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Go West – A Helicopter Tour with Carthage Tours

English What can you do on a lazy Sunday afternoon in SL? – You can, for example, do a helicopter tour with Carthage Tours. They offer round flights from their airfield in Jenner. Kees, a very experienced pilot calms me down, when we approach the helicopter. Taking off from the airfield [05:16] SA Airbus-H160-VIP v1.0 (N952RS): Added annaceepla to the authorized crew list. [05:16] Anna (annaceepla): the tank is full? [05:16] Kees Carthage: No, but full enough [05:16] Anna (annaceepla): did you check the engine? [05:17] SA Airbus-H160-VIP v1.0 (N952RS):…

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What’s New on Rahmenlos

English | Deutsch You know this method where somebody shows you pictures and you need to tell your associations? When I visited R.a.h.m.e.n.l.o.s. on their new sim it was a bit of a similar feeling. All the beautiful details, the imaginative sceneries, they reminded me of the many beautiful moments I had with them in the past. The first thing which comes to my mind when I think of Rahmenlos is the old brewery, and the pitoresque little café next to it, where is spent hours hanging out with a…

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Elwood’s Friendly View on the World

English | Deutsch I come across nice videos about places or events in SL once in a while, and I usually enjoy watching them and talking about them, but this video struck me totally by surprise. Elwood, a taxi driver in real life, had left me a message and a link to a video on YouTube. What I then saw, really warmed my heart. It was obviously his first video, and it was about my home city in SL. It was the way he so affectionately talked about what he…

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Walking in a Colored Wonderland

English | Deutsch This wonderful place would have surely be recommended by the famous tin man, scare crow and lion, if they had only an idea that it exists, the fairyland on Kemet Island. And the good thing is, it wouldn’t take much of a brain or courage to be able to get there. Just a simple TP brings you right at the arrival docks of one of the most colorful places I have seen in Second Life. You’ll find affectionately arranged homes for hobbits and other fairytale creatures, gigantic colorful…

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Christmas Market Opened @ Parunville

English | Deutsch As every year, there is a Christmas Market at Parunville. This time it is located in the harbor area. And it is filled with things to explore. Seasons greetings to all citizens and visitors. Location:     Wie jedes Jahr gibt es auch in diesem Jahr einen Weihnachtsmarkt in Parunville. Diesmal befindet er sich in der Hafengegend. Und er ist gespickt mit Dingen zum Ausprobieren. Weihnachtliche Grüße an alle Städter und Besucher. Location:  

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Rahmenlos Celebrating the 2nd Anniversary with a Big Party, Nov 16

English | Deutsch We still remember the time when Rahmenlos just started. It reminded us a lot of ” .. a small gallic village …” 🙂 . From the very first moment we fell in love with the sweet and beautiful build. So multifaceted, so rich and so atmospheric. It is and always was a true postcard scenery. But what makes us even more happy is the fact, that the people who created all that, stick together in friendship and devotion since all these days still till today. This is…

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Welcome to Your New Home Party @ «Rhiva The Club»

English | Deutsch The city of Parunville is growing lately. The city is now in the two digit number and celebrated the population influx this weekend with a roaring party in the city owned club. The diverse community obviously had lots of fun when the city celebrity Nonah Reeves crowned the party with a great potpourri of live sung songs. With contributions in Dutch, French and English she nicely reflected the international nature of the community. It is truly difficult to describe the diversity of the community in all its…

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Un soir charmant à Paris avec Dalilù

English | Deutsch Paris is the city of love. It is not just a saying. If you have ever spent a night with your beloved one in Paris, then you will certainly know and remember it for the rest of your life. And fortunately the designers of Paris (Paris 1900) in Second Life have masterly succeeded to  transfer this feeling from the real life into our fabulous virtual world. The sim is huge and looks, feels, smells 🙂 and sounds like Paris in each corner of it. Of course you’ll…

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On a Photo Safari in the Jungle of «Circle LGBT»

English | Deutsch The invitation reached us a few days before the grand opening. We had heard already that another great nature sim was in the making, and we were grateful to have the chance to inspect the sim before it will become available to the public. Right on the arrival it became plain obvious that this sim was designed by one of the awfully talented and experienced designers in SL. The sim shows a great love to details and stylistic confidence. The location offers a mixture of jungle and…

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Grand Opening Party for a New Sim “The Jungle” – Saturday June 22, 12pm SLT

English | Deutsch Ready for a new sim? – For a new experience? – A intriguing atmosphere and a stunning sight? – Grab your photo camera, the good one, and follow the call of ČĤŘỖϻĮ ƑŘỖϻ ƤÃŘĮŜ (chrominia) to visit her latest addition to SLs nature sims. The jungle themed sim bears her unmistakable hallmark. And you can rightly expect a gem. On Saturday, June 22 the jungle opens its doors orchestrated with a grand opening party with music and dance at 12pm SLT. We will provide you here with the…

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