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Un soir charmant à Paris avec Dalilù

English | Deutsch Paris is the city of love. It is not just a saying. If you have ever spent a night with your beloved one in Paris, then you will certainly know and remember it for the rest of your life. And fortunately the designers of Paris (Paris 1900) in Second Life have masterly succeeded to  transfer this feeling from the real life into our fabulous virtual world. The sim is huge and looks, feels, smells 🙂 and sounds like Paris in each corner of it. Of course you’ll…

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Art Exhibition @ “Rainbow Painter”

English | Deutsch Art exhibitions in SL to me are a wonderful way of looking at the world through someone else eyes. And I get never tired to search for those pictures, sculptures or installations which touch my heart and my soul and change my perception in some kind. One location where you find all that is Timo Dumpling’s and Patience Roxley’s “Rainbow Painter”. This place gives artists of all kind a home for their exhibits. No matter whether they are new to the SL art scene or have exhibited…

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Janice Mills Glamorous Concert @ Velvet Dreams

English | Deutsch There’s something magical about Janice Mills, when she enlightens a stage somewhere in SL. It seems like time takes a break then from rushing, clouds stay discretely in the background, the sun – or the moon – puts its smile on and people forget about their pains and sorrows. There’s hardly a more peaceful and positive place in SL. I enjoy her concerts since I have started to follow her concerts. Janice definitely gives you the good vibes, and you shouldn’t miss her if she’s performing again…

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«Versus Event» Spring Shopping

English | Deutsch «Vesus Event» is well known for its live music events. Perhaps a bit less known is that it is also a great place for shopping. Only yesterday I joined in just to leave the sim half an hour later with 3 gorgeous outfits, 3 animations and a few articles for my home sweet home in SL. The sim has a gloomy atmosphere, mysterious and in a way reminding me of what Asterix’s Gallic village truly may have looked like. But it is very well designed, with many…

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Summer Exhibition at the Galerie Des Beaux Arts

English | Deutsch Once again, Deva Westland, the owner and creative head of the «Galerie Des Beaux Arts» had called artists to contribute to her newest exhibition, which, this time, runs under the headline “Warmth”. This her call, resulted in a stunning collection of artworks with a wide ranged perspective of how the title is percepted. While sticking to the concept of seasonal themed exhibitions, the presentation of the exhibits changed slightly, now showing subject related texts and quotes in big letters next to the pieces, which gives it a…

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Living and Shopping at the Copacabana

English | Deutsch There’s always a shopping season in Second Life. But spring in RL set me in the mood for it. My today’s port of call was the Copacabana Beach. There is hardly a more famous place to be found when thinking about sunshine, beach and bikinis. The Copacabana SL-style consists of a beach bow with a few seating possbilities, the inevitable “Cristo Redentor” statue at the far end and a public square with shops, residential flats, flower patches and a church at the center of the location. For…

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Exclusives Fashion Show at «Rock Your Rack», Oct 1, 10am SLT

Rock Your Rack 2017 features 58 designers with amazing exclusives available for purchase. This fashion show will feature 24 of the exclusive designs as the team from Models Giving Back raises Funds For the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Dress Code: classy casual Location: Rock Your Rack 2017 beheimatet 58 Designer mit zauberhaften Exklusivprodukten zum Kauf. Diese Modeshow wird 24 dieser exklusiven Designs im Rahmen der Wohltätigkeitsveranstaltung “Models Giving Back raises Funds For the National Breast Cancer Foundation” zur Verfügung stellen. Internet: Bekleidungsempfehlung: classy casual Veranstaltungsort:  

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One Shop Has It All: Maternity Dresses and Babies

Admittedly, maternity fashion is not the kind of subject a Second Life magazine expects many readers from, and still, we love bringing marginal products to the attention of our readership. Especially the sign “Buy the Babies HERE” made me want to write about it. While expecting a baby in RL is a constant process of learning to love rising immobility and compromising on the personal expectations on the looks, bravely ignoring acid indigestion, headaches and swollen feet, being pregnant in SL is pure fun time. Each and every shoe still fits…

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Precious Design – A Shopping Queen’s Delight

500L$ is what I got from the publisher to spend in a shop for a full outfit. And that’s what I did – at «Precious Design». SL Marketplace may be efficient, but in-world shopping is LUST! 🙂 I in particular love it, when shops are nicely decorated and are not too small so that maneuvering between the aisles and shelves is difficult, and not too large ruining the mood with a train station hall atmosphere. For me personally, «Precious Design» is just the right size for me. An what’s more,…

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Mavenn live @Bonaventure Square, AUG 23, 2pm SLT

My cultural surf & turf is shopping & listening to live music. And it keeps me fit and slim 🙂 . One of the best occasions to indulge my hobby is listening to Mavenn at the Bonaventure Square and let the eyes wander through the streets and shops. You want to join me in my hobby? Here is when and where: Date & Time: every other Friday, 2pm SLT Dress code: casual Location:

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