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ArielleGerman Dance Club, DJ
BaccaraGerman Dance Club, DJ, Live Music
Big Buddy's Blues BarRock, Blues, Live Musicclosed 2017
Bogart's Jazz ClubJazz Club, DJ
Branagh's Jazz ClubJazz Club, DJ, Live Music
Casino NoiDance Club, Jazz Club, DJ, Live Music
Frank's Place The Elite Jazz Club Jazz Club, DJ, Live Music
La BoumGerman Dance Club, DJ
Love KatsDance Club, DJ, Live Music
Rhiva The ClubDance Club, DJ, Live Music, Event Club
Rooftop Lounge (CeeAr City)Hangout Lounge, Live Music, Shows
Roran's TanzcaféGerman Dance Club, DJ
SavoyBeach Club, DJ, Live Music
Smooth JazzJazz Club, DJ, Live Music
Urban'sJazz Club, DJ, Live Music
The Sable ClubJazz Club, Live Musicclosed 2016
The Sexy BritDance Club, DJ
TitanicJazz Club, DJ, Live Music
Club Blaue LaguneGerman Dance Club, DJ, Live Music
New York New York Piano LoungeJazz Club, DJ, Live Music
Avenue NightclubDance Club
Winds of the SaharaDance Shows, Cabaret, Live Acts
Wonderful DreamsJazz Club, Ballroom, Live Music
Etosha Romantic Dance ClubRomantic Dance Club, DJ,
BohannonDance Club, DJ, international (english, german)
Bouvier Jazz BallroomJazz Club, Ballroom, Live Musicclosed since March 2017
Café Port of DreamsGerman Romantic Dance Club, DJ, Live Music
Black Orchids ClubRussian Dance Club, Ballroom, DJ, Live Music
Feted Inner Concerts (FIC)LiveMusic, Concert Hall, Rock Music
White SatinLiveMusic, Concert Hall, Ballroom
AnquillaNight Club, DJ
Addicted Paparazzo LoungeNight Club
JM Visions TheaterMusic Theatre, Musicals [deutsch + english]





Candy's Clothes ShopClothes, male & female
American BazaarClothes, male & female
Heart Garden CenterFlowers & Trees
Nicclas DesignClothes
V&V Design EmporiumJewelry
Hilly HalaanClothes, male & female
Java Fashion DesignClothes, male & female
Male Mesh OutletMale Clothes, Men's Fashion
Art Gallery Sea K ARTDrawings, Paintings, Art Gallery





Dreama SummerwindLive Singer (english)
Janice MillsLive Singer (german/english)
Harry HargreavesDJ (english)
MavennLive Singer (english), Rock, Blues
NehamaLive Singer (russian/english)
Nonah ReevesLive Singer (international)
Pippa ExonarLive Singer (english)
Phil SetnerLive Singer (english)
Sannchen SandsDJane (german/english)
Savannah RainLive Singer (english), Country
Urban HarvyLive Singer (english)