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Grand Opening of «Waves of Silence» Art Exhibition @ Dixmix Gallery, Jan 16h, 2021

English | Deutsch “I find this exhibition very inspiring and different compared to many others I have attended. And it is, in my view, very recommendable”, says AnnaCeepla, one of our reporters who usually writes about image art and sculptures. And she contributed the pictures to the article as well. Eta (etamae), the curator of the established Dixmix Exhibition Center, is grid wide known for her exquisite exhibitions and installations. And «Waves of Silence» is no exception to the rule. Once again she provides culture and class to subject of…

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Amazing New Movie SL-style: «The Devil Wears Prada» from ‘The Villa’

English | Deutsch It’s incredible how much talent, time and effort people put in projects all around Second Life. ‘The Villa’ has published already man different things over the past year, this project, however, feels and looks like an incredibly hard job. They took the plot of the cinema movie «The Devil Wears Prada», and made it a remake SL-style. And they did an extraordinary good job! We can only recommend it to every Second Life enthusiast. Well done ‘The Villa’ Team! Es ist unglaublich, wie viel Talent, Zeit und…

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Live Shows at Rainbow Painters

English | Deutsch There isn’t much that can cheer me up on a Monday. Usually it is only vacation, holidays or Amazon deliveries. But today I have to admit, Emma and the people at Rainbow Painters managed to do it. Good Places and good people make good vibes. I enjoyed Emma Ness’ concert very much this evening, and I found some really remarkably beautiful exhibits at the gallery there. There is always a good reason to pay Rainbow Painters a visit. It’s highly recommendable, not on a Monday evening. Check…

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Christmas Show 2019 of the Oasis Dancers

English | Deutsch The Oasis Dancers are a famous dance group in Second Life. This year they have issued their Christmas show on YouTube, and as we find, in a very entertaining form. All too often entertainment in SL seem to be reduced to live music and DJs, and it requires such a high amount of art, passion, talent and discipline to make such a masterly, moody and pointedly performance possible. The Oasis Dance Group is amongst the best that SL can offer to you, and you should really take…

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«Inspired By Colour» Deva Westland’s New Exhibition @ Galerie Des Beaux-Arts

English | Deutsch What an amazing exhibition! Again and again, when Deva invites visitors to her new exhibition, people praise the outstanding quality and the creative presentation. Each time when we write about her exhibitions, we end up with rave reviews. We can only recommend to you to take some time and visit this great moment of art in Second Life. The theme this time is “Inspired by colour”, and the artists contributed marvelous interpretations of it. Just the right thing on a miserable November afternoon. The colours warmed the…

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«Nature» – New Exhibition @ Deva Westland’s ‘Galerie Des Beaux-Arts’ Oct|Nov 2019

English | Deutsch In the warming light beams of a beautiful day in autumn, Deva Westland opened the doors of her ‘Galerie Des Beaux-Arts’ to present her latest Exhibition ‘Nature’ to the wider public. And no doubt, she did it in her known creative way. The whole building had mother nature virtually move in, providing a dignified frame for a wide range of interpretation of the theme. The exhibition shows artworks from: Michiel Bechir Leonorah Beverly Madison Bugaati Salmson Razor Cure Kitten Gypsy Eden SeleneLily Galicia Jaz Tory King Wynn Klaar…

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River Island Performing Arts presenting: «L’histoire Du Monde», a Spectacular Dance Show Performance, Aug 1st, 2pm SLT

English | Deutsch Don’t miss this spectacular dance show event,  The River Island Performing Arts «L’histoire Du Monde»! A piece in 5 acts, performed by masters of animations and choreography in Second Life. It is ravishing, it is fascinating, emotional, entertaining … briefly … it is a highlight in SL while it is there. Unfortunately Thursday, August 1st will be the last day already again, where you have the chance to attend the show in their dedicated theatre. The 5 acts tell a story of ‘mankind’  of its own. A…

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The New Vordun Museum and Gallery

English | Deutsch To me the Vordun Museum and Gallery has always been a forerunner for an exciting concept to bring art and history to the interested visitor. Its hud-based guide and the well thought concept of the building made each visit over the years totally enjoyable. But even more to praise is the great selection of themes and the phenomenal realization of the topics they show times and times again. My first special exhibition was “A Day to Remember”, the exhibition about the Titanic disaster. Since then a visit…

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Un soir charmant à Paris avec Dalilù

English | Deutsch Paris is the city of love. It is not just a saying. If you have ever spent a night with your beloved one in Paris, then you will certainly know and remember it for the rest of your life. And fortunately the designers of Paris (Paris 1900) in Second Life have masterly succeeded to  transfer this feeling from the real life into our fabulous virtual world. The sim is huge and looks, feels, smells 🙂 and sounds like Paris in each corner of it. Of course you’ll…

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Deva’s Masterclass “Flights of Fantasy” @ Galerie Des Beaux-Arts – Summer Exhibition

English | Deutsch There is a corridor, which connects the entrance hall with the exit hall, and on both sides of the corridor you can find pictures of the previous exhibitions. I was surprised how many stunning exhibitions Deva had arranged in the past already. I have attended all of them, and it is quite a journey in can tell you! – Deva is an artist not only with her own (real life) paintings and sl pictures but also in her creativity to put each of the artwork in the…

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