Together for Toxie – Sunday, May 13th

May 13, 2018 @ 12:00 pm – 10:00 pm
The Jagged Edge


There are times in life when you need an army to help you out… this is such a moment for Toxie Darkmatter, a much loved SL live singer.

Tox (Kristin Craig) is facing a serious medical emergency and AleyKat and Damien Arcture along with Lauren WoodJorrdan JarmanNics LaneWinter Jennifer LaneAnashara DuboisDannon RainTommi BaynLaura Smith have been organising a fundraiser for her inworld to try and raise the rest of the money needed (

There are over 20 singers booked in for 20 hours of live music on the 12th and 13th of May (12pm -11pm both days). There will be appearances of Caasi AnsarKatia PortugalTally EsinAgatha MartinEric Sweetwater (DirtyDee), Camme Carver, Laidback Celt, Scott Leary (Djembe), Chillee Odia, Maximillion Kleene, Meeshy Nagtegaal, Luciano Lionheart, Hogan BailyLevi ZuzuOroro MunroeMialy CarpenterAM ForteJack SladeMichelle Bilasimo (Essence), Erik KottzenLiam Wakeman, and Arra L. Nagtegaal all performing and donating their time and tips.

There will be booths where incredible designs from ChicModaAbbie Danitz (Suga Baby), Tori’s StylezNakari Tolsen (Dream Wolf Designs), Dan Scott (Grey Style) are sold with all proceeds going towards the fund.

There will also be incredible raffles and auctions happening during the weekend that have been generously dontated from Wayne Bentley(Bentley Homes), Why Not ?Second Nature Jewellery by Alessia SetnerBlueberryMartynas Vilcinskas (United Colors), Decibel Factory, Elke Groß(Crossing Sands Customs), Tori’s Stylez. There are also some incredible One of a Kind prizes

‘Together for Toxie’ is going to be an incredible weekend and you are all invited to come and see the gorgeous venue that has been built specially for it (by Damien) and share in the love and joy together.

Toxie is an incredible woman who always, always goes above and beyond to help out others in need… it’s our time to show her we’re there for her now in HER time of need.

Date & Time: Sunday, May 13, 12pm – 11pm SLT

Dress Code: Casual / Come as you are



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