Christmas Party at the Parunville Horse Race Club with Emma Ness, Dec 17, 12pm SLT (Emma @ 1pm SLT)


This party is a “Thank You” to the citizens of Parunville for a drama-free year with many nice events and encounters. A big thank you goes out to Deva Westland, who periodically accomplishes miracles with her exhibition at her Galerie Des Beaux-Arts. And of course we must mention our law and enforcement police officer Kees Carthage who safeguarded the city’s assets and spirit. But it is not just these shiny examples, who make Parunville a special place, it is all the lovely people who contribute in their own special way to the community. High above the clouds in Parunville Ethan Strong (stretched.innis) for example raises dragons. Discretely as he should of course 🙂 And yet, Parunville-bred dragons are a fast seller in SL in his shop. You just need to get it touch with him. Or just meet Pascal, the charmeur français, who brings a touch of the French savior a vivre to the place.

When it comes to style and class, then Miss Jenna Lyn (jenna456lyn) is hard to beat. She sets marks with her attitude and appearance. If Parunville needs an ambassador one day it will for sure be Miss Jenna.

One of the most recent immigrants is Eloise. But the general consensus is obvious: one has to love her. She made the streets livelier from the very first day she arrived. We, the citizens, all had much hope when Shy Lyn (shy.rodenberger) took her out to a candle night dinner. And we eagerly awaited their return and their statements. A wedding is the only thing that is still missing at Parunville yet.

A totally withdrawn life leads Andromeda, who at other places is a feared judge. But she undoubtedly adds to the dazzling crowd of remarkable individuals. To find the right words about Myron though is a bit more difficult. But apart from his hobbies he is one of the nicest and wittiest men you can meet in Second Life. Talk to him, just don’t look at him.

A very dear friends of the town council is Miss Olive Fritton (offdmap) , a hopeful wrestling apprentice with Olympic ambitions, with the most strident look in the city. Call it pink and you’d surely recognize her whenever you see her. But what’s more, she has her own special way with people. Her heart is as big as her bum. And this means a lot! Parunville would be a lot poorer without her spirit.

Two persons may of course not be forgotten, and these are Nonah and Noel! Parunville simply wouldn’t exist without them both. Every department in the city would be more than ready if they both would finally overcome their partnership phobia 🙂 . All wedding plans are ready in every drawer around the city. Name the day, and we’ll be ready for it.

But seriously, Nonah is the real celebrity in Parunville. Her restrained and pleasant manner is so typical for her. You cannot do her a bigger favor than take her as she is, a warmhearted, friendly and devoted person, free of airs and graces. Her property is always open to anyone, free to use and stay. And she means it when she says it. And she has always been a loyal friend to the community. One has to love Nonah not just for her talent as a singer, but far much more for her character as a person.

Finally, we cannot finish without mentioning Noel (NoelCeeAr Resident), who I am personally grateful for the opportunity to build Parunville and keep it alive. Frankly, I don’t know any more selfless person than him. It sometimes appears to me that he can make anything happen if I only ask for it. My personal wizard of Oz, that’s what he is 🙂

I wish us all a great party, thank you for being with us. And I hope we will all have a tremendous year 2020. I’d love to see you all with a big smile on your faces around the same time next year, when we will celebrate our next Christmas Party. Longevity is no matter of course in SL usually. It is therefore a real pleasure and a blessing to live and enjoy a life in Parunville.

Hugs & kisses



Date & Time: December 12, 2019 from 12pm SLT, Emma Ness at 1pm SLT

Dress Code: cocktail chic to formal


The event is finished.


Dec 17 2019


12:00 pm - 3:00 pm