Nonah Reeves ~ The Book of Love

Nonah Reeves exclusively for Noel’s Facebook challenge

This is a good example of the little things in life that mean so much to us. I was in need of a love song for a challenge I was nominated for: 5 days, 5 love songs. And I fell in love with a song I heard from Nonah Reeves when she rehearsed it at the Rhiva: The Book of Love. It was the first time she sang it, and it was the first time I heard it in this cute arrangement. To cut a long story short: she was proud to record it for me in speed time, beneath her RL studio work, garden work, ironing and household chores, and I felt like loved, and valued and charmed.

The book of love got an extra page that evening. 🙂

Thank you SO MUCH Nonah. xxx