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Have You Met Torgon?

Charon’s Buddy There’s a stunning Halloween attraction above the skies of the Branagh’s Jazz Club. It goes under the headline of “Ride to Hell”, but fortunately you’ll be safely delivered at the earth station at the end of the ride – at least the nice people are, I’m not sure about you. It’s a roller coaster type of journey on a lava stream through various spooky and breath taking scenes, while Charon is steering your all too small and fragile boat. The travel feels like an eternity till you see sunlight again,…

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Lost in Baycity

Don’t ask me how I got there, but I found myself stranded in a rather deserted city, in the middle of the night. I could have teleported away of course, but something fascinated me at first glance. One couldn’t call this sim a beautiful sim, in a romantic sense, but it has definitely its own charm and a lot of it. It would be very suitable for those who search for a good role play area. It has an harbor area  with its obdurate charm of an industrial working area, a unique cinema,…

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It Was a Dark and Stormy Night …

  The Dafthouse Well, in fact it was not really dark, and it was rather rainy than stormy, when people gathered around at this little place on Bayou St. John, looking for shelter. And sometimes, when you expect it the least, you are surprised how things turn out. The clothes weren’t dry and the drinks not all served yet, when Nonah Reeves climbed the stage, and turned the evening into a beautiful event, full of romantic songs and a magic mood. Unfortunately I had to grab one of the last boats to…

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Deadman’s Island

I’ve been to a haunted house in RL before. A friend took me there as a kind of surprise. Until then I had never heard about this kind of amusement, and it was a bizarre situation. I wasn’t sure what to expect. We were cuing up for about 45 minutes in front of the haunted house, and we heard the screams of the people who were in there. And outside horrible creatures were crawling all over the place. Since then I have a weakness for “haunted places” of all kinds. It’s…

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The Library Closed on 15th Sep

Second Life is a little Alice’s Wonderland to me. And beneath clubbing and listening to live music, it’s these beautifully made strange sims who attract me: enchanting woods, ancient villages and empires, bizarre cities and landscapes … There is a lot to explore in Second Life. One of these beautiful places is closing on Thursday, September 15th unfortunately, «The Library». Although it’s just a small sim it has its unique charme, and I can only recommend you to visit it before it’s gone forever. 🙁 Second Life ist ein bisschen Alice’s…

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