutsch She really let her followers suffer this year. Nonah Reeves, currently being extremely busy in RL, only seldom finds the time nowadays to satisfy the longings of her faithful fans. In the first half of the year 2018 she hasn’t even given ┬áhalf a dozen concerts.┬áOne can argue both ways therefore, either that it is great that her manager convinced her to do a special concert in May, or that it is selfish of him because he used her to fill up his own club. For the…

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Full House at JM Visions ┬źLifetime Melodies 2018┬╗ Musical

English | Deutsch Cathy’s and Christopher’s story take 2 gave a full house and ended in a thundering applause on Saturday evening at the new JM Visions Theatre. The remake of the in 2016 for the first time staged musical ┬źLifetime Melodies┬╗ thrilled the audience with a two hours lasting act of amazing animations, beautiful stage sets, carefully selected songs and a successful story line. It is quite courageous to return to the stage with an old story, wrapped up in a face lift of sceneries and adapted screen play.…

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Verpasst!! – Janice Mills live @EVATEK

Deutsch Ich nehme den Requester “… Sie k├Ânnen keinen Freund hinzuladen, denn die Sim ist voll …” immer als Hommage an den Ort und K├╝nstler. Und ich freue mich f├╝r beide ├╝ber den verdienten Zuspruch. So war es denn auch gestern wieder einmal eine Schar Auserw├Ąhlter, die in den Genuss eines ├Ąu├čerst gef├╝hlvoll vorgetragenen und sch├Ânen Janice Mills Konzert kamen. EVATEK ist eigentlich eher durch eine Gem├╝tslage bekannt, die erst mit Shades of Grey gesellschaftlich hoff├Ąhig geworden ist, und bei der “Liebe” weniger ins Herz als vielmehr auf den Leib…

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Have Your Sabatical at “Lost Lagoon”

English | Deutsch It’s great that Second Life offers the opportunity to become lost voluntarily. The┬á“Lost Lagoon” is the ideal surrounding for it. The South Sea style sim bears nature pure with wonderful places on its 65,000sqm. No matter whether you just come for a look, or for a good place to have a talk with your friends, or just want to relax and enjoy the scenery off-side the usual paths in Second Life, the “Lost Lagoon” offers it all.   location:┬á Wie sch├Ân, dass Second Life uns die Gelegenheit…

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Las Vegas Flair at Clyde Barrow’s Performance @ Cabaret on Rahmenlos

Deutsch | English Zwei Dinge, die gestern wunderbar zusammenpassten, waren Clyde Barrow und das Cabaret auf Rahmenlos. In einem stilvollen Ambiente zeigte ein bestens gelaunter Entertainer sein gro├čes k├╝nstlerisches Repertoire. Clyde hatte, wieder einmal, alles im Griff. Sowohl die Dramaturgie seiner Songs, als auch das ihm sehr gewogene Publikum. ┬áDas war Professionalit├Ąt im besten Sinne, und es best├Ątigte Clyde’s herausragende Stellung in der Riege der m├Ąnnlichen Entertainer in Second Life. Das Cabaret auf Rahmenlos feierte einen gelungenen Abend nicht nur durch den Auftritt des SL Superstars, der ein bisschen Las…

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