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12:00 pm Bowling: All the cool kids are d…
Bowling: All the cool kids are d…
Oct 16 @ 12:00 pm – 1:30 pm
Bowling: All the cool kids are doing it
English | Deutsch “It’s the worst time of my life!” says AnnaCeePla, the town council speaker. “Bowling is when you wear 85ct public shoes in sweat wobbling odors, frequently slipping on dropped french fries, while guys continuously stare at your butt.” – Nevertheless, the Parunville town council has decided to add a bowling alley to its entertainment segment. The opening event will take place on Date & Time: Wednesday October 16, 12pm SLT Dress Code: no nudity Location:     “Das ist die schlimmste Zeit meines Lebens!” sagt AnnaCeePla,…
1:00 pm Emma Ness Debuting @ «Rhiva The …
Emma Ness Debuting @ «Rhiva The …
Oct 19 @ 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm
Emma Ness Debuting @ «Rhiva The Club» OCT 19, 1pm SLT
English | Deutsch Emma Ness is the newcomer of the year for most of our editors. She enlightens the stages in SL since Februar 2019, and clearly owns all attributes for a superstar there. Her voice is beautiful and her stage presence mesmerizing. The audience of the «Rhiva The Club» can already look forward to a highlight of the season in the club. Date & Time: Saturday, October 19, 2019 1pm SLT Dress Code: smart casual Location:     Emma Ness ist die Newcomerin des Jahres für unsere Redakteure. Sie…
1:00 pm Christmas Gala
Christmas Gala
Dec 18 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm
The this year’s Christmas Gala will take place at the «Parunville Horse Race Club».

Ostracism at Pandora

Parunville Citizen Arrested Without Clear Evidence

September 09, 2019 – As the city hall became aware on September 9th, the Parunville new wrestling hope Olive Fritton has been locked away for a questioning by officials of the Pandora’s Box Prison. The pale skinned and pink haired Olive is accused of having physically attacked a Pandora guard. An incident which was described as ” … a dark haired dark skinned overweight person has captured a Pandora mistress, and has shaven her head against the will of the said mistress!” Of course the city hall has decided to appoint a defense lawyer for Miss Fritton. And at the same time the city hall offered an exchange of a flying flamingo against Miss Fritton.



Furnished house available for a period of 3 months.

Miss Olive Fritton’s house at the Parunville Park is available for immediate rent. Please contact city hall for further information.


Wedding Bells Ringing at Parunville soon?

September 10, 2019 – The Parunville chief of police has been found smooching with an unknown beauty late Tuesday evening at the Becca Baxton concert. It seems like one of the most sought-after bachelors of Parunville has met his final destination. Unfortunately he wasn’t very talkative this evening. Being asked about the beauty in his arms, he threatened the Teleporter reporter with speeding and parking tickets. While whispers wobbled in the past that the police officer was in a secret relationship with the speaker of the city hall, Anna Ceepla, it looks like he has found a new love now. Or he might face a difficult time to explain this encounter to her. 


Simply Posh

is the motto of the this year’s fashion show in Parunville. The models and their superiors will show as „DEMO“ classified couture in 3 categories:

– leisure and casual

– cocktail chic and formal attire

– surprise (everything is possible here)

Each model will show 3 different outfits in each of the three categories. While the ‚superiors‘ of Parunville (the honorable Mrs. Jenna Shy, Olive Fritton and AnnaCeepla) are already confirmed to participate with their models, there are still wild cards available for any other fashion addict, who would like to join in, either as a superior with own models, or as a model. It would only need a pre-registration in-world with AnnaCeePla Resident.

The catwalk will be located in the aisle of the Parunville Horse Race Club, and the program is flanked by a romantic dinner and a live music event. So plenty of reasons to plan for a stop by in Parunville on September 14, 2019 at 1:30pm SLT.

New Fashion @ Candy’s Couture

For those who enjoy the well priced haute couture one can usually find at Candy’s Couture Shop, they will be glad to hear, that the shop has replaced its displayed clothes and accessories entirely. This will be the last row of summer clothes, before the shop will change to autumn clothes with a Halloween special. Traditionally the shown exhibits must not exceed a price of 10L$. The shown clothes are also carefully checked in-world each time before they make it to the shelves of Candy’s shop, just in the spirit of the name giver.

According to the curator of the shop, the management thinks of establishing a catalogue about all shown products of the past. Thus giving visitors the chance, to still buy articles they may have missed. But the decision about it will only be taken in October.

Bowling: All the cool kids are doing it.

August 27, 2019 – The town council has listened very carefully to the outcome of the recent ballot and has decided, therefore, to add a bowling alley to the entertainment sector of the city. The opening event is scheduled for Wednesday, 16 October 2019. To show its devotion to its citizen, the town council has furthermore decided, that there will be a pink ball mandatory in the alley, in order to honor our soon to be Olympic athlete Olive Fritton. Additional requested colors are: a 44 lbs black male bowl, to compensate physical gender differences, a red female bowl, which comes with an inbuilt automatic nail polisher, and a green “political correctness” bowl, which has an automatic middle finger detection, which will lead to an automatic “out of bounds” move by means of shifting excenter inside, when such a finger is used on the bowling ball. Prisoners and trustees of the biggest employer of the city will get a bowl with a chain, which is 1ft shorter than the bowling lane. Or in other words: they are allowed to participate but are excluded from winning.

Construction Noise Regulations Put in Place Again

August 21, 2019 – After the construction noise regulation had been temporarily suspended during the necessary works on Parunville’s Diva property, the town hall has announced that all regulations have put into effect again, after Nonah declared the exterior works as being concluded. The noise had scared away some birds families, as well as bunnies, deers and other rare animal species. The town hall had repeatedly emphasized that the decision of a temporarily suspension had been taken by higher-ranking authorities, without consultation of the town hall members, and that they had strong objections but were not in the position to fight the decision. All the more the town hall is happy to announce that everything is back to law and order now. Building application of other citizens have already been successfully rejected, the town hall speaker proudly confirmed.

A New Celebrity in Town

August 20, 2019 – There seems to be a new celebrity in town, or better to say: a citizen is on her brink to become famous. Miss Olive Fritton has started a promising career as a female wrestler in Second Life. With her fight record of 8-6-2 she is well on track to become a famous fighter. According to her opponents of the past, they all feared her breath taking new move “Olive Seat” (a new wrestling move named after her, where she places her butt on the chest of her opponents, totally pressing the air out of their lungs). “I thought I’d die. … Almost got unconscious” an anonymous source told our reporter “I would have preferred a hit by Thor’s hammer over Olive’s butt, I must say!” the source explained further.

Of course the city of Parunville supports the career of each of their citizens and has, within its framework of its sports promotion, allowed Miss Fritton to freely knock down every male citizen in the city for the purpose of exercising. Exceptions are visitors, NoelCeeAr Resident or any of Miss Nonah Reeves ‘friends’.

Rumors that the town hall speaker Miss Anna privately takes bets for and against Miss Olive Fritton haven been vigorously rejected as false statement. Those bets would have to had been placed about 24h before the fight with a minimum amount of L$50, while the odds would have been given mutually only, if they hadn’t been false and none existent at all.


1. Wrestler
2. Police Officer
3. Diva
4. Club
5. Biggest Employer
6. Miss Jenna's pet
7. Last name of the owner of the Gallery Des BeauxArts
8. Land name


What activity would You like to see happening in the city?

Parunville Authorities Determined to Improve Health Condition of Citizens

July 27, 2019 – Undoubtedly Parunville citizens have put weight on as it was clearly visible at the beach last week, when a lot of citizens took the chance to enjoy the sunshine and a refreshing dip in the sea. While some plopped to the surface and drifted like wine korks, others made the hula hoop ring a tight fit. The initial favorite measure, a city marathon, was finally abandoned by the town councilors, due to the difficulties to block main streets which was feared to bring the traffic to a complete halt. The city mayor decided, therefore, to add a ping pong table to the harbor square instead, equally available for citizens and visitors.

Township Succeeds

July 23, 2019 – There had been a new request from the township on Monday about the need of a fire department in the city. The subject was widely discussed in the town council the same afternoon, and it was decided, that the city shall get a new hairdresser. There are three possible locations currently discussed. Especially easy parking was one of the demands of the protagonists. A final decision about the location will be taken as early a next week. The tender for the concession will be issued still the same day.


Angler’s Delight

July 22, 2019 – Attentive readers have contacted the editors about the increasing number of anglers in the harbor area. In times of depleted maritime fauna they suggested to cease the issue of fishing permits all around Parunville. We have of course confronted the city leaders with the request and received the following statement: “The two anglers in questions are town employees. There job isn’t to tow fish from the sea, but to attract birds instead, and the measurement borne fruit at the harbor square already, with half a dozen seagulls loitering constantly at the waterfront, while the marina is the home of a duck family. The fishing rods are equipped with shaped silk tofu only and are food for both, the fishes in the sea and the birds on land. The mayor of the city is aware of his responsibilities toward the flora and fauna in and all around Parunville, and is in continuous contact with each of them.” And he is proud to point out the recent baby boom amongst the daisies in the town.