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“Kristina Fran Duvemala” Act 2, SAT Oct 21, 12pm SLT

It’s a classic: the villain raises the knife, the woman cries … and there we are right at the commercial break. No singing fat lady can represent the end of an opera more precisely than the threat to life does for commercial breaks. For some 5 minutes we’re lost in the middle of nowhere, fighting with our anger, fear and emotions, until the story is picked up again, or we found comfort otherwise in a tasty chocolate bar, a freezing cold beer or a car insurance.  That’s what happened to…

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Fascination Music Theatre – JM Visions Push the Boundaries of Second Life, ACT 1, Sep 30 12pm SLT

When Applause Just Isn’t Enough One should be careful with superlatives in Second Life, but the staging of the musical «Kristina Fran Duvemala» is by far … by far … the best I have ever seen in Second Life. And it is not just the scenery or the animations. This is an all in total perfect production in a quality which I personally never have thought was possible in SL. At the beginning the visitors sit in an old barn, wondering whether this can be the right place for a…

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Fantastic Show: Morgenstern’s «Schiller» @Stuttgart Marienplatz

Was für eine atemberaubende Show!! Am Samstagabend strömten Massen auf den Stuttgarter Marienplatz in freudiger Erwartung auf Morgenstern’s magisch inszeniertes «Schiller»-Konzert. Von DJane Tinni Boucher perfekt eingeheizt, war die Stimmung von Anfang an fantastisch und das Lichtspektakel atemberaubend, in einer wunderschön in Szene gesetzten Bühne. Über eine Stunde lang hielt das Konzert alles was sich Schiller-Fans und sonstige Konzert- und Musikfans wünschen konnten. Würden wir Sterne oder Mützen vergeben für diese Show, dann bekäme sie nicht nur alle Sterne und Mützen, sondern noch meine Schuhe, mein Hemd und meine Socken.…

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The Romperdales Sparkling Premiere

They weren’t the «Cheaperdales» at all, as some of the visitors may have suggested. The Romperdales instead turned out to most probably be the next background dancer squad of the amazing Nonah Reeves. At least they definitely strive for higher tasks. At the familiar sound of any song you can imagine in a stripper show, they showed backbone 🙂 and kept their clothes on. Certainly sponsored by the designer of the rompers, they delivered a classy show of male group dancing, synchronous and on the beat as can be. The audience…

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Enthusiastic Audience at Premiere of Musical «SL Momente»

Wonderful Musical Event at JM Visions Theater «SL Momente» is a musical written by Jade and Maik, the founders of JM Visions. It is an emotional journey through Second Life, recalling feelings and experiences we all have made in SL. The powerful pictures and the well chosen songs make this musical another milestone in premium entertainment in SL. 85 visitors at the peak followed Marie, Molly, Tyson and DJ Beau and others through their ups and downs on occasion of the premiere on April 21. There wasn’t a single seat left in the…

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James Bond 007 @La Coquette Cabaret, Mar 26th, 1pm SLT

  Can there be a more obligatory event for a real man than a James Bond themed Cabaret evening at «La Coquette Cabaret»? – Not for the entire male staff of The Teleporter. They have a joint visit to the hairdresser in the morning, a joint excursion to the perfume store for that 007 after shave and a joint consulting hour at «Dress to Date Outfittery» center town, before they all head out for the La Coquette Cabaret theatre at Jungle in a rented Aston Martin. What they haven’t considered though is,…

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Feted Inner Concerts 1st Concert A Doozie!

Katya Koval’s first attempt to reshuffle the cards in the favorite venue market has left a clear mark. Her choice to start off with Nonah Reeves and her electro set, was a brilliant one. I heard it the third time now and still, I cannot remember to have heard something comparably good when it comes to quality in SL. A truly brilliant performance! The venue was nicely crowded. It seems like messages has gone around that the Nonah Reeves electro set is something one shouldn’t miss out in SL. I took…

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Bravissimo and Da Capo at The Rhiva’s First Burlesque Show

This was my baby, the first Burlesque Show at the «Rhiva The Club». My dream for a long, long time. Finally the management of the Rhiva gave in to give me a slot for my vision of a perfect Burlesque show in Second Life. I hadn’t the faintest clue what it means to run and coordinate a show like this, and it will take a long, long time again if ever,  until I feel mentally and physically strong enough to do a show like this again. I loved the ‘bravissimo’s and…

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Valentine’s @ Black Orchid’s

A friend of mine invited me to the Black Orchids Valentine’s Day Party. The Black Orchid is an elegant club high in the clouds above Snug Harbor. This time, especially for Valentine’s Day, the organizers had extended the stage to host a beautiful dance show.     Although the Black Orchids is a native Russian club, English speaking visitors are welcomed and well treated. Nobody is left behind by the friendly hostesses. Nevertheless the Russian flair is felt everywhere inside this beautiful club. If you have missed this spectacular show, make…

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