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Calas Heavenly Wedding

I’ve been to quite some weddings in Second Life in the last three years, and I know how much effort especially brides put into the setup of the location. I alway wondered whether this is the right approach, since a wedding day should be one of the best days of your life. Wouldn’t it be much better therefore, if a bride or a groom would only have to concentrate on themselves on and for that day? I am not even sure – are there professional wedding planners around in SL…

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Grand Opening Event @Lounge One», Jun 3, 11am SLT

This is the GRAND OPENING PARTY of TrickyLicks and Buttercup’s new club, called LOUNGE ONE. Featuring LIVE performances from 11:00 am SLT until 04:30 pm SLT, here’s the amazing lineup of artists: 11:00 am SLT TRICKYLICKS 12:00 pm SLT PARADORN ANSAR 01:00 pm SLT WALMART IDOL 01:30 pm SLT PHIL SETNER 02:00 pm SLT AVANTGARD FREQUENCY (Baz) 02:30 pm SLT MAIA CHROME 03:00 pm SLT HOGMAN64 03:30 pm SLT COLLIN MARTIN 04:00 pm SLT AGATHA MARTIN (Nowles) Dresscode is casual Venue: TrickyLick Fan Club…

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Flashmob At The Underground

Picture yourself at an underground station staring at some rhythmic grooving foreigners, while an oppressively fitting music from an borg-like assimilated DJ echoes through the halls and tunnels of Gerstle’s subway system. That’s what I got into on Sunday evening, when my dear friend Katya Koval teleported me to her newest SL creation. The upper as well as the underworld beautifully matching in its distinctive architecture, created by the idiosyncratic artist and builder Katya Koval, are a good example of how spirit and art can enrich SL and evoke the proper feeling for the right event. Consequently I got a…

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Clubs German Community | Man spricht Deutsch Live Music Party 

Bohannon Sets Tsunami On Charlie’s Rez Day

  There must have been a tsunami warning in SL when Bohnannon celebrated Charlie’s Rezz Day on April 29. The Soul & Funk Club was packed, when Nonah Reeves set the planks in motion to the rhythm of her phenomenal electro music set. The party is still in full swing as we issue the first pictures here. We are sure this party did not only put a smile on the face and in the heart of Charlie, but also on those of her many friends around her on that day….

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Live Music Party 

New Kid on the Block: Feted Inner Concerts, Mar 18, 1pm SLT Presenting Nonah Reeves’ Legendary Electro Set live

  There’s a new kid on the block in Second Life’s venue community. Its name is «Feted Inner Concerts» [FIC] and they start furiously coming Saturday, March 18th, live with the legendary Electro Set of the SL celebrity Nonah Reeves, which ran under the brand of «Breaking Habits Show» twice only in 2016. This show definitely deserves a 5-star-rating amongst live performances in Second Life. You won’t have the chance to get to listen to a comparable show very often in SL. Underneath you will find the official trailer of…

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German Community | Man spricht Deutsch Party 

Fischer Women’s Friends bei der Seejungfrau

Helene Fischer Abend im Arielle Eine sichere 5-Sterne-Veranstaltung gibt es am Samstagabend im Arielle, wenn DJ Myrrdin die Ehre hat, durch einen Helene-Fischer-Abend zu führen. DJ Myrrdin wird eine gewisse Nähe zu Helene Fischer nachgesagt. Diese könnte ihm diesmal zum Vorteil gereichen, wenn er für sein Set ausnahmsweise einmal nur auf seine private Favoritenliste zurückgreifen muss. Großartige Unterstützung ist ihm dabei genauso gewiss wie eine fantastische Stimmung. Die deutsche Fußballnationalmannschaft wird aufgrund des Bundesligaspielplans nicht anwesend sein können, man rechnet aber neben DJ Candy, DJ Morgana, DJ Dark, DJ Rose, DJ Sannchen, DJ Jarvi,…

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Clubs Party Reviews 

Hurry For Harry @Bohannon

Tuesday evening in Second Life always appeared as dead to me as two o’clock in the afternoon on a Norwegian fish market. If the Linden rollout doesn’t get you, then deserted sims and clubs do usually. Not so at Bohannon. My expectations for a Tuesday evening were low, until a call reached me that DJ Harry Hargreaves is spinning the vinyl at Bohannon. The club was crowded, the girls pretty, the guys handsome, the atmosphere pleasant and the DJ simply one of the best in SL. I had the chance to…

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The Caravan moved on

“Die Karawane zieht weiter” (the caravan moves on) is a famous carnival song in Germany. Especially in the area around Cologne carnival is a very important time of the year. Some native bands live entirely on the income they make during the “5th season”. Between Thursday and the following Wednesday public life goes completely crazy, women take over the town hall, shops are closed and pubs are overcrowded, and you’ll see people in fancy dresses literally everywhere …   (Yes, you can search for me somewhere on the picture. I was…

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Valentine’s @ Black Orchid’s

A friend of mine invited me to the Black Orchids Valentine’s Day Party. The Black Orchid is an elegant club high in the clouds above Snug Harbor. This time, especially for Valentine’s Day, the organizers had extended the stage to host a beautiful dance show.     Although the Black Orchids is a native Russian club, English speaking visitors are welcomed and well treated. Nobody is left behind by the friendly hostesses. Nevertheless the Russian flair is felt everywhere inside this beautiful club. If you have missed this spectacular show, make…

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Karnevalsparty Feb 28th 12pm SLT @Rhiva The Club

Nachdem Rosenmontag geschafft ist, lässt man den diesjährigen rheinischen Karneval bei einer kleinen, lockeren Karnevalsparty im Rhiva ausklingen. Date & Time: Feb 28th, 12pm SLT Dress Code: come as you like, fancy dresses welcomed Location: After we made it through “Rosenmontag” (the traditional carnival parade day), we chill out at the “Rhiva The Club Karneval Party”. Date & Time: Feb 28th, 12pm SLT Dress Code: come as you like, fancy dresses welcomed Location:

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