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«Hell on Wheels» A Karaoke Place with “Fahrvergnügen”, AUG 29, 10am

L ong time ago I used to drive to university with my HONDA African Twin. A 30km ride with some smooth serpentines on the way. While at this time it was just a way to get to the university, it now in my memory turned into a romantic road trip. When I checked out the «Hello on Wheels» place because of the upcoming karaoke event, I couldn’t resist to rez a motorbike and drive down to the valley. It instantly gave me the good old feeling again. «Hell on Wheels»…

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Betrayed ! … (Concert AUG 26, 4pm SLT @ «Bella Bistro»)

… is the description of the feeling I got when I saw that one of my favorite restaurants, «Bella Bistro», had been exposed to the public on Facebook. All those romantic moments when I sat their with a good friend, chatting the night away while enjoying the dinner, the hors d’oeuvre with an exquisite Campari, the Domaine Richeaume Syrah and the port wine with cheese, that’s all past, I’m afraid. «Bella Bistro» is a fjord-side bistro and restaurant in the beautiful region of Second Norway, where I call a little…

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Felicitous Grand Opening of «Crystal Caye Open Air» and «The Living Room»

Embedded in a beautiful seaside park, the well attended open air concert area of Crystal Caye shone beautifully in the last sun rays when first Pippa Exonar and later AleyKat took the stage, completing a perfect evening. With pride Sazz (sazzinette) and Tersimus (stephenharrington) presented their latest cooperation for the first time. «Crystal Caye Open Air» and «The Living Room» are united in the attempt to provide high class live music to the SL public. Consequently they had two of the best entertainers in SL leading through the program this evening….

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Mavenn live @Bonaventure Square, AUG 23, 2pm SLT

My cultural surf & turf is shopping & listening to live music. And it keeps me fit and slim 🙂 . One of the best occasions to indulge my hobby is listening to Mavenn at the Bonaventure Square and let the eyes wander through the streets and shops. You want to join me in my hobby? Here is when and where: Date & Time: every other Friday, 2pm SLT Dress code: casual Location:

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A Pearl of Good Live Music, the Legendary Award Winning «Live Vibrations»

The sun seems to never go down on Sunday evenings over the beautiful landscape of the «Live Vibrations» venue. In style of an ancient greek temple complex, the club is majestically located on a cliff, catching the last sun beams from a seaside sunset. «Live Vibrations» is one of the most renowned venues when it comes to high class live music acts. Allie Sloan, the heart and soul of «Live Vibrations», had all the big names there already, repeatedly, since the venue is not only popular among the visitors but also…

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Skye Galaxy in Concert @Key West, July 29, 1pm SLT

Key West held the keys to the most noted event last weekend in July. Skye Galaxy, who made himself scarce in Second Life in the recent past, gave a guest performance at the marina promenade. The first visitors arrived already hours in advance, knowing that seats would become limited very quickly, and thus occupying a slot of the sim capacity like towels spreading European holidaymakers at the hotel pool. About 20 minutes before the show, the ‘tickets’ were practically sold out. The max capacity of 100 visitors was reached then….

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New Event Place at Branagh’s Opened to the Public

There is no doubt, that for all lovers of live jazz music the Branagh’s Friday is an attraction of its own. In winter times usually held indoor at the beautiful mansion, in other seasons outside in the Branagh’s Park, it is always classy and packed with the creme de la creme of SL’s live musicians. The Branagh’s team has a very sophisticated sense of quality and atmosphere. And the visitor finds it in every aspect of the event: the line up of artists, the landscape, the attention to details, Branagh’s even…

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Grand Opening Event @Lounge One», Jun 3, 11am SLT

This is the GRAND OPENING PARTY of TrickyLicks and Buttercup’s new club, called LOUNGE ONE. Featuring LIVE performances from 11:00 am SLT until 04:30 pm SLT, here’s the amazing lineup of artists: 11:00 am SLT TRICKYLICKS 12:00 pm SLT PARADORN ANSAR 01:00 pm SLT WALMART IDOL 01:30 pm SLT PHIL SETNER 02:00 pm SLT AVANTGARD FREQUENCY (Baz) 02:30 pm SLT MAIA CHROME 03:00 pm SLT HOGMAN64 03:30 pm SLT COLLIN MARTIN 04:00 pm SLT AGATHA MARTIN (Nowles) Dresscode is casual Venue: TrickyLick Fan Club…

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Pippa Exonar live @The Living Room, May 27, 1pm SLT

It is about to become a tradition already when Wieke & Tersimus invite high class SL artists to perform at their randomly planned house concert. This weekend they have asked one of SL most famous female entertainers, Pippa Exonar, and gladly announce that she will be singing at “The Living Room” on Saturday. Date & Time: Saturday, May 27, 1pm SLT Dress Code: Cocktail chic Location: Es beginnt schon langsam eine Tradition zu werden, wenn Wieke & Tersimus hochklassige Entertainer des SL zu ihren unregelmäßig veranstalteten Hauskonzerten laden. Dieses Wochenende haben sie die…

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All You Don’t Know About Dreama Summerwind

Tonight I willingly followed an invitation of my dear friend Tersimus. Once again he had made his living room available to the public for the fabulous concert of Dreama Summerwind. Tersimus and Wieke sporadically invite top artists to do live performances for a selective audience. “The Living Room Concert[s]”, as they call it, are always a safe bet when it comes to best SL entertainment. And of course, this show tonight was no exception. Dreama let the audience sway to her wonderful voice and songs, some of which she only added…

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