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Help Fulfill the Quest @ Octoberville Hunt 2018

English | Deutsch Every year in October a full sim becomes available and port of call for a bunch of bounty hunters. And although there isn’t anything treasurable to gain from the hunt, hundreds of adventurers flood the space for a full month. Puzzles, challenging riddles and multi-string story lines all need to be solved. The hunt own HUD is full of objects that need to be found and tasks that need to be completed. It is a beautifully designed sim which will be waiting for you, and it will take…

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50 Shades To Get Laid

English | Deutsch The latest Payboy issue has her as its centerfold girl. Pandora’s Box cutie Mistress Benthe is dream material. In a feisty under cover operation by a «The Teleporter» reporter, the man succeeded to obtain unique pictures of her natural beauty at the pool, in the garden and at her job, as exclusively shown in the August issue. These artworks of erotic pictures will surely make it to the walls of many BDSM cellars around the world. Among many other attractions at Pandora’s Box, Mistress Benthe and her cane is…

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Second Day at the Parunville Derby, June 16, 2018

English | Deutsch After the banging start with a phenomenal Nonah Reeves rock concert on Friday evening, the second day of the Parunville Derby was more dedicated to the horses, the jockeys, the owners and the betting audience. The fastest lap in the end was achieved by Peter Landon on his chestnut stallion “Medicus”, who finished the first lap in incredible 41 seconds, while the average of the most participants was around 1:07 minutes. The owners of the Parunville Racing Club finally had to admit, that the club own jockeys…

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Rainy Street Party @ Club Apotheosis

English | Deutsch After so many years there’s occasionally still something unexpectedly new in SL. Have you been to a street party in SL yet? I mean a real street party, on a dead end street of a concrete wasteland? With a lonesome bbq smoker, a crate of warm beer and a bunch of unknown people? That’s what happened to me on a Sunday evening near Club Apotheosis on Playa de Arena Cay. In a gloomy part of an unknown city, surrounded by austere buildings, I witnessed the willful play of…

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Branagh’s Same Procedure as Every Year

There are just a few standards in SL and these are the Christmas and New Years Parties, the Happy Eastern Event and Halloween. Taking all the then displayed pumpkins together, we’ll have enough soup for the Second and any Third Life that Linden Labs might consider. Every year one of the big question arising is: which party do I attend on Halloween. Mine fell on Branagh’s Jazz Club this time, like it does every year. Having my dear friend Nonah Reeves singing there, during witching hour, makes me believe it’s…

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Freshly Escaped from «HeAdLiGhTs»

You’ve seen and done everything in SL? Really? Every bigger city in RL has it, the «Escape Rooms». Second Life has them as well, on the sim of „Headlights“, a sim, which is said to be dedicated to openness and tolerance, with a slightly wanted touch of female dominance. The sim’s stunning scenery derives from the beautiful buildings and places of high quality, tastefully and harmoniously assembled, adding to what we all are looking for in SL: originality. The scenery is dominated by the castle, which stretches into the sky…

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«Hell on Wheels» A Karaoke Place with “Fahrvergnügen”, AUG 29, 10am

L ong time ago I used to drive to university with my HONDA African Twin. A 30km ride with some smooth serpentines on the way. While at this time it was just a way to get to the university, it now in my memory turned into a romantic road trip. When I checked out the «Hello on Wheels» place because of the upcoming karaoke event, I couldn’t resist to rez a motorbike and drive down to the valley. It instantly gave me the good old feeling again. «Hell on Wheels»…

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Make a Wish at Disney’s Cinderella’s Castle

“Visit Disney’s Cinderella’s Castle and make a wish to relive that childlike amazement you remember of Disney magic! Cinderella’s Castle has rides, stories, movies, parades and so much more, bring the family, friends or just come by yourself for clean family fun all will enjoy. All your favorite Disney Characters are waiting for you to join them for photos. Make Cinderella’s Castle part of your adventures, and remember, just believe!” Dress Code: come as you like Location: “Besucht einmal Disney’s Cinderella’s Schloss und sprecht einen Wunsch aus, um die kindliche Begeisterung…

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Urban Roleplay SIM «Asphyxiation Point»

Role playing is a big thing in SL. A sim that is dedicated to urban live role playing in its many aspects is «Asphyxiation». Set in a lovely landscape, you are free to become anything you like: mayor, police man or woman, tourist, thief or hooker. The ‘adult’ ranked sim offers many beautiful places. It is even worth a recommendation if you only look for a place to take some urban lifestyle themed pictures. Don’t miss to visit the sewers while you are there. A good guess of what «Asphyxiation»…

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Roleplay doch mal in Kleve

Neulich in Kleve Für mich ist Kleve eigentlich nur eine Autobahnausfahrt kurz vor Holland. Auch wenn Kleve tatsächlich Universitätsstadt ist, wer hätte das gedacht. Fährt man von den Rheinmetropolen auf der A57 Richtung Holland, wird das Land immer flacher, die Kühe immer lethargischer und die Abstände zwischen den Ortschaften immer länger. “Alpen” ist echt mal ein witziger Ortsname auf dem Weg, und nach Aldekerk folgt Nieukerk … na Ihr könnt es Euch denken. Gut dass es Radio und den Nick-Sensor im Auto gibt. In SL wurde ich jetzt zum Maibaum-Aufrichten nach ‘Kleve’ Regierungsbezirk…

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