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Nonah Reeves Takes a Hiatus From Second Life

English | Deutsch Bad news for the many Nonah Reeves fans in Second Life. SLs superstar is taking a hiatus probably till next year. Especially in the eventful Christmas season this is certainly a setback for the venue owners, who have a difficult time to book the top stars in SL for their Xmas events, due to the artists traditionally full schedules. Nonah set trends once again this year. She was one of the first if not the first at all, who enthralled her audience with contemporary music sets. Her…

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Big Party on Rahmenlos for their 2nd Anniversary

English | Deutsch The lineup was incredible: Mavenn – Putri Solo – Emma – Wolfie Starfire – Camme Carver – Samm Quendra. There was undoubtedly no other place in Second Life with such a stunning entertainment program. And Rahmenlos had dressed up for the evening. The RMS Titanic steamed cheerfully and completely intact in the background, the ice bear put away the fish remaining on the dock and the whole location was an icy dockland. The warmest thing on this evening was Mavenn’s husky voice. There is this legendary ‘Son…

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Emma Ness live @ «Rhiva The Club», Tuesday Nov 19, 1pm SLT

English | Deutsch Emma Ness is the newcomer of the year for our editors. The vote was unanimous, and the Rhiva is proud to present her bi-weekly for the next coming months. The start is on November 19 at 1pm SLT, and you really shouldn’t miss this event. We can promise you a big show, a stunning voice and marvelous people all-around. Date & Time: Tuesdays, bi-weekly, 1pm SLT Dress Code: smart casual Location: Emma Ness on Facebook: Rhiva The Club on Facebook: Emma Ness ist der…

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