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«The Romperdales» @ Romantic Café and Restaurant «marie antoinette», Saturday Feb 23, 1pm SLT

English | Deutsch The SL romantic café and restaurant «marie antoinette» is surely worth to be targeted for all lovers of great places and entertainment even without the Romperdales performing there on February, 23rd. But with them on the menu this day, there’s hardly any better place to spend time at in SL. It is an almost perfect place for a romantic time with your beloved one. Situated in beautifully arranged landscape along the seaside with the the obligatory lighthouse, the dining place offers various locations for you to be…

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Hours Of Glory at the Pandora’s Box Prison’s Amazing Show Event

English | Deutsch The invitation was as long as the Magna Carta, and it came as late as Santa Claus in a house with district heat connection. But it was in all respect a magical evening, worth to remember. More than three hours of unmatched quality of entertainment has catapulted Pandora’s Box Prison Club into the illustrious circle of legendary entertainment venues. November 14 in 2018 is, was and will ever be the moment, when Mila Reeves stepped out of the oversized shadows of her mother, and dazzled the audience with…

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Welcome at the Bar

Fed up of being the loneliest soul on an empty sim? Hunting live music shows all over the grid to feel involved? Cool down, get your nicest outfit and join us at the Branagh’s Jazz Club Bar. What originally just was an attempt to grab a hold in a busy place during a stunning live concert, became the highlight of the evening in the end. Sometimes it doesn’t take much to make a moment enjoyable. On the picture you see NoelCeeAr Resident listening to Eachan Branagh while Lorelai Bonetto eyes…

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One Evening at «Bella Bistro»

(You need to switch on your audio device  |  Für den vollen Genus müsst Ihr den Sound einschalten)   «Bella Bistro» – romantic dining restaurant, continental cooking Dress Code: smart casual and better Location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondl…/Second%20Norway/…/230/23 «Bella Bistro» – romantisches Restaurant Kleidungsempfehlung: smart casual and better Veranstaltungsort: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondl…/Second%20Norway/…/230/23

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The Dining Experience

  I was looking for something special for a friend’s birthday, and it got me to a place called «After Taste». It’s about a romantic candle light dinner with full avatar service. And I can tell you, it is worth the experience. For 250L  per person you’ll be spending an hour or more, well nurtured at a beautifully decorated, romantic dinner table with a splendid view. It couldn’t have even be topped by a rose seller or violin player. It is certainly  completely different Second Life experience, but you should really try it.…

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