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Nonah Reeves on Fire @ Bohannon’s «Hell-o-ween» Party, Nov 4, 3pm SLT

To tell SL frequent visitors about Nonah Reeves is proverbially bringing owls to Athens, which on the other hand and with regard to Bohannon’s event on Friday and Saturday isn’t a bad idea, if you carry marshmallows a stick and salt and pepper with you. “Hell-o-ween” is the name of the location, and there is no doubt what it resembles. The good thing is, we don’t expect any rain, and there is no need for a jacket or pullover even for the most shivering amongst you. Nonah Reeves has become…

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Doors Swing Open at Deva Westland’s «Galerie des Beaux-Arts»

English | Deutsch Grand Opening of the Galerie des Beaux-Arts There is certainly no need to name the most frequented topics and activities in SL for you to imagine that in times of steady closings of clubs and venues, opening an art gallery is a risk. The risk lies not so much in a possible financial loss, but in the personal disillusionment of the exhibitor when people are not interested in arts in general or in particular in what for the artist is a window to his or her soul.…

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Branagh’s Same Procedure as Every Year

There are just a few standards in SL and these are the Christmas and New Years Parties, the Happy Eastern Event and Halloween. Taking all the then displayed pumpkins together, we’ll have enough soup for the Second and any Third Life that Linden Labs might consider. Every year one of the big question arising is: which party do I attend on Halloween. Mine fell on Branagh’s Jazz Club this time, like it does every year. Having my dear friend Nonah Reeves singing there, during witching hour, makes me believe it’s…

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Halloween Party @ Rhiva The Club

Friday evening was the day to pay the renovated «Rhiva The Club» a visit. And ‘renovated’ wasn’t the right word either on this evening. While the club usually welcomes its guest in a rather stylish ambience, the whole design of the club magically turned into a bewitched wilderness right after midnight. Meany trees, great halloween outfits and a Dustin Wakefield Band dressed in some spooky wardrobe playing some gloomy songs was all that was needed to make visitors enjoy the shiver. It was the pilot run of the new location,…

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Charlie’s Angels | About the Most Hugged Woman at Bohannon’s

We followed Bohannon’s party rally for five consecutive day, and in all the time we saved one big compliment for one awesome woman there. Charlie Namiboo is without exaggaration the epic center of the club. No one is more vivid and bubbly and yet charming and friendly to every guest in the club. And her endurance is sheer legendary. No wonder that so many people came when she called out for the Saturday party including a phenomenal Nonah Reeves debut pop concert, that she performed live on Bohannon’s stage. White was the…

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Fantastic Show: Morgenstern’s «Schiller» @Stuttgart Marienplatz

Was für eine atemberaubende Show!! Am Samstagabend strömten Massen auf den Stuttgarter Marienplatz in freudiger Erwartung auf Morgenstern’s magisch inszeniertes «Schiller»-Konzert. Von DJane Tinni Boucher perfekt eingeheizt, war die Stimmung von Anfang an fantastisch und das Lichtspektakel atemberaubend, in einer wunderschön in Szene gesetzten Bühne. Über eine Stunde lang hielt das Konzert alles was sich Schiller-Fans und sonstige Konzert- und Musikfans wünschen konnten. Würden wir Sterne oder Mützen vergeben für diese Show, dann bekäme sie nicht nur alle Sterne und Mützen, sondern noch meine Schuhe, mein Hemd und meine Socken.…

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Janice Mills Live Almost Gone Heavy Metal

Janice Mills tossed a short concert in on Wednesday, August 23, celebrating Asmo Noxx’s 1st rezzday. The fun was, this place is usually more in to heavy metal music. Janice worked hard to cover the obvious gap between her music and the locally expected one. And she did it in her usual lovable way. For an entire 30 minutes she changed the notorious head bangers into mild foot tappers. Many came, all stayed till the end. Mission completed, Janice. And good to see you on stage again. Peet and Uli…

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Nachtschwärmer im «Tosca»

Eigentlich hatten wir geplant, heute endlich den längst überfälligen Artikel über den berühmten Club «Tosca» zu machen. Bei einer Institution, wie es das Tosca in der deutschsprachigen SL Gemeinde ist, tut man sich dabei etwas schwerer, denn man will dem Event und der Location gerecht werden. Und damit hängen im Fall des Toscas die Trauben eben sehr hoch. Es gibt kaum einen Club in SL, der über eine so lange Zeit eine solche Beständigkeit und Qualität geboten hat. Das Tosca ist immer eine Empfehlung wert, wenn es darum geht eine…

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Felicitous Grand Opening of «Crystal Caye Open Air» and «The Living Room»

Embedded in a beautiful seaside park, the well attended open air concert area of Crystal Caye shone beautifully in the last sun rays when first Pippa Exonar and later AleyKat took the stage, completing a perfect evening. With pride Sazz (sazzinette) and Tersimus (stephenharrington) presented their latest cooperation for the first time. «Crystal Caye Open Air» and «The Living Room» are united in the attempt to provide high class live music to the SL public. Consequently they had two of the best entertainers in SL leading through the program this evening.…

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La Vida Loca @Bohannon’s

La vida es un relámpago entre dos largas noches. I was on my way to my beauty sleep when the sweet Bohannon mosquitos Jungle and Sarah invited to sing and dance Mexican style in un campo in the sky. The fiesta was already muy avanzado when I arrived, and the audience was beautifully dressed in customary Doce & Gabardina. What a buen lugar! The vegetation, the broken car, the abandoned hacienda all made me feel stranded in Mexico’s mas loco pueblo instantly. Searching shelter in the shadows of the great wall…

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