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As we come across bloggers all around the subjects "Second Life" and "Sansar", we felt it more and more useful to make them known to our readership as well. Here's a list of bloggers who we found very helpful and exploratory:

Wir treffen immer wieder einmal auf Blogger rund um die Themen "Second Life" und "Sansar", die sehr hilfreich und informativ berichten, so dass wir es mehr und mehr nützlich finden, diese unserer Leserschaft bekannt zu machen:

English Language

Somma Raine

"I am amateur writer and photographer. I enjoy reading and music. I would love to say I am an amateur singer but your ears would bleed! Of course, Somma is not my real name." 

Link: Somma Raine




Indra Pay – Living in a Modemworld

Deutsche Sprache

Altan’s Pixelwelt

Barts Blog

Bartholomew Gallacher's Sicht auf die 2. Welt.

Link: Barts Blog