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Elwood’s Friendly View on the World

English | Deutsch I come across nice videos about places or events in SL once in a while, and I usually enjoy watching them and talking about them, but this video struck me totally by surprise. Elwood, a taxi driver in real life, had left me a message and a link to a video on YouTube. What I then saw, really warmed my heart. It was obviously his first video, and it was about my home city in SL. It was the way he so affectionately talked about what he…

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Fabulous Debut of Juan Altamira @ Rhiva The Club April 15, 2020

English | Deutsch Samba, romance and light hearted melodies. That’s what Juan Altamira had on offer this evening for the audience of the «Rhiva The Club». And the guests took it willingly. It was a lively party with elated cheerfulness and a joyful singer.  Very well blatantly he opened the evening sporadically in 3 languages and made the audience feel home from the very first note. Juan is a prime example of what SL can stand for: internationality, creativity, talent and fun. Lots of fun. The people virtually walked with him along…

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War on Civil Rights in FeliCity

English | Deutsch The Parunville town council has issued a travel warning for FeliCity. Citizens of Parunville, Gerstle, Jenner have been urgently requested to not travel to or via FeliCity. Identical statements have been issued and sent to places all around the mainland. FeliCity obviously went to war on civil rights when they detained the secretary of state and prosecutor general Miss AnnaCeePla. With spurious allegations they tried to justify, what is likely to become the greatest diplomatic crisis of modern times. Doubts about their credibility and righteousness arose already when they…

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Miss Jenna Lynn Celebrated Her Rezday on a Cruise with Her Friends

English Pandoras popular Mistress, Jenna Lynn, took her friends out to a cruise to celebrate her rezday befitting to her status as an Elite Mistress. The remote enclave offered everything needed: no chance to escape for any visitor, booze and music for her fellow mistresses and a rich social life on board. The famous DJ Harry Hargreaves set the pace on the dance floor with his extraordinary selection of music. The (watered) whiskey for the prisoners was reported to run short by midnight. Here some impressions of the evening:

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The Parunville Christmas Party 2019 with Emma Ness

English | Deutsch There it was, the final show of the year. The Parunville town council sent out a big “Thank You” to its citizens, putting individual Christmas presents for each of them under the Christmas tree. The Party took place in the venerable hall of the Parunville Horse Race Club. The main attraction of the evening was Emma Ness, who was put in a seasonal decoration for her show. And we all were confirmed of what we somehow knew of course already: Emma can do Christmas as well. She…

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Christmas Market Opened @ Parunville

English | Deutsch As every year, there is a Christmas Market at Parunville. This time it is located in the harbor area. And it is filled with things to explore. Seasons greetings to all citizens and visitors. Location:     Wie jedes Jahr gibt es auch in diesem Jahr einen Weihnachtsmarkt in Parunville. Diesmal befindet er sich in der Hafengegend. Und er ist gespickt mit Dingen zum Ausprobieren. Weihnachtliche Grüße an alle Städter und Besucher. Location:  

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«Inspired By Colour» Deva Westland’s New Exhibition @ Galerie Des Beaux-Arts

English | Deutsch What an amazing exhibition! Again and again, when Deva invites visitors to her new exhibition, people praise the outstanding quality and the creative presentation. Each time when we write about her exhibitions, we end up with rave reviews. We can only recommend to you to take some time and visit this great moment of art in Second Life. The theme this time is “Inspired by colour”, and the artists contributed marvelous interpretations of it. Just the right thing on a miserable November afternoon. The colours warmed the…

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Welcome to Your New Home Party @ «Rhiva The Club»

English | Deutsch The city of Parunville is growing lately. The city is now in the two digit number and celebrated the population influx this weekend with a roaring party in the city owned club. The diverse community obviously had lots of fun when the city celebrity Nonah Reeves crowned the party with a great potpourri of live sung songs. With contributions in Dutch, French and English she nicely reflected the international nature of the community. It is truly difficult to describe the diversity of the community in all its…

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