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«Octopussy-Erlebnis-Lounge» On the Occasion of Janice Mills Concert

English | Deutsch Yesterday I attended a “Feed A Smile” charity event at the «Octopussy-Erlebnis-Lounge», and this lounge is quite an experience. The entrance reminded me of the aquarium tunnel at Sea World. Dolphins, whales and schooling fishes guided me to the main section of the lounge. The whole complex is a unique play of lights in context with sea life, which the name already indicated. Large video walls, playing sea life scenes, let you believe you are 250 miles below sea level. Why not 10,000 or 1,000 at least? –…

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Massenkaraoke bei Morgenstern’s Udo Jürgens Tribute @ Isle of Light

Deutsch | English Wir kennen die Lieder alle. Wahrscheinlich gibt es keinen unter uns, den die Hits von Udo Jürgens nicht irgendwie durch die Kindheit und Jugend begleitet haben. Dementsprechend waren alle Besucher des «Isle of Light» absolut textsicher, als Morgenstern mit ihrer gewohnt tollen Bühnenshow Udo Jürgens zurück auf die SL Bühne brachten. Ein wunderschöner Abend, in tollem Ambiente mit fabelhafter Show. Auch die deutsche Gemeinde in SL hat eine Menge zu bieten. Zeit sich den Programmplan des Isle of Light einmal genauer anzuschauen. Kleidungsempfehlung: Abendgarderobe Da bietet das…

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«Frisky Beaver» Shines With Outstanding Live Performances

English | Deutsch Live music in SL can be addictive. No wonder that the «Frisky Beaver» has become a popular destination on weekends. With its great line-ups of classy performers, it shines with top quality entertainment in SL. To name just a few of who is who in SL live music scene, only this weekend visitors had the chance to listen and dance to the hilarious performances of Bubbles Agatha Martin Amforte Clarity Christopher Qual Lisa Brune Max Kleene Jack Slade Zorn Jupiter Savannah Rain   The «Frisky Beaver« in general…

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Coole Leute mögen coole Locations

Deutsch | English … und diesen sei das «LateNight» wärmstens empfohlen. In einen spannenden industriellen Komplex integriert und mit einer sehr qualitätsvollen und individuellen Dekoration ausgestattet, kann das «LateNight» auf allen Ebenen überzeugen. Es teilt sich eine ein bisschen Endzeit-mäßig aber stimmungsvoll designte Simplattform  mit dem «Baxton», beide Clubs verfügen jedoch über einen ganz eigenen Stil. Das «LateNight» beherbergt 2 aufwendige Bars, eine im Regenerationsbereich jenseits des Tanzbereichs und die andere direkt an der Tanzfläche. Die Ausstattung des Clubs zeigt eine Menge nicht alltäglicher Einzelstücke, die insgesamt geschmackvoll und stimmig…

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Doors Swing Open at Deva Westland’s «Galerie des Beaux-Arts»

English | Deutsch Grand Opening of the Galerie des Beaux-Arts There is certainly no need to name the most frequented topics and activities in SL for you to imagine that in times of steady closings of clubs and venues, opening an art gallery is a risk. The risk lies not so much in a possible financial loss, but in the personal disillusionment of the exhibitor when people are not interested in arts in general or in particular in what for the artist is a window to his or her soul….

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Branagh’s Same Procedure as Every Year

There are just a few standards in SL and these are the Christmas and New Years Parties, the Happy Eastern Event and Halloween. Taking all the then displayed pumpkins together, we’ll have enough soup for the Second and any Third Life that Linden Labs might consider. Every year one of the big question arising is: which party do I attend on Halloween. Mine fell on Branagh’s Jazz Club this time, like it does every year. Having my dear friend Nonah Reeves singing there, during witching hour, makes me believe it’s…

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The Longing and Suffering of “Kristina Fran Duvemala” – A Musical in 2 Acts Performed By JM Visions

There we had it, as monumental as the first part, the 2nd act of the musical «Kristina Fran Duvemala», based on a novel by Wilhelm Moberg and composed by Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvaeus, the creative parts of the former ABBA group. It is about a month when the first act appeared on a SL stage the first time. JM Visions once again stunned their audience with a spectacular show, technically as well as content-related. The first act of the musical appealed to an audience inside and outside Second Life already. In…

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Halloween Party @ Rhiva The Club

Friday evening was the day to pay the renovated «Rhiva The Club» a visit. And ‘renovated’ wasn’t the right word either on this evening. While the club usually welcomes its guest in a rather stylish ambience, the whole design of the club magically turned into a bewitched wilderness right after midnight. Meany trees, great halloween outfits and a Dustin Wakefield Band dressed in some spooky wardrobe playing some gloomy songs was all that was needed to make visitors enjoy the shiver. It was the pilot run of the new location,…

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Tearful Farewell Party @ Café Port of Dreams

Am Sonntagabend gab es noch einmal ein echtes, hochkarätiges Highlight im Café Port of Dreams. Nach einer emotionalen Ansprache der Eigentümerin Tira, die sich sichtlich bewegt bei Ihrem Team und Ihren Gästen für die Unterstützung und die schönen Jahre bedankte, gab Janice Mills mit ihrem einfühlsamen Konzert den würdigen Rahmen für den Abgesang des Café Port of Dreams. Über 4 Jahre war das Café ein äußerst beliebter Anlaufpunkt insbesondere für ein deutschsprachiges Publikum. Das romantische und äußerst stimmungsvoll eingerichtete Areal bot auf vielen Ebenen eine Fülle von erinnerungs- und fotowürdigen…

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Freshly Escaped from «HeAdLiGhTs»

You’ve seen and done everything in SL? Really? Every bigger city in RL has it, the «Escape Rooms». Second Life has them as well, on the sim of „Headlights“, a sim, which is said to be dedicated to openness and tolerance, with a slightly wanted touch of female dominance. The sim’s stunning scenery derives from the beautiful buildings and places of high quality, tastefully and harmoniously assembled, adding to what we all are looking for in SL: originality. The scenery is dominated by the castle, which stretches into the sky…

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