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Lovely Nonah spontaneous concert at the Rhiva, Nov 29, 2020

English | Deutsch Happy the person, who visited the «Rhiva the Club» yesterday evening for their «Black ‘n White» party. Anna, the manager of the club, could convince one of the guests to do a spontaneous live concert. And this artist was none other than the amazing Nonah Reeves. What had started like “… just a few songs …” ended in an almost 2 hours lasting concert. Nonah sounded like in the good old times and reminded us that precious moments can happen any time, also in difficult times, which…

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AleyKat Debut at the Love Garden, November 20, 2020

English | Deutsch If it was just about who was there already, the walk of fame at the Love Garden would reach all through the sim. But the this year November adds two milestones to it without whom the image wouldn’t be complete. It started with AleyKat’s debut on November 20 and ends with Luciano Lionheart on November 27. The excitement was huge on the management in the forefield of AleyKat’s performance, and so where the expectations. But if there is one name to mention for a safe bet on…

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DonFranko Debut at the Rhiva, October 2020

English | Deutsch “The best male voice there is in Second Live.” was just one of many exuberant comments about the performance of DonFranko at the «Rhiva The Club» on Sunday, October 24. With his concerts on Friday and Saturday that week he already fully qualified for the “newcomer of the year”, though he is not truly a newcomer as we learned. SL has seen him as a live singer already many years before, in days when mesh was still a knitting term. DonFranko does not only sing live but…

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Fabulous Concert of Don Franko @ Love Garden, Oct 23, 2020

English | Deutsch We shouldn’t really mention it, since we have shares in the «Rhiva The Club», where he will be next, but on this evening the Love Garden had without a doubt the hottest concert in hole Second Life. Announced as a one hour concert, the artist and likewise the audience got carried away. It ended in a more than 2 hours concert with nobody leaving the sim till the very end. Don Franko is a name to remember. His mesmerizing voice and his so charmingly entertaining way was certainly…

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Amazing New Movie SL-style: «The Devil Wears Prada» from ‘The Villa’

English | Deutsch It’s incredible how much talent, time and effort people put in projects all around Second Life. ‘The Villa’ has published already man different things over the past year, this project, however, feels and looks like an incredibly hard job. They took the plot of the cinema movie «The Devil Wears Prada», and made it a remake SL-style. And they did an extraordinary good job! We can only recommend it to every Second Life enthusiast. Well done ‘The Villa’ Team! Es ist unglaublich, wie viel Talent, Zeit und…

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Memorial for a Real Life Hero – HCG Captain Kyriakos Papadopoulos

English | Deutsch We are contemporary witnesses of eventful times. While generations before us had to deal with war times, famines and epic political upheavals, our nowadays threats and deamons are more differentiated in many ways, but not less influential and life-determining. The answers, how we best address to all these issues is foremost something everyone has to answer for oneself, however, there cannot be any doubt, that HCG Captain Kyriakos Papadopoulos took a very human approach, with lots of personal effort and a big heart. And we are not…

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AleyKat 2 Hours Concert @ Sakuras Rezday in the Garden of Obedience | September 27th

English | Deutsch After AleyKat had fulfilled Sakura’s biggest wish already earlier this year, namely to sing live on her birthday, she now and again made one of her biggest fans happy, when she sang on her rezday as well. Sakura had spared neither expense nor effort to offer AleyKat a dignified setting, high above the Garden of Obedience in a peaceful south sea themed venue place. AleyKat was apparently in a great mood this evening (or early afternoon for her American fans) and clearly rocked her fans, who stayed for…

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Der Tag, an dem der Love Garden BEINAHE hätte geschlossen werden müssen

English | Deutsch What is the nicest thing you can do on a Friday evening in SL, when your outfit demands to be shown and an amazing guy is ready to follow you everywhere? Naturally, it’s to sway in his arms at one of the romantic places in SL, with love music and to fall for the magic moment. There is a place in SL which claims to have it all: the Love Garden. If Alice hadn’t fell into the rabbit hole and landed in Wonderland but in the Love…

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Fabulous Burlesque Show with Hedy Patrucci – 13. – 12pm SLT

English | Deutsch So this was it finally, the first part of the Hedy Patrucci’s Burlesque Show, long awaited and blanketed like the final training before a cup final. Hedy had invited her premiere guests to the Lyrics Ballroom, and the place was totally draped in matching decorations. After the big success she gained last year with her 2019 show, expectations were high for her this year’s show. And Hedy and her team delivered! – The costumes were glamorous, the dance acts fabulous and the different sets where creative and…

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Pajama Party with DJ Harry @ «Rhiva The Club», Sep 5, 1pm SLT

English | Deutsch Have you ever wondered what DJ Harry wears at night? Last Saturday, at the Rhiva, you got an answer to this question. In the forefield we had made a poll on the assumed best 5 guesses. And we have to admit it, we were wrong. But see for yourself. We added some pictures from the event underneath. In the end the scheduled 2 hours event ended after almost 5 hours instead, which is the best indication ever that the party was really a blast. Thanks to Harry…

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