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Spring Time – Cruise Time

­č匭čĺŚ Happy sunday to all my frends ­č匭čĺŚIch will den Sommer wieder haben, mag dieses bl├Âdes Wetter nicht mehr. Also raus aufs Wasser ­čśś Gepostet von Peetie Auer am Sonntag, 17. M├Ąrz 2019 English | Deutsch Agreed, dancing and listening to music, no matter if live or played from a playlist, is perhaps the most common thing to do in Second Life, if we exclude a certain other thing  :-). But it is only one of a many possibilities. It is a pity that so many other great things we can…

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The Gala 2018 Celebrates the People’s Vote Award Winners

English | Deutsch The People’s Vote Award Gala 2018 was the final event of a poll ┬źThe Teleporter┬╗ took in autumn. 13,647 votes on 421 nominees in 7 categories had been evaluated to praise the winners in the last week in December. The voters had been asked on their opinion about Best Female DJ 2018 Best Male DJ 2018 Best Video Creation Team 2018 Best Female Live Singer 2018 Best Male Live Singer 2018 Best Dance Show 2018 Best Dance Club 2018 And final results are: The Gala Show took place at…

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Opernball Second Life 2018 – The Movie

  Deutsch | English Ein meisterhaftes Werk wurde am Freitag den 21. September 2018 einer gro├čen ├ľffentlichkeit in Second Life vorgestellt. Der “Opernball Second Life” ist ein monumentaler Film mit mehr als 80 Schauspielern und Komparsen, der eine emotionale Reise zu und eine ergreifende Begegnung mit dem Opernball im Stil des Wiener Originals zum Thema hat. In monatelanger akribischer Arbeit und in gro├čer Disziplin wurde dieses technisch anspruchsvolle wundervoll kreative ┬áProjekt umgesetzt. Die Urauff├╝hrung fand zeitgleich im Opernhaus vor geladenen G├Ąsten und in einer zweiten Location als Public Viewing statt.…

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Inspired! – The New Exhibition @ Deva Westland’s Galerie Des Beaux-Arts

English | Deutsch They all found laudatory words this evening, the visitors of Deva Westland’s Galerie Des Beaux-Arts. It is┬ánothing short of phenomenal what Deva┬áhas put in place over the year. Every 3 months she awes, stuns, and amuses us with her great selection of artworks from artists all around the grid, and this selection can truly be called a highlight of the year. The motto of this exhibition was “Inspired!”. Artists were asked to send a piece of artwork to be shown, and to include a written explanation of…

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Inspired! – The New Exhibition at ┬źGallery des Beaux-Arts┬╗, Grand Opening, Sept 8, 11am SLT

English | Deutsch Deva Westland once again succeeded to convince artists from allover the grid to present some of their best artworks at the autumn exhibition of the ┬źGallery Des Beaux-Arts┬╗. Artists like: Gidgy Adagio Dylan Ansaldo Leonorah Beverly Jason Canucci Razor Cure Combos Galicia SeleneLily Galicia Romolus Greymoon AmandaSue Hallison Kiana Jarman Jaz Broderick Logan Ena Roane Rya Santana Skip Staheli Pete Sunny Cate Vogel Clive Yardley   The exhibition runs under the title “Inspired!” and so will be the visitors, guaranteed, when they get to explore the exhibiting…

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A Place Where The Spirit of Humanity Bridges Sorrow and Pain

English | Deutsch We’re not going to change the nature of this online magazine, which is telling people about the bright side of their Second Life, but sometimes there are things in the one or other world that are so magically linked to facts in the other world, that it is worth to look at it from both sides. In Sunderland (UK) a teenager attached about 40 uplifting messages to a bridge to help people facing a mental health crisis to save their lives. As to police reports it has…

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Schauspieler gesucht

Second Life ist eine wundersch├Âne Welt mit schier unendlichen M├Âglichkeiten sich zu am├╝sieren oder die Zeit zu vertreiben. Aber wer w├╝sste es besser als wir Avatare, wie fl├╝chtig der Spa├č und das Gl├╝ck dabei ist. Wer seinem Avatar einen Hauch von Ewigkeit geben m├Âchte, der hat jetzt ein sch├Âne M├Âglichkeit dazu. ┬źDie Villa┬╗, eine f├╝r hervorragende, qualit├Ątsvolle Videos ber├╝hmte Gruppe, sucht f├╝r ihr n├Ąchstes Projekt noch nach Schauspielern. Gesucht werden sowohl weibliche als auch m├Ąnnliche Avatare, die zweimal die Woche f├╝r 1 oder 2 Stunden zur Verf├╝gung stehen. Nachstehend findet…

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Something Big Coming Along

English | Deutsch The ┬źRhiva The Club┬╗ had it exclusively in its lounge┬áon July 19, Nonah Reeves & Josh Stirling met for their first rehearsal in Second Life. It wouldn’t be such a big thing, if this rehearsal wasn’t a true real life rehearsal for their real life tour which will start in the last week of July. Both being internationally recognized artists in radio and television, took the opportunity to give guests a glance of what a real life rehearsal looks like. And the management of the┬á┬źRhiva The Club┬╗…

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┬źSecond Life – The Journey┬╗ An Amazing Dance and Music Video from ┬źDie Villa┬╗

English | Deutsch ┬źDie Villa┬╗ is known for high quality videos in Second Life. Unfortunately artists like painters, photographers and filmmakers usually don’t experience the same appreciation and attention as musicians in Second Life. That it would be more than justified to put their art to the same level of admiration demonstrates their video ┬źSecond Life – The Journey┬╗, a journey through the variegation and pluralism of our beloved virtual world. Have a look at the video and be intrigued by a stirring dance and music video, produced by true…

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Summer Exhibition at the Galerie Des Beaux Arts

English | Deutsch Once again, Deva Westland, the owner and creative head of the ┬źGalerie Des Beaux Arts┬╗ had called artists to contribute to her newest exhibition, which, this time, runs under the headline “Warmth”. This her call, resulted in a stunning collection of artworks with a wide ranged perspective of how the title is percepted. While sticking to the concept of seasonal themed exhibitions, the presentation of the exhibits changed slightly, now showing subject related texts and quotes in big letters next to the pieces, which gives it a…

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