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Nonah Reeves for the last time for a few weeks

This weekend Nonah Reeves will be performing in SL for the last time until probably June/July 2017. So her shows April 28, 1pm SLT @ Branagh’s Jazz Club April 29, 2pm SLT @ Club Bohannon will be the last time you will have the chance to listen to her live. During the 2 shows she will present two different sets including songs of her latest “chilled jazz song” series. An diesem Wochenende wird Nonah Reeves vorerst zum letzten Mal auftreten, bis ca. Juni/July 2017. Deswegen sind ihre Shows am April 28,…

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Nonah Reeves Debut @Bohnannon’s, APR 29, 2pm SLT

Only three weeks after her first presentation of her new “Chilled Jazz” set in a a rather private circle of people, Nonah Reeves debuts twice. It is the first time she will be singing live at Bohannon’s, and it will be the first time that she will present her new set to a broader audience. Date & Time: Sunday, April 29, 2pm SLT Dress Code: casual, summer Location: Nach nur drei Wochen nach derUraufführung ihres neuen “Chilled Jazz” Sets in damals eher privateren Zirkel, debütiert Nonah nun gleichermaßen doppelt. Es…

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Devin – An Emotional Foto Safari to Africans Beautiful Wildlife

A long time ago, I have been to Africa, to Senegal, Kenya and South Africa. It’s when I fell in love with this continent. We all know about the difficulties there, health issues, security issues, political issues … and yet … it is the cradle of humanity, and you definitely feel it every single moment when you stand there in the sunset on a small hill with a breathtaking view over the landscape. The sound, the smell, even the heat, sand and deprivations is impossible to describe. It is about there, where I…

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Enthusiastic Audience at Premiere of Musical «SL Momente»

Wonderful Musical Event at JM Visions Theater «SL Momente» is a musical written by Jade and Maik, the founders of JM Visions. It is an emotional journey through Second Life, recalling feelings and experiences we all have made in SL. The powerful pictures and the well chosen songs make this musical another milestone in premium entertainment in SL. 85 visitors at the peak followed Marie, Molly, Tyson and DJ Beau and others through their ups and downs on occasion of the premiere on April 21. There wasn’t a single seat left in the…

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