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Janice Mills live @ Tias Blue Fiction, July 16, 12pm SLT

English | Deutsch It’s a lucky month for Janice Mills fans. This week they can find her at Tias Blue Fiction, a German dance club with attached bowling alley. The spacious club is more than ready for Janice superstar. Modern colors, of course blue dominated, and high-quality materials turn this club into an oasis of light and comfortable feeling. The high ceiling and the open design, together with a refined allocation, makes dancing, moving and watching and even zooming 🙂 , a pleasant experience. Janice will certainly rock the Blue…

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Lovely Janice at the Love Garden, July 10, 2020

English | Deutsch Love was in the air, this evening at the Love Garden. – Imagine a flowery paradise, a mood shaking sunset, and a brilliantly disposed Janice Mills. It was a deadly mixture for all curmudgeons and party crashers. Bus loads of avatars joined a wonderful romantic concert this evening. “Romantic love songs” that’s what the manager of the beautiful venue asked for, and love and romance was what he got from all around him. All too seldom one can listen to Janice in SL, but for one of her…

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Happy Birthday, Sakura! – SLs Superstar Aleykat Fulfills a Long-cherished Wish of One of her Biggest Fans

English It was a dark and stormy night … – Well, it wasn’t really. More like a mild summer night, at the «Secret Garden of Obedience». But that’s how exciting stories start.  And there clearly was someone very excited, the birthday child herself, Sakura. For the last three years, all of her friends had been haunted by “… someday, when Aleykat will sing at my birthday party …”. And there will be no escape from: “… when Aleykat sang at my birthday party …” for the next three years to…

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Harry Hargreaves stopped by at the Rhiva on Saturday, Jun 27, 1pm SLT

English | Deutsch Saturday 1pm SLT at the «Rhiva the Club», that’s where the cool people are, when Harry Hargreaves livens up the place with his well chosen music sets, and dancing and swaying is just what you feel inside and outside while he drags you magically into the club life feeling. It’s where the nice people are, when the vivid main chat makes you feel well receipted and encourages you to join, because hearing from you is just what makes it perfect. Harry’s voice is of the kind you…

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What’s New on Rahmenlos

English | Deutsch You know this method where somebody shows you pictures and you need to tell your associations? When I visited R.a.h.m.e.n.l.o.s. on their new sim it was a bit of a similar feeling. All the beautiful details, the imaginative sceneries, they reminded me of the many beautiful moments I had with them in the past. The first thing which comes to my mind when I think of Rahmenlos is the old brewery, and the pitoresque little cafĂ© next to it, where is spent hours hanging out with a…

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Britt – Fantastic Debut at the Rhiva, May 31, 2020

English | Deutsch She had been eagerly awaited. On a lovely and sunny  last day of  the month of May, she finally got there, where so many had wanted her, for so long. Britt shook the walls of the venerable «Rhiva The Club» with her incredibly exciting show this Sunday. With her 1000 volts performance, she literally electrified the audience. This was full speed, high class, entertainment at its best. Britt has everything what is needed to be a star on the stages in Second Life. She is witty, funny,…

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Emma Ness Sad But Fabulous @ Rhiva The Club

English | Deutsch There she was again, at the Rhiva The Club, like she is every other Tuesday. Today though a little sadder than usual, but nevertheless as fabulous as always. Emma is a mood changer, a brilliant voice and an authentic and amiable person between the songs. Her concerts truly enlighten every stage in SL. It took her a long time, before she dared to sing in Second Life. I am sad for the many more magical moments we could have had already if she only had started earlier.…

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The Parunville Christmas Party 2019 with Emma Ness

English | Deutsch There it was, the final show of the year. The Parunville town council sent out a big “Thank You” to its citizens, putting individual Christmas presents for each of them under the Christmas tree. The Party took place in the venerable hall of the Parunville Horse Race Club. The main attraction of the evening was Emma Ness, who was put in a seasonal decoration for her show. And we all were confirmed of what we somehow knew of course already: Emma can do Christmas as well. She…

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Christmas Show 2019 of the Oasis Dancers

English | Deutsch The Oasis Dancers are a famous dance group in Second Life. This year they have issued their Christmas show on YouTube, and as we find, in a very entertaining form. All too often entertainment in SL seem to be reduced to live music and DJs, and it requires such a high amount of art, passion, talent and discipline to make such a masterly, moody and pointedly performance possible. The Oasis Dance Group is amongst the best that SL can offer to you, and you should really take…

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More Than 70 Spectators at World Aids Day 2019 on La Perla

English | Deutsch This must have been a real challenge for the protagonists of the World Aids Day 2019, when more than 70 visitors formed the impressive crowd at this beautifully designed location at La Perla. On two large stages La Perla presented classy musicians and dance groups in a winterly setting. Dizzy city backgrounds in white and grey framed the predominantly red and white dressed guests. All this was a truly worthy setting for the 12th anniversary of a charity event for fighting Aids. It is kind of sad that…

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