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Nonah Reeves for the last time for a few weeks

This weekend Nonah Reeves will be performing in SL for the last time until probably June/July 2017. So her shows April 28, 1pm SLT @ Branagh’s Jazz Club April 29, 2pm SLT @ Club Bohannon will be the last time you will have the chance to listen to her live. During the 2 shows she will present two different sets including songs of her latest “chilled jazz song” series. An diesem Wochenende wird Nonah Reeves vorerst zum letzten Mal auftreten, bis ca. Juni/July 2017. Deswegen sind ihre Shows am April 28,…

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Nonah Reeves Debut @Bohnannon’s, APR 29, 2pm SLT

Only three weeks after her first presentation of her new “Chilled Jazz” set in a a rather private circle of people, Nonah Reeves debuts twice. It is the first time she will be singing live at Bohannon’s, and it will be the first time that she will present her new set to a broader audience. Date & Time: Sunday, April 29, 2pm SLT Dress Code: casual, summer Location: Nach nur drei Wochen nach derUraufführung ihres neuen “Chilled Jazz” Sets in damals eher privateren Zirkel, debütiert Nonah nun gleichermaßen doppelt. Es…

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If Live Concerts Is What You Want, Then Be There on Friday April 7 12pm-4pm SLT

12pm Dreama Summerwind 1pm Nonah Reeves 2pm Pippa Exonar 3pm AleyKat   Could there be a better line up on Friday? Dress Code: cocktail chic to formal Location: Branagh’s Park   21 Uhr Dreama Summerwind 22 Uhr Nonah Reeves 23 Uhr Pippa Exonar 24 Uhr AleyKat   Kann es an einem Freitag ein besseres Programm geben? Kleidungsempfehlung: Cocktail -chic, formell Veranstaltungsort: Branagh’s Park

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Eine Nacht an der Bar des «Anquilla» Nachtclubs

    An diesem Dienstag habe ich mich in das Milieu des SL begeben, einen Bereich, den ich der Reputation wegen immer ein bisschen vernachlässigt habe. Eine gute Freundin lud mich in den Anquilla Nachtclub ein. Ich weiß nicht, wie ich die mit der Einladung verbundene Empfehlung “… Du musst aber einen guten Anzug anziehen …” werten muss, ein Bündel von kleinen L$-Scheinen habe ich mir aber selbstverständlich, gerollt und mit einem Gummi zusammengehalten, in die Taschen gesteckt. Man ist schließlich Lebemann im SL.     Der erste Eindruck war rundherum positiv. Die…

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Hurry For Harry @Bohannon

Tuesday evening in Second Life always appeared as dead to me as two o’clock in the afternoon on a Norwegian fish market. If the Linden rollout doesn’t get you, then deserted sims and clubs do usually. Not so at Bohannon. My expectations for a Tuesday evening were low, until a call reached me that DJ Harry Hargreaves is spinning the vinyl at Bohannon. The club was crowded, the girls pretty, the guys handsome, the atmosphere pleasant and the DJ simply one of the best in SL. I had the chance to…

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Fun Time @Black Orchids

Right! I need to confess something:  I am on the group mailing list of the Black Orchid Club. The Black Orchid Club is a Russian venue which regularly presents beautiful dance acts, live music and DJs of course. The point is, I don’t understand a single word when they send their group invites. All I know is, whenever I receive them, it is time to jump over and find out myself. The good thing is, they almost never let me down. The dance acts are stunning, the DJs amazing and the…

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Janice Mills live – 3 Jahre “Café Port of Dreams”, Feb 18, 12pm SLT

Das sagen die Veranstalter über sich selbst: “Club auf einer  Sim  mit  besonderem Flair, wo man herrlich entspannen kann. Montag bis Sonntag  von 20 – 24 Uhr  mit den besten Live-Dj`s, Party , Tanzen, Event, Romantic, Romantik, Deutsch, Shops., Einfach reinschauen” Veranstaltungsort: über Janice Mills:  

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Valentine’s @ Black Orchid’s

A friend of mine invited me to the Black Orchids Valentine’s Day Party. The Black Orchid is an elegant club high in the clouds above Snug Harbor. This time, especially for Valentine’s Day, the organizers had extended the stage to host a beautiful dance show.     Although the Black Orchids is a native Russian club, English speaking visitors are welcomed and well treated. Nobody is left behind by the friendly hostesses. Nevertheless the Russian flair is felt everywhere inside this beautiful club. If you have missed this spectacular show, make…

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Grand Opening of the Bouvier Jazz Ballroom, Jan 28th

ŦŁø βøuviėя  (sweetfloxo) is the owner of this brand new venue, and we wish her and her staff lots of fun at a crowded at all times. I happened to join the grand opening, listening to the amazing Nehama and to a singer I haven’t heard before: Keeba Tammas. And I must say, with both of them, the Bouvier showed already a great sense of choosing high class, talented live singers. It will be pretty interesting to see, who else will be entering the stage at Bouvier’s in future. Whoever of you couldn’t…

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Tropical Nights @ Etosha Romantic Dance Club

You are in search for a romantic dance location? Then have a look at «Etosha Romantic Dance Club», an “intimate dance venue with slow, country, soft rock music […] Dream with your sweetheart at our tropical romantic paradise. Gondola – Hotair Balloon – Ballroom Dances – Beach – Flowers – Animals – Cuddles – PG – cuddles -” This is how I picture a Romantic Dance Club somewhere near Capetown. Location: Facebook: Ihr suchte nach einem romantischen Tanzclub? Dann schaut mal im «Etosha Romantic Dance Club» vorbei, ein “intimer Tanzclub mit…

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