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Birthday Girl Helendar Bailey – May 28, 2020

There are people in SL, who have a friends list that is longer than a toilet roll. Artists, mainly musicians, in SL have such a crowd. I know it, because I am friend to an artist in SL. And it wouldn’t be the Teleporter, if we hadn’t an answer also to the question, how long a toilet roll usually is. Now: the length of a toilet roll is mainly defined by the circumference of the perforation roller in the toilet roll rewinder. There are two ways you can determine a…

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The Passion of Andalucía – by SL4Life

English | Deutsch For me, dancing in SL is one of the most entertaining things. I LOVE watching avatars dance! The animations nowadays are so sophisticated and harmonious, that it one could only wish that people in RL could dance as good as this. A good example of how much is possible nowadays shows a videoclip created by SL4Life. But have a look for yourself.     Für mich ist Tanzen in SL ein Riesenspaß. Ich LIEBE es, Avatar beim Tanzen anzuschauen. Die Bewegungen heutzutage sind so qualitätsvoll und harmonisch,…

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Happy 1st Anniversary «Frisky Beaver Beach Club»

English | Deutsch For most of you the «Frisky Beaver Beach Club» will already be a familiar place. For those who don’t know the place yet, it’s my 5-star recommendation for a friendly and vivid SL club with a high entertainment value. During it’s busy times, which is usually Thursday till Sunday, you can be absolutely sure that the place is busy enough to make you feel being part of a party, no matter wether you come on your own or take out your friends, and yet lag is still within…

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