You’ve Got the Swing – Playing Golf at the Aero Golf Club

Ever played golf in Second Life, the sport of the “rich and beauty”? It is as easy as can be. And I found the golf club for you who has it all, the Aero Golf Club. It is beautifully situated in a Hawaiian style landscape, with plenty of water, palm trees and green hills surrounding the golf course. The landing point is right at the entrance of the golf club, which faces a small landing dock for sailing boats and yachts, which automatically reminds you of the mood you ought to…

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Looking for a New Home? – Then 3Bears Resort Might Be the Place for You.

Only recently we added a new category to The Teleporter. My visit to the 3Bears Resort came just in time to justify the first entry into the new category “Real Estate & Rentals”. It’s like with all the offers, in the end it is your taste that counts and nothing else. However, 3Bears Resort has a lot to offer. There is a small but well equipped amusement park in one corner, a beautiful village right in the center with shops and bars, a nice market square which obviously is prepared for…

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Female Wrestling Mania at DCW Arena

I didn’t know that there was any wrestling at all in Second Life, but a little video clip on Facebook made me aware of a championship wrestling fight that day at noon at the DCW arena. And of course I had to be there and see what it was like. I was surprised by the very professional look of the arena, and I realized there was even a commentator doing a nice job. I arrived just in time for the first fight, to put some money on the redhead. I always…

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