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Emma Ness Sad But Fabulous @ Rhiva The Club

English | Deutsch There she was again, at the Rhiva The Club, like she is every other Tuesday. Today though a little sadder than usual, but nevertheless as fabulous as always. Emma is a mood changer, a brilliant voice and an authentic and amiable person between the songs. Her concerts truly enlighten every stage in SL. It took her a long time, before she dared to sing in Second Life. I am sad for the many more magical moments we could have had already if she only had started earlier.…

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The Passion of Andalucía – by SL4Life

English | Deutsch For me, dancing in SL is one of the most entertaining things. I LOVE watching avatars dance! The animations nowadays are so sophisticated and harmonious, that it one could only wish that people in RL could dance as good as this. A good example of how much is possible nowadays shows a videoclip created by SL4Life. But have a look for yourself.     Für mich ist Tanzen in SL ein Riesenspaß. Ich LIEBE es, Avatar beim Tanzen anzuschauen. Die Bewegungen heutzutage sind so qualitätsvoll und harmonisch,…

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Walking in a Colored Wonderland

English | Deutsch This wonderful place would have surely be recommended by the famous tin man, scare crow and lion, if they had only an idea that it exists, the fairyland on Kemet Island. And the good thing is, it wouldn’t take much of a brain or courage to be able to get there. Just a simple TP brings you right at the arrival docks of one of the most colorful places I have seen in Second Life. You’ll find affectionately arranged homes for hobbits and other fairytale creatures, gigantic colorful…

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The Parunville Christmas Party 2019 with Emma Ness

English | Deutsch There it was, the final show of the year. The Parunville town council sent out a big “Thank You” to its citizens, putting individual Christmas presents for each of them under the Christmas tree. The Party took place in the venerable hall of the Parunville Horse Race Club. The main attraction of the evening was Emma Ness, who was put in a seasonal decoration for her show. And we all were confirmed of what we somehow knew of course already: Emma can do Christmas as well. She…

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Party at the POONS

English | Deutsch After its spectacular Grand Opening only a few days ago, we took the chance to have an other look at the POONS after the party fume of the first event had settled. And surprise, surprise! The POONS was as crowded and vibrant as before. People had obviously appreciated the cool ambience and masterly management. Lisa Brune was on stage when we arrived, and every one who knows Lisa can confirm, she is good mood in its purest form. Her energy and her joy are contagious. Lisa was…

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More Than 70 Spectators at World Aids Day 2019 on La Perla

English | Deutsch This must have been a real challenge for the protagonists of the World Aids Day 2019, when more than 70 visitors formed the impressive crowd at this beautifully designed location at La Perla. On two large stages La Perla presented classy musicians and dance groups in a winterly setting. Dizzy city backgrounds in white and grey framed the predominantly red and white dressed guests. All this was a truly worthy setting for the 12th anniversary of a charity event for fighting Aids. It is kind of sad that…

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Grand Opening of the Club POONS

English | Deutsch Sometimes SL can still surprise me. I got an invitation to a grand opening of a new club in SL. POONS is its name. And Katerina St. John-Poon (luckiestar) is the owner and manager. I fell in love with the place the moment I arrived there. The beautiful romantic sunset with the couple dancing on the beach, lost in thoughts, the beautiful layout of the club, the unique design and intriguing atmosphere and all the little sweet details really make this place special in Second Life. You…

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«Inspired By Colour» Deva Westland’s New Exhibition @ Galerie Des Beaux-Arts

English | Deutsch What an amazing exhibition! Again and again, when Deva invites visitors to her new exhibition, people praise the outstanding quality and the creative presentation. Each time when we write about her exhibitions, we end up with rave reviews. We can only recommend to you to take some time and visit this great moment of art in Second Life. The theme this time is “Inspired by colour”, and the artists contributed marvelous interpretations of it. Just the right thing on a miserable November afternoon. The colours warmed the…

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Emma Ness Shines At The «Rhiva The Club»

English | Deutsch The management of the Rhiva The Club was very clear about it: Emma Ness is worth to break with every habit about long time commitments, and they proudly presented her on Tuesday evening on the club stage. And Emma delivered! Her beautiful concert on Tuesday night was just a start into a series of bi-weekly concerts at the Rhiva. Date & Time: every other Tuesday, 1pm SLT Dress Code: smart casual Rhiva The Club: Emma Ness on the internet:     Das Management des Rhiva…

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Big Party on Rahmenlos for their 2nd Anniversary

English | Deutsch The lineup was incredible: Mavenn – Putri Solo – Emma – Wolfie Starfire – Camme Carver – Samm Quendra. There was undoubtedly no other place in Second Life with such a stunning entertainment program. And Rahmenlos had dressed up for the evening. The RMS Titanic steamed cheerfully and completely intact in the background, the ice bear put away the fish remaining on the dock and the whole location was an icy dockland. The warmest thing on this evening was Mavenn’s husky voice. There is this legendary ‘Son…

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