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Felicitous Grand Opening of «Crystal Caye Open Air» and «The Living Room»

Embedded in a beautiful seaside park, the well attended open air concert area of Crystal Caye shone beautifully in the last sun rays when first Pippa Exonar and later AleyKat took the stage, completing a perfect evening. With pride Sazz (sazzinette) and Tersimus (stephenharrington) presented their latest cooperation for the first time. «Crystal Caye Open Air» and «The Living Room» are united in the attempt to provide high class live music to the SL public. Consequently they had two of the best entertainers in SL leading through the program this evening….

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Clubs Hot Party Reviews 

La Vida Loca @Bohannon’s

La vida es un relámpago entre dos largas noches. I was on my way to my beauty sleep when the sweet Bohannon mosquitos Jungle and Sarah invited to sing and dance Mexican style in un campo in the sky. The fiesta was already muy avanzado when I arrived, and the audience was beautifully dressed in customary Doce & Gabardina. What a buen lugar! The vegetation, the broken car, the abandoned hacienda all made me feel stranded in Mexico’s mas loco pueblo instantly. Searching shelter in the shadows of the great wall…

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Mavenn live @Bonaventure Square, AUG 23, 2pm SLT

My cultural surf & turf is shopping & listening to live music. And it keeps me fit and slim 🙂 . One of the best occasions to indulge my hobby is listening to Mavenn at the Bonaventure Square and let the eyes wander through the streets and shops. You want to join me in my hobby? Here is when and where: Date & Time: every other Friday, 2pm SLT Dress code: casual Location:

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