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Together for Toxie: Halftime!

It doesn’t happen too often that something virtual touches you in such a real way. We’re always halfway in our second life and this time something remarkable happened. The artists we have seen last night, each in their own style and fashion, delivered the very best in live music entertainment the grid. AleyKat started the shows herself and yes, it was special, it was personal. When word arrived that the first act didn’t make it to the stage in time, she just took it, picked up the microphone and made…

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Charity Event Rumours & Stars 

Together for Toxie: I want to believe!

Sometimes I sit in my virtual garden and ponder why it may be that we have not yet really met aliens on earth. And then my thoughts visit scenarios like aliens monitoring us, observing silently… and laughing their tiny grey asses off at us. How we mess up our planets ecosystem… or how instead of using a planetary network that could bring the knowledge of mankind to everyones pockets, we choose to distribute funny cat videos with it. Or putting pineapple on pizza. They surely think we’re totally bonkers. I…

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