Breaking News  +++  Major Fire in Second Life


Gladly enough Tersimus Harrington and his colleagues will extinguish it. Promised! 

It’s a mock exercise on a large scale. The rescue events will be scattered over two sims, and will include all sorts of rescue actions on land and water. Dozens of rescue squads and helpers and victims are expected for this two-days-event. And visitors, or ‚observers‘ as we would better call them, are very welcomed. There are even bleachers for you to get the best view on all the action.

Last year’s exercise attracted tens of people when they performed a mining accident in all its facets.



This year it will be a major fire, on a mountain with trapped people. So there will be a lot of rescuing to be done.

We met Commander Tersimus Harrington and his lovely version of a female 3CPO ”Scarlett“, who proves that the biggest developments leap in androids are not to be expected from technology but  from gender. They informed in a press meeting about the schedule for the next two days. Mr. Harrington didn’t answer any private question of the reporters about his personal relationship to his version of a female 3CPO, but provided comprehensive information about the fire drill. Responsible for this project is, like last year already, Tealcie Annibles (Tealcie). And though there is still a lot to be done before the victims can sit in their locations and the rescue squads can prove their skills. Everybody around is confident, that the whole two sims will be ready for action on time.

MR. Harrington took the chance also, to introduce the journalists to another important person of the plot, Miss Maddie (maddieharicot): ”… Meet our fantabulous ACoS G4, she’s our head builder and “things-pretty-maker” in the SLCG…“. Maddie wore a just gorgeous uniform, the only uniform around there. A lovely white short-sleeved blouse of chiffon silk with matching colored applications and a black high waisted pleat-front, hardly inflammable, cloth trousers.

”Game plan is: fire in the mountains, survivor group trapped. Smoke jumpers will come to assist as well as flying buckets to buy them time. … “. Mr. Harrington carried out further.

If you want to get any idea what all this ”thumble-jumble“ means, then the best source for any information all around life rescue in Second Life is ”The Second Life Coast Guard Magazine“ [] , which at this time was represented by the famous journalist and Pulitzer price nominee Asa Darkbyrd (xouxanchin). 

A demonstration of fire extinguishing skills was given on site when Mr. Harrington managed to extinguish a small fire on the docks after about 20 minutes and two full loads of fire extinguisher. We can expect the sea level to fall by half a meter if Mr. Harrington is to fight a major fire. But he would, nevertheless, cut a good figure in a sexy firemen calendar. 

As a bonus, you can grab a SLR-SAR Free Team Radio there on site. 


Victims Wanted!

But not only can you observe the fun, but you can also play an active role in it. Just be there on time on Sunday 8:30am SLT and volunteer as a victim. No experience required 🙂


Date & Time: Sunday, September 20 8:30am STL




The event is finished.


Sep 20 2020


8:30 am