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Janice Mills live @ «Octopussy-Erlebnis-Lounge», Nov 20, 12pm SLT

Deutsch | English Ich hatte am Montagabend eigentlich irgendetwas vor. Ich komme nur gerade nicht drauf, was es war. Aber ich hätte eh keine Zeit gehabt, denn am Montagabend singt Janice Mills in der «Octopussy-Erlebnis-Lounge», “einer geheimnisvoll sinnlich gestalteten Location mit Underwater-Flair” wie Janice sagt. Schau’n wir also mal, wie der Kaiser sagt. Ich freu’ mich drauf, und Ihr könnt es auch. Die Octopussy-Erlebnis-Lounge sowieso. Datum & Uhrzeit: Montag, 20.11.2017, 21 Uhr Kleidungsempfehlung: Clubwear Veranstaltungsort: I had plans for Monday evening. I just can’t remember what it was. Anyway, I…

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Christmas Fair Opened At Parunville

English | Deutsch Its this time of the year when pullover and rocking chairs, nuts and fireplaces and hot chocolate and family gatherings become popular again. It seems like the first snow not only covers the ugly tar spots, but also slows down the hectic of our daily routine. Soon faces will relax and smile broaden when merely for a week at the end of December love and humanity achieve valence they should have had already throughout the year. Almost as if we couldn’t afford human feelings for more than…

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«Rooftop Lounge» Moved to New Location

English | Deutsch There was a truly chilling place in SL, high above a city skyline, with illustrious guests and a well sorted bar. Just the kind of lounge you’d fancy to round the day off. Nonah Reeves used to rehearse there a couple of times, and Edmond Garibaldi had his famous standup comedian show there. Since spring 2017 this popular drop-in center was closed. All the more we were glad to learn only recently that it has stealthily been re-opened in November, though situated in a different location. Visitors can…

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